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Netanyahu Announces New Strategy Against Iran as Khamenei Calls Israel a ‘Cancerous Tumor’

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  1. zulaykha z says:

    Zionist tools Saudi Wahhabi terrorist destroying meddl east for israil .using Wahhabi terrorist lie parapaganda

  2. Helen troy says:

    ALL Israelis should watch the videos by Brother Nthanael.

  3. Simplex city says:

    Israel will never attack Iran,, because they will not exist in face of the world except their brother in crime The US to come to their rescue.

  4. TeeOnVisuals says:

    IsraHall will be destroyed soon by Iran and that is our best day

  5. Your songs ❤ says:

    Israel the only civilized country in entire middle east.

  6. jack hunter says:

    long live the brave jewish state and its people…israel will rule the hole of the middle east very very soon….yup

  7. mark caves says:

    I am telling you that the Bible says that all who come against Israel will be cut to pieces read it!!!

  8. sedik Pratama says:

    iran pawar full attack Israel .. hahaha 1 hour fenissss

  9. Abdul Mujeeb says:

    Iran and Israel both are illegitimate bastards. In this particular attack we want Iran and harami Syrian president Bashr Al Asad to be wiped out of earth. Let the bastards of Iran and Bashr and the bastards Israel get eliminated against each other good bastard Iran bastard khameini

  10. armedwithsmile says:

    The zionist fake Shitemites and SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN is enemy of Christians and Muslims

  11. Kenny Schell says:

    Iran is spreading their territory into Lebenon and Syria to establish bases and the Russians have joined them as alleys and the Russians are pushing to establish bases in Syria and Iran the Russians are also pushing to gain territory in Europe the big ear is coming the Bible talks about the huge war at end times the countries of Russia,Syria, Turkey, Sudan Iran,and couple others will go against Isreal and be destroyed this is coming to pass these countries are forming alliances and Noth Korea is with them they're spreading their territories to gain ground for forward operating bases and have a super power establishing a foot hold in the Middle East the Russians don't care about the people of Syria the only reason their fighting for the Syrian leader is to run him of a Syrian and Iranian enemy so in exchange they have air bases and don't need aircraft carriers Isreal won't allow this and are setting up bases in the Golan heights this is the area where the battle of Armageddon will be fought and all the players are moving towards it just as proficeyd

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