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New protests escalate along Israel-Gaza border

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  1. Gabriel Mondragon says:

    They never learn! Almost as if they want to get beaten?

  2. Ann Young says:

    God bless Israel

  3. JASIM IQBAL says:

    Why israel is so cruel ?

  4. Kazarin100 says:

    Such peaceful people !!? Why Israel doesn't want them?

  5. Soreofhing says:

    Expell people from their ancient homeland, and what do you expect?

  6. The One and 0nly says:

    CUFI is the biggest contributor to Israel in America followed by AIPAC and ZoA. Stop dual citizens from running America and wasting more than half of our American tax dollars on Israel. Stop the real terrorists Israel there planting a fake alien invasion with German haunebu craft from Antarctica ever wonder why Zionist go to Antarctica. There gonna take our right away there gonna do to America what they did to Germany

  7. The One and 0nly says:

    Tons of misinformed people and Israeli bots in the comment section beware

  8. The One and 0nly says:


  9. Alam Udesky says:

    We need more Palestine Mulch

  10. Zoey Tuzzo says:

    Whatever to this

  11. arazim777 says:

    Could you imagine what Putin would do 50000 haters trying to breech his security border. 2 days they all gone and the world will talk about eurovision.

  12. Benit Kutalu says:

    Religion is cancer

  13. Alan Wayne says:

    When God ends this, don't say he didn't warn you πŸ™

  14. jim j says:

    Violence you bastard? It is all Palestine. You basted

  15. anne smith says:

    Would sending burning kites over be considered an act of war?

  16. JASIM IQBAL says:

    Why jewish people so evil

  17. The REAL Truth says:

    Zionist Jews are nothing, just frontmen, cover, defensive linebackers. The Real power is ROME, satanic Vatican controlling the world since late BC, these days the Vatican Jesuits control the world though the Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, York Rite, Skull and Bones, Club of Rome, P2 Lodge, Le Cercle, etc etc , ALL roads lead to ROME. 'The Whore of Babylon' in Revelation. See my video on my channel to see who REALLY controls the world. Peace.

  18. Momo Fighter says:

    Palestine = Jordan

  19. J P says:

    Fox news has the most zionist trolls of any channel ive seen. Half these lil shits arent even American.

  20. Chezi B says:

    We too, the Israelis, are sorry and feel the pain of the residents of Gaza

    We also look forward to the day when the dark regime of Hamas will stop there and the basic aid of electricity and water, and all this will come to the residents of the Gaza Strip regularly The word 'massacre' is not right here and distorts reality

    Were there a small number of soldiers in the Israeli army who "enjoyed" shooting at Palestinians?

    Yes I'm sure!!! I also sure That they do not represent the entire population and are a small and stupid handful of citizens

    And that the Israeli army punishes and examines each case on its merits

    Israel uses force for the simple reason and that is because we know that it is not the poor citizens of Gaza we are fighting against but rather a terrorist organization called Hamas that gets fuel from Iran and tries to ignite the area and they are doin' it by any means – even by sending young children to the border and post a picture worldwide of a dead baby Who died of suffocation as a result of the Israeli attack (What has been found to be coarse lies by some reliable sources)

  21. Elmer Sanchez says:

    Wether palestians and guilty or not this is irrelevant. Take a map of palestina since the 60 watch the map on 2018 now tell me regardless of their attacks , that Israel is taking their land by force while not having the right to do it

  22. Brian Cooley says:

    May the Jews shite down the necks of these lice infected rats they are nothing but cancer on the face of the earth long live Jews and Christians burn the Koran.

  23. Naz Hakim says:

    This goes against what Israelis claim is their promised land. If they don't believe in torah then why was a Jewish state needed?

    They have stolen the land from Palestinans and keep them in open camps. They control everything. Poor Palestinans don't even have access to clean water as Isreal won't let them. They have no freedom or dignity. Recently they killed a nurse. This no hate towards Jews but oppressors of Palestinians. Watch the videos on YouTube when Israelis attack Arabs and then believe they have every right to. Boycott Israel.

  24. George Ramsey says:

    That's what A-10 Warthogs are made for!——–🐸🐸

  25. USmade says:

    Such a shame people can Hate so much.
    God's chosen, Isreal forever and ever, Amen.

  26. Damian Houlihan says:

    These arabs deserve to be killed.

  27. WooFPacK says:

    Peaceful protests huh? Lol stupid gayrabs. Our Father will send you straight to hell very soon don't you worry

  28. Luke Hunter says:

    Israel is an apartheid state that is enforcing a brutal occupation – surprising that Jews would be doing what was done to them in the holocaust to others – zionists are today's nazis and will meet with the same fate

  29. Mathew Mcchristian says:

    People are going to look back and see how stupid this is. this riot is all because a building was moved to Israel's capital and Israel has full authority to decide what it's capital is. This whole situation could of been avoided if Palestinian leaders would of taken the deal to give them their own separate state.

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