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New Naruto -The Next Generation Anime Coming?!?!

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  1. Hood Brito says:

    Can't wait to see that show

  2. Tact says:

    they need to have a new generation so kakashi can have a child with rin. if that happens feel sorry for obito

  3. Dragonball universe says:

    baruto series

  4. שחר רייס says:

    Mitch Morris+ rin is dad

  5. Gohan1876 Oo says:

    all rights

  6. Tokyo64 Anime says:


  7. The Golden Fighter says:

    Baruto GT! Step into the village, Baruto, Baruto, Step into the village, Baruto GT!

  8. NarutoBleachPS3Fan says:

    I want it to be about Naruto as the Seventh Hokage.

  9. Princess chunky monkey says:

    either is fine with me, Naruto made up my childhood and Naruto Shippuden is making up my teen years, if either happens I will be so happy, Naruto the seventh Hokage, or Baruto and the next generation, I will still do a happy dance to either.

  10. RosenBosen says:

    Naruto finds the dragon balls and kakashi revives Rin confirmed……….. yes, you heard me.

  11. Samantha Beebe says:

    It has been out for a while.. Ugh

  12. Emmanuel Douyon says:

    hey gokut23 just wanted to say im a big fan and ive been watching you since 5k. Its crazy how much you grew on youtube, keep up the good work man.

  13. Axel Cuyuch says:

    What if holy never learned the instinct transmission ?

  14. Derolix blazer says:

    Kishimoto said he is done with "Naruto" not boruto, I think he will make a boruto series

  15. Mekhi Solomon says:

    Goku please answer: if i am not done shippuden do u think the new show would spoil

  16. THAT ONE GUY says:

    I wouldn't want the new anime to be about the seventh hokage naruto and I don't want it to be about boruto

  17. SirLobsterman says:

    once the manga ended, they should have cancelled all fillers and continue on with the war, but nope, now they're going to extend it as long as possible to make money. I'm not watching it until I see someone talking about the filler ending. bye naruto.

  18. Andrew Lubar says:

    thanks but no thanks i still hate the couples of naruto my friend

  19. shandler sinnye says:

    that fillers are so naaring wow hate it

  20. The hero of hyrule Link says:

    I hope naruto or boruto gt doesn't happen

  21. FTSKOBE says:

    why do they have to copy dbz just because dbz made a new series doesn't mean that naruto has to

  22. Glorian Hidalgo says:


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