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  1. bobbyb5 says:

    I don't care if it takes Mueller 20 years, as long as the Trumps end up in prison.

  2. MuralButton80 andfreinds says:

    Hey bobbyb5 I totally agree with the prison part of your statement but we don't have 20 years. The closer Mueller gets to trump and his family the more likely that he will do something desperate. Bombing N. Korea to start a war, suspending normal government and taking complete control is well within the mental makeup of this human monster.

  3. Mario Martinez says:

    Al Frank was a comedian back then his pretending groping her breast that what comedians do what happens Al he's being digging hard on Sessions on Russia meddling so, somebody got to find dirt on him to slow him down. and that girl accused Al I can see her body language it's lying.

  4. Tata Nganga nChi-city says:

    This is a race of killers,rapist,christian white liars who try and hide behind their lies to empower themselves,,U whites have lied and screwed everyrace and its time for u to atone

  5. Tata Nganga nChi-city says:

    Lower middle class isnt …we didnt have anything poor……lol u white men…We see ur lies

  6. Tata Nganga nChi-city says:

    Lower middle class isnt …we didnt have anything poor……lol u white men…We see ur lies

  7. Frank Bowman says:

    What will become of the rich when we commoners can no longer support them in the lifestyles to which they have become accustomed?

  8. rant404 says:

    Moore wins IMO. Why? Pussy grabbing didn't bother Alabamans nor will pedophilia.

  9. rant404 says:

    A lot of guys, in Congress and elsewhere, must now be thinking, "Uh oh, do I have anything in my past?"

  10. Brad Cozine says:

    Frankin apologized and his accuser accepted… should not resign but should be investigated.

  11. Carlos Simon says:

    I bet Franken thought he would get away with how he treated Ms. Tweeden. If he apologized for his behavior right after he forcibly kissed her (being an idiot)… he wouldn't be going through this experience.

    Karma is a bitch!! Especially when she has ovaries… baaaaah!

    Remember boys and girls… DO NOT do stupid S#!T if you dream of being a powerful individual. Like Jesus said… "if you are NOT a sinner throw the first stone."

  12. Alain Roy says:

    Double standard from a fake President

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