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Newest Strzok Text Messages is the FINAL Nail in FBI Trump Russia Scandal

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  1. #SeekingTheTruth says:

    Please join me on my social network Buddylist. Here is a direct invite link for you:

  2. at1212 b says:

    Reckoning is a coming.

  3. 1ForAllandAllForAll says:

    We the People need to make the punishment SO TERRIFYING, HUMILIATING, AND PAINFUL that NO government official DARES to do anything like this, or even close to it, ever again.
    I'm serious when I say that building a gallows will NOT be off the table when all is said and done.

  4. teri raser says:

    just discovered your channel—— love it!

  5. ralph o says:

    I would love to tattoo "no intent" on his damn forehead.

  6. Adrienne Saffer says:

    No mercy to this entourage of motherfuckers, that worked to frame Trump, throw the book at them , make them an example, lets see them do some serous jail time.

  7. cinematic35 says:

    A motley crew of criminal buffoons that should be hauled before a military tribunal and executed for treason!

  8. Jake Hammer says:

    The percentage of black politicians becoming corrupt is about 98.9%😂😂😂

  9. Crozbyguy says:

    Thanks again for intervening again in the unspoken news in our behalf you hip freak, it's great we have the time to get familiar with the revolutionary journalist bent on exposing the enemies of humanity. While others work on free energy secrets, actual medical cures, and planet land management to sustain future life, truth leads the way.

  10. James Bowen says:

    Comey is a weasel and Brennen is a skunk, Clapper oh well just look at him and you know he is a giant POS!

  11. Paul Gagnier says:

    write a book called ; If Hillary Won!

  12. Nolom Ebal says:

    Besides a couple of photos on Google, there is NO proof that Strzok exist.  No interviews by the MSM. In fact, it doesn't appear they are even requesting an interview with him.  The House isn't interested in questioning him either. I find that really odd. Where Strzok is McCabe could be found. Just saying

  13. John Lansing says:

    Now we see why this is taking President Trump so long ……… first he needs to know who the cockroaches are

  14. Deborah Cifelli says:

    The whole World is crumbling! Trump & the Marines will put ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL! And. GOWDY WILL SMEAR THE MORTAR TO SEAL IT ALL UP (AS AG)!

  15. Shadowcruise99 says:

    Considering all the links your provide, one would think that a link to the source article, would be commensurate.

  16. bronx bamboo says:


  17. kill Bill's over the hillary says:

    I've never been so intrigued by the word again . Hmmmmm?????

  18. Mr prepared allthetime says:

    Somebody just put these people (Obama,Hillary, Rice,Comey) in jail already

  19. John Klett says:

    Treason equals Shot at Sunrise, as Q says "God will judge our enemies, we'll arrange the meeting"

  20. ronnie collum says:

    I hate the very thought of Hillary and people like Hillary but gee wizz anyone can slip on steps , that is a dead hourse but keep up the good work dude .MAGA

  21. William Elliott says:

    McCabe needs to be jailed with comey and Brennan and clapper and killary

  22. dagmastr says:

    I'm glad to hear a human voice

  23. Greg Appelgren says:

    Thank God we are intelligent enough to know that they can not outlaw our guns. We need them now more than ever. Just the FACT that we own them keeps us free of these power hungry POS’s.

  24. Greg Appelgren says:

    Can you imagine doing an interview tour (sniff sniff) because you were fired without answering questions about WHY? Only in a Libtard World.

  25. Elron says:

    We came close to having our own Stalin in the White House…..

  26. Jimi S says:

    We first need a DOJ to deliver justice.

  27. david shepherd says:

    two guys to carry the twat down stairs? One push and no one needs to help

  28. Dennis Hassler says:

    There's HUGE corruption in our government; the FBI and DOJ are very corrupt, so there's so much more. It will take a lot to clean up our government.

  29. Vivian Garber says:

    Is anyone going to believe anything Mueller finds against Trump?.. dont think so.

  30. Michelle Blake says:

    FBI was started & run by toxic people at the top so why would we think that changed just because they got bigger? J. Edgar Hoover had serious mental health issues as he was a gay cross dresser caught having sex in public & busted spying & keeping files on anyone they felt threatened by…does anyone seriously believe this corruption stopped as the tech got more sophisticated? Its been justified with statues made legal under national security.

  31. aj thibodeaux says:

    I thank God trump got elected.

  32. Under Surveillance says:

    Nothing will ever be done. Waste of breath.

  33. Under Surveillance says:

    Don't elect politicians to begin with. Elect everyday Republicans only. And even they are corruptable.

  34. Cindy WH-Witter says:

    Knowing what we know now it’s more than frightening to think of what would happen if Clinton did win.

  35. Lucky Fawker says:

    YEP FOLKS.. there goes your PRESIDENT KILLARY ROTTEN CUNTIN falling down. LMFAO. Looking very Presidential 😷.. Not

  36. Lucky Fawker says:

    By now its clear that Sessions is a part of this conspiracy against POTUS. Otherwise we would have that special council. Same w Rosyboy.👎🖕

  37. dean counts says:

    the whole FBI was not corrupt, you really need to retract that statement, I worked in FBI offices on a multi agency task force from another LE agency, the vast majority of FBI agents are conservative and despise Obama and Hillary, this corruption was all at the top and appointed lead agents in key field locations.

  38. John Sinclair says:

    The fact you aren't silenced shows they aren't frightened of the people. Not a single one of them has been arrested over a year later. Trump is the swamp.

  39. George S says:

    how good is brennan? complete wan"er and shows how much animus he has towards trump, oops, not that smart as it may well come back to bite. I'm beginning to think they did not realise how corrupt they were, as they have had it their own way for so long.

  40. L Russell says:

    THANK YOU. I really enjoyed your real truth. MAGA

  41. bcmasur says:

    fuck the government

  42. double down says:

    Putin has poison…..Hillary has CNN. MSNBC, WAPOST AND NYTimes, Any difference?

  43. motavation experience says:

    Well narrator there's over a hundred years of the swamp. The evil forces that have been ruining our government for some time have what they call redundant forces. Every time you knock one down one pops up. The entire CFR pool of so-called experts, really just luciferians, are all part of the swamp. It's so hard to find a good person that's not part of the swamp, that Trump can't even seem to do it. Look at sessions look at McCabe he picked both of them.

  44. Kevo 73 says:

    Everyone in this comment section is delusional. Nothing is gonna happen to any of these people they are above the law and they proved that when they brought the twin towers down . We all are gonna sit back and take it to just like we do time and time again! So bend over and lube your butthole cause we are gonna get fucked again!

  45. flyswater 1 says:

    So. By corruption they mean " dang why dident we think of that". Lol there so last.. 2010

  46. Anna Pol says:


  47. SouthernChick says:

    All I know is we need as many new Republicans elected in 2018 as we can to move President Trump's agenda. Thank God for our president!

  48. Wayne Snow says:

    Lois Lerner giving the FBI huge files of conservative taxpayers now has a whole new meaning.

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