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NEW Main Characters & Rival Leaked for POKEMON NINTENDO SWITCH!? NEW Concept art for Pokemon Switch!

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  1. Marisa Kirisame says:

    I kinda like it, but it looks a bit too off-model for Sugimori's style, even if it is concept art. So its probably fake news

  2. fireXdisaster says:

    The designs look cool but that is what make this leak being a fake…but y'know, I'm not even mad considering we're about like 20 days or less to know the truth. Personally, I don't think it'll be announced before this next Tuesday as the rumors and people/poketubers say…but I hope I'm wrong haha

  3. Spirit says:

    It's fake, the Rival is a trace over of the XY Male Ace Trainer. And the Male Trainer on the left is the same pose as the dude with Redhair and a topknot.

  4. Young Meka says:

    Let's be honest they're more than likely fake. The last time The Pokémon Company made a somewhat edgy/aloof character was in BW2 and before that GSC; I doubt they'd make another edgy character and just stick to the best friend rival archetype. Plus that female protagonist doesn't fit or look like the usual style the Pokemon Company uses; also, usually with legitimate character art there's one character per page with that character having multiple sketches of them at different angles and perspectives doing different things and poses

  5. G Pad says:

    You know these aren’t real, this is honestly BAD art. Designs look fine but if it IS real id eat my own nutsack

  6. VirtualBeingX says:

    I Don't know what to believe, but, last time I saw PhillyBeatzU leaks, it was about Sun and Moon leaks and they came out to be true!! So is this real?!!!

    But have to say, prtagonists look a little fake compare to the others. The Rival look believable though

  7. Chaotic BlueShell says:

    I won't see it until I believe it

  8. KelvinCc2 says:

    broo i tried to close that all suit 3 app you have running infront of ur video xD cuz i have the same app

  9. destasoul gaming says:

    To befair they are fake wij would these two now showing up hmm if you wanna trying to never following the pokemon spirit first why the trainer and rival are not presenting there name color for to the nieuwe game also the japanese is very bad made and for someone as nintendo they would making the trainers al little bit perfect.

  10. PhillyBeatzU says:

    OK GUYS! This Leak is officialy debunked! Check this out!

  11. Nora Li says:

    Think it’s fake. The art style is off and to be honest if this is actually official, they probably changed the artist and not for the best. There are some rules you don’t break when posing characters. And this model sheet broke it too much it bothers me. And for god sake they don’t even look like they’re from the same region. Nice fan art tho, sorry not trying to be mean, I’m just so tired of fake news.

  12. Aznboii1993 says:

    Main Male character looks like the one on the leaked picture. The one riding on the lapras seemed to have brown hair with a ponytail on the back. Hmmm.. interesting.

  13. RainbowEevee says:

    This looks really legit

  14. Shattered Zeraora says:

    3:15 look at Green's feet bottom right

  15. JBird says:

    Could Gary be the professor and the bags have that patch because he gage it to them?

  16. It's an opinion Calm your ass down. says:

    Look fake. These eyes are different.

  17. daved banan says:

    The screenshots that were leaked months ago make sense cus there only where kanto pokemon

  18. JujoAura says:

    The key game art looks pretty rough for official art.

  19. zol says:

    it's written as: protagonist (male) and protagonist (female) i would guess the third would be the rival?

  20. Myst ZER0 says:

    With every leaks i just get angrier and angrier

  21. Tropicallant says:


  22. doggzed says:

    I really,REALLY don't like the female protagonist's design,so I sure hope these are not legit.

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