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[NEW] Anime Truth #16: Plot Driven vs Character Driven & the Alienation of Change

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  1. All for Sloth says:

    Exactly this is why I love nanatsu no taizai, it's both plot and character driven, at least that's how I see it.

  2. BbsThunderus says:

    cool we got new fornever memes 😀

  3. Born2Run says:

    Plot and characters are both irrelevant, what matters is the story.
    Plot is spectacle (exciting twists and turns!),
    characters is appeal (this character is so likable!),
    but story is meaning (so this is what the author wanted to tell!).

  4. tobanga banga says:

    cool that Snob is back. please link the video

  5. silver dragon says:

    Who the fuck now jumping on Black clover. The series has now 6.90 on Mal and the score gonna keep droping. The series gonna be only popular in Japan.

  6. silver dragon says:

    MHA never gonna be as bad as Fairy tail. Fairy tail is just awful. One guy on Chibi's video was defending Fairy tail. Saying that the series is good because Hiro Mashima worked so hard on the series and it's popular.

  7. ShouVertica says:

    Man you have gotten some miles out of the bankai quote.

  8. Tom Smith says:

    i want shounens with hype feats like toriko

  9. Ethan Cowl Matthews says:

    I keep thinking why go to a school to become a hero why do you need validation to become a hero …and why does have to take place in high school ?

  10. Marcelo Guerrero says:

    Can anybody here spoil some events in the MHA Manga? Like in what direction the plot goes and what kind of motivations the new villains have.

  11. sheikh abou says:

    Dr. Stone is a pretty good Shonen until now and the most creative Jump series in a while

  12. DarkCreativity AMV says:

    Well done very well

  13. Sukoshi Kaze says:

    So, what would you say happened with a series like Soul Eater in this situation Sir Snob? I know the anime was focused mostly on the characters for the first half until the Kishin became a plot point, but do you think the series would've turned out differently if they kept following the main 3 meisters?

  14. Joe B Green says:

    So when that wolf rain review

  15. psyko says:

    I prefer reading character driven manga where stuff actually happens, like Saike.

  16. crzyboy190 says:

    Does Naruto Shippuden still count as character driven like part 1?

  17. Lazy Kun says:

    man I bet that recovery girl gave amazing boo boo kisses back in her prime if you know what I'm saying

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  18. oussama atif king says:

    I miss one piece

  19. Firelord Aang says:

    Avatar>>>>>FMA>>>>Kenshin>>>>>Every other garbage shonen!

  20. triggerhappy262 plus says:

    Snob when are you gonna review more manga

    And no I am not paying. Get your lazy ass up and make manga reviews

  21. Firelord Aang says:

    Aw man snob thats messed up editing in clips when Forneverworlds baby girl was sick in the hospital. Have some sympathy for crying out loud.

  22. Grave TheStampede says:

    How can this be a case of tunnel vision when, as far the anime is concerned, MHA and Attack on Titan have almost the same number of episodes?

    Edit: looked at the latest manga chapters, uhm..

  23. Kevin Anderson says:

    reupload hunter x hunter review

  24. TheWorst ArtShow says:

    also the characters in BnHA are boring. plain simple.

  25. Zeta Sigrid says:

    What episode count would fit better if plot-driven and character driven is balanced?

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