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NFL Hall Of Famer Alan Page On Donald Trump, Equality Fight | AM Joy | MSNBC

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  1. ozwzrd says:

    I'll stand for the anthem. I can't stand for tRump who stands for nothing other than himself.

  2. indyme2 says:

    I remember the great Alan Page, Tark, Sammy, Bud Grant…Page was a leader then. He is a leader now.

  3. steve clark says:

    I too remember Mr Alan Page, but had no idea that this man of distinction rose to such heights, with the upmost respect sir, I salute you for your service to the country of ALL peoples welcomed and accepted, not just rich white peoples, with much respect

  4. BeyondCom77 says:

    Alan's a brilliant man who's been an inspiration for many. He's still busy, now authoring books for children.

  5. Forever be says:

    I love a man with Integrity!! Thank you Joy!!

  6. Merrilou Neigenfind says:

    Trump has a heart?

  7. Julia Sanchez says:

    Excellent report.

  8. Roland Lytle says:

    We have come a long way since the 60's. We still have further to go. The steps to equality are getting smaller, but much harder. For every two steps forward we seem to take one step backwards. Remember our failures, celebrate our victories, and move another step forward. Time is on our side. Happy Black American History month.

  9. Wendy Lewis says:

    Wonderful segment about an amazing man from our troubled yet glorious country. Great job. Please do more human interest stories like this.

  10. Philip Manuel says:

    Watching usa dJ trump speaking right now and I can't believe how senile he speaks and how his face distorts with such hatred everytime he speaks about people of colour. He hates women too but that hatred you can see when he speaks of human diversity is not there if he speaks of white women. Watch its lips tighten and how he starts to hiss its words.

  11. Dan Wipper says:

    Fake news.

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