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NEW Batman Anime 2018! – Anime News Week 16

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  1. Burai Murian says:

    A batman anime ? Hmm this sounds good so far ^^

  2. BobSamurai Anime Reviews says:

    There are graphical errors during the God Eater 3 segment, not sure why. caught this too late to bother with re rendering and reuploading.

  3. BEARMANTHAG KinGu says:

    YAY imma be using that link cause i got a gift card for my B-day… might as well use it to help out my favorite anime youtuber bloop bloop

  4. Meredith Grey says:

    Bob, you are so underrated. I wish you had a larger audience; you deserve one.

  5. Christian Ávila says:

    Kamikaze Douga is the studio that made the JoJo CG OPs until Stardust Crusaders, if that helps.

  6. Ian Botello says:

    This better be good i hope it doesn't suck like wolverine anime

  7. Songoku kakarot says:

    We Ned more 2DAnimacion Anime Games.

  8. Jacob Navo says:

    The batman thing is coming out after Gotham by gaslight

  9. RobTheDurataku says:

    Oh nice, Batman is a ninja!!!! Will he summon shadow clones as well?

  10. PanMuri says:

    sounds hype

  11. Ian McCord says:

    I feel that a Daredevil OVA would be far better. Due to the fact that one of the biggest part of the mythos is that he is in conflict with Ninjas and was trained by one.

  12. civilwarfare101 says:

    Hooray more Batman as if he isn't in enough stuff.

  13. Usama Siddiqui says:

    Doga Kubo I think did the first 4 opening songs of JoJo, there's also a consistency in them too, so those are one of the best JoJo openings (in my opinion)

  14. DarkLordofHistory says:

    I'd love a Batman anime. He's my favorite superhero.

  15. Chee Rpgg says:

    I'm soooooo in there

  16. Damien Black says:

    Don't forget to give Saiki K a try only 5 min per episodes. Great Dub.

  17. Atomic Man! says:

    Fun fact they've made a fewof superhero movies made by anime studios! One of my favorites was one with the punisher and black widow!

  18. Destroyer of Media says:

    live action adaptions ugh

  19. Young BZ says:

    Kevin Conroy needs to voice Batman.

  20. Mr. Pekoms says:

    I noticed you said Dragon Ball Fighterz, but that game is Xenoverse 2. Lol we know what you meant.

  21. CrimeComunismFagotry says:

    I've been hoping for a Batman anime for years but I was hoping to see an anime based more on the Christopher Nolan movies

  22. owlstag awn says:

    Batman anime? I've seen Gotham Knight, nothing special. "Finds out it's written by the guy who did Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill" OH, NOW I'M INTERESTED!!

  23. Jack Rippon says:

    Hey Bob, i recently added you on MAL, thanks for accepting. Just wondering what website/s you use to get all of your anime and gaming news? Keep up the good vids

  24. diogo braga says:


  25. - DatRandomDude - says:

    Kamikaze Douga is a CGI studio who worked on Jojo openings (the first 3 parts) if i remember correctly
    they're also doing a meme anime this winter (Poputepipikku)

  26. 陳潔明 says:

    The first question I came up with was: "Will he be voiced by Kevin Conroy?"

  27. Mons00n says:

    Weebs better not ruin Batman

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