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New nuclear activity spotted at North Korea’s nuclear reactor site

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  1. Blaze says:

    Fix your thumb, it got a spelling mistake.

  2. Ken Shelhamer says:

    The Olympic truce may over…back to the business at hand.

  3. Richard Teh says:

    United snake never wanted peace they are good in coming up with firmly excuses and propaganda lies China should prepare for war wasting time with these white devil, China should nuke them alive

  4. Mambo L says:

    Notice it's only the media spreading the rumours. Be cautious.

  5. First Last says:

    What do they expect the North Koreans to do?! The Americans suffer insane illusions of grandeur … That they have the right to invade any country that the voices have convinced them are out to get them. The North Koreans have to protect themselves from the Paranoid States of America … Because it won't be long before the mental midgets set their sites on them.

  6. Hung Nguyen says:

    Fuck USA sad shit. Blow all these mother fuck white bullshit and fucking Japan.

  7. Garythesquid SQUID says:

    Just a few days after kims visit to china

  8. shadow blackdelta says:

    North korea have approved by china government its same they have ready to make nuked experiments in next year…now they begin to make power group in asian country..we need to stop this situation!! all else small country will be vanished

  9. Yu Huang says:

    USA was trying to be a good weapon dealer at the beginning of WW2, and they became the ruler of weapon and energy business afterwards, from my point of view, they are trying to protect their position on this matter.
    USA is do their best to keep this position definitely in the recent 20 years. but they are losing and will roll back to the position just before WW2. So one way or another USA has to give up the position as a ruler and its benefit, China is the country who is power enough to push USA to consider themselves. BLESS THIS PLANET that we don’t need WW3 for result.

  10. John Kepa says:

    It's only a nuclear reactor you fuck heads. American and the Japanese Governments cry like homos over everything NK dose what's next homos ?

  11. chesterchugallery says:

    Bomb the shit out of Trump!😱

  12. Leonardo Jenner says:

    When trump talks is his both lips moving like a eating horse! 😄

  13. Jimmy Beith says:

    hit it now

  14. 김상곤 says:

    또 소설쓰네 기레기쉐이들!! 이것들은 도대체 어느나라 사람들인지…미국에서도 에일리언 소리 듣는주제에, 기를쓰고 한반도에 총질하는 기레기쉐이들!!

  15. FairMedia Please says:

    Grow some spine, you south koreans. you, together with japan, are supporting the number one terrorist in the world to destabilize Asia.

  16. Adelain Derosin says:

    America only Fight to 3rd world country.

  17. liqiye paragon says:

    US has nukes and dont want other people to build their own and denuclearize? HYPOCRITE, A BULLY

  18. Stanley Marzec says:

    I even did not watch it.. you just overreacting…

  19. Luis Montalvo says:

    I garranty you after meeting with china north korea is back on same death wish

  20. Douglas Steele says:

    trump will use this as an excuse to bomb the hell out of north korea. if there were signs of nuclear activity at a Russian nuclear complex trump would look the other way. that is because trump is scared of putin. trump likes pushing his weight around with smaller countries that he knows he can bully. that is because trump is a bully. lets see trump try to bully Russia. trump doesn't have the guts to do that. trump needs to ask putins permission before trump makes a move against Russia. trump is a coward. lets impeach this racist coward and MAPA-Make America Proud Again. then lets send this racist coward that calls himself our president out to work on a pig farm. little physical activity will do trump a world of good. hope trump is smart enough to know how to use a shovel.

  21. Jack Deboard says:

    They are just buying time

  22. Greg Vancea says:

    ha ha Kim's going to do the right thing hahahahaha fooled em again lololol thank god leopards can change their spots now that the big panda has got his back. I wonder where that space station is going to fall (accidentally of course) time for a beer.

  23. Jamie Holladay says:

    Kim Can't blow his nose without America's to hydro electric friendly to even have reactors.

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