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NDA’s Monsoon Strategy Decoded, Six Ordinances Stuck In The House

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  1. Ankush Dey says:

    What are these bills … can the media care to inform public about these bills …

  2. suresh a says:

    Only Namo

  3. Venkat K says:

    No work no pay. No pensions.

  4. raghavan sv says:

    It’s not democracy to reach opposition. Opposition must do their job . These oppositions are trading benefits or looting the country for acquiring wealth .
    Can some one debate what is the roles as responsibilities of the MP’s MLA’s and other corporate and municipalities and bench mark those to the standard expectations ?

  5. sheldon mascarenhas says:

    bjp Hatao , desh bachao

  6. NITIN KUMAWAT says:

    They waste our money not letting run the parliament

  7. Jivin Shaji says:

    Good decsion

  8. Rohit Maringmei says:

    Last in Ruling seat BJP.

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