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New US Stealth Fighter Jets Offer A Message To North Korea And China | NBC Nightly News

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  1. MJDHX says:

    Last I checked the F35 was outmaneuvered and outranged by F16s.

  2. anthony adams says:

    Yay WW3 I cant wait…. Humanity wiped out.

  3. jackson7177 says:

    America wants a war so they can make more Hero Movies that portrays them as Angel's…

  4. The Rat king says:

    america a dying empire so sad

  5. masterbrice says:

    Did they tell you these things work like crap in the rain?

  6. Jared Leon says:

    Guys world war 3 isn't actually around the corner. North Korea and the US are starting to come to terms, the recent meeting with Putin has actually strengthened our relationship with Russia. We are just fine.

  7. Rational Thoughts -USA says:

    I never knew John Cena was flying a plane. Must be why it can't be captured on radar.

  8. jonathan vargas says:

    A-10 is still #1 lol

  9. Comrade_ Savage15 says:

    Lol, Russia has Jets newer than those 70s crap

  10. Zchito uchiha says:

    Only Americans calls a 45000 tons ship a mini aircraft carrier.

  11. Jeremy Williams says:

    Let them try the USA and watch us wipe them off the map

  12. aliGol D says:

    Don't worry it's just the rich Jews needed movies so need some war heros

  13. xJix8201 says:

    Dang it can land vertically

  14. aaron anstett says:

    The chances we go to war with china and north korea are so small

  15. Chooong7 says:

    Fake! These are crisis actors. That plane is made of cardboard boxes.

  16. Kyle Pettigrew says:

    Did no one else notice that one of the jets was actually British? 😂

  17. Daniel Mason says:

    America is back

  18. Gabriel Mondragon says:

    CHINA NUMBA WAN!!!????

  19. Jesse Cochran says:

    We spend $120 million on ONE military plane just to basically cause tensions that don't need causing, gee I wonder how many inner city schools we could have funded or under developed hospitals we could have brought back to the 21st century 😞

  20. WisdomOfaMetalSoul says:

    If it is stealthy, why is it so loud

  21. Sgt DeBones says:

    And guess who predicted WW3

  22. Puggyjman 107 says:

    When is the USMC gonna adopt the A10 Warthogs?

  23. Bless Brazy says:

    America always been about WAR, they want an excuse to start a War because its profitable. America is the greatest threat to world peace & that's the truth.

  24. Mythic Haze says:

    Hydra from gta lol

  25. YouTube explorer says:

    F-22 is far superior.

  26. DavidFshr says:

    Yay new jets! They look cool though I still love the F22s

  27. Night Aesthetic says:

    so we’re just gonna ignore the british flag?

  28. Boeingemployee1989 says:

    We should get out of Asia and stay out of Asia. Maybe Asia isn’t worth saving or worth the trouble at all.

  29. LIL UZI PENIS says:

    Ads……..are ……aids

  30. Nathan Drake says:

    Lol. Any the north Koreans are still using old, 2nd hand, antiquated MIG's.

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