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NATO Forces “Drill” Rolling Across Europe Towards Russia’s Border

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  1. 5150psych says:

    I would not blame Russia if they nuked EU, Israel, Saudi Arabia and America! Putin has to stop the NWO even if other countries die.

  2. 5150psych says:

    I trust Putin much more than I do Israel or Trump

  3. Kayper31 says:

    In all these years I've never seen so many nations doing military exercises consistently. These nations are all getting prepared for a war they know is coming. They just aren't coming out and saying it but I believe they are trying to prohibit the inevitable. The Almighty will put hooks in their jaws to bring them to war against their will.

  4. calvin bamburg says:

    NK is a fabrication of the CIA…you said the magic word "Trilateral"…this all a huge stage play setting up satans world plan. Everyone of these leaders is in the wink wink one eyed club. I have a feeling that right in the middle of this next skirmish that there will be a fake alien/old gods invasion wth the antichrist popping up saying "Here i am"!

  5. KirkJ Gries says:

    Wars and rumors of wars…

  6. KirkJ Gries says:

    If NATO ends up in a war with Russia the United States needs to stay completely out of it. NATO has been pushing for this for a while now. Let them be destroyed by their own arrogance…
    And if anyone thinks or says the NWO is running scared or is done is living in a fantasy world and lying to themselves and who ever will listen to them… he NWO is stronger now than ever before… People need to understand that then dealing with the NWO one is playing a game of chess and when the NWO is ready and tired of the game they will play their last piece calling checkmate.

  7. ricky hawkins says:

    It's perfectly normal Putin is ex KGB and is a huge Zionist shill. He's bragged about all of the Russian Jews who have immigrated to Israel

  8. Ulf Meier-Schulze says:

    Nato – what they said the Nato is – was gone 1990.
    And no matter if Nato was another before or if it was the same, but then it became clear:
    Nato states are USA military vassals.
    Also that's why it's no problem to include Israeli military into Nato drills.
    Just empires rise, prosper and fall.
    And at the step from prospering to falling a empire is most aggressive.

    Greetings from Germany.
    It's un believable but sadly true, that German troops are in the Baltics again. I strongly hope the governing parties CDU and SPD will recieve the bill at the next parlament elections, it's in around 3 years.

  9. haval 7 says:

    Much love brother Steven from California

  10. Jack Wagon says:

    What do these tank treads do to the roads? Can not the tanks rush wherever on the back of tractor-trailers?

  11. George Orwell says:


  12. liabilitymate says:

    Thanks Steven, greetings from South Australia. Love your work.

  13. canyon jaden says:

    All that steel and can't stop migrant invasions?

  14. janis moller says:

    Confusion is all over taking people into greater deception still…we will stay in the truth and direction of the Word.

  15. Paul Lavoie says:

    Do you think that these countries including China are the kings of the east.

  16. Mario Lopez says:

    The spirit running this kings (drones) is Apollyon (rev 9: 11)

  17. fishface494 says:

    our leaders really are trying their best to wind up the Russians, someone whose name start with a J are trying to start a war between white Christian countries, im worried that Trump is being controlled by these people, WE should NEVER fight Russia , we should never have fought Germany , someone is trying to cause the death of millions of Whites , why is Trump suddenly against Russia ? , the Americans need to start arresting their corrupt military-industrial complex profiting politicians

  18. Gustave Alhadeff says:

    Thank you Brother Steven for good analysis of the situation in the ME and Europe …I hope Putin will not create WW3 … No winner just Hell * * * Shalom Gustave

  19. White Horse Beauty freedom says:

    us is a truble maker

  20. exorientelux says:

    The politicians in the USA and their EU vasall entities present themselves as being stronger than they really are. They have collected tons of debts. International trust for the USA is at an all time low, as Washington presents itself as a saloon filled by cowboys with a loose gun. The EU is deeply divided thanks to Merkel's politics. The Euro is a failure. Deutsche Bank, Germany's biggest bank, is likely to blow up.
    And for those stupid enought to dream about invading Russia: There is plenty of space for many POW camps in Siberia, as France and Germany should be well aware off.

  21. Richard Henry says:

    It’s not a drill it’s a provocation for war and a threat to the peace and security of Russia.

    It’s a dangerous game the could spark a a nuke war as nukes are Russia’s only real defence.

    So how are 150 million Russians a threat to almost a billion EU and USA.

    I guess Rothschild really wants Russia very badly and we are the bankers bitch that are ready to kill innocent people to take there wealth. Russia did nothing but the USA is a bully that forces nations to do horrible deals to avoid war or in the case of North Korea to avoid US interference in the economy.

    I think this is the part of the bible we’re the USA comes out as the satanic force against god and the remaining free Christian nations.!

    The USA Destroyed Christianity in Syria by arming in assisting the anti-Christian forces to overthrow the ligament elected government.

    Now it prepares to bring down Russia because they want to be free.

    I hope god wipes out the nation that starts this war. That god punishes it’s people by giving them to there master satin.

    The world is upside down good nations are bad and bad nations are good.

    The people in the USA have the least from all developed nations but think they have the most. The Ignorant people win the elections now with a majority in the USA

  22. Richard Henry says:

    We seen Rome fall using old military tactics being invaded by a new type of type of war.

    The British lost its empire standing in their red uniforms fighting in the world that advanced to Guerilla warfare

    Now the failing USA is planning WW2 military tactics almost 100 years out dated to fight the new advanced Russian military

  23. Scott Johnstone says:


  24. rjcappy Popa says:

    Bibi lies about Iranian bases so IAF can attack Syria at will and use Iranian Bases as the reason why. Duhhhhh……..Iran has Military Advisers in Syria just like we do in 140 Countries, and ours are Military Bases! Southfront has been showing this for seven years! We are the purveyors of Terrorism around the World because we Favor two countries above all others, Israel and Saudi Arabia. It's shocking how much Power in the US that AIPAC(American-Israeli Political Action Committee) has. Money talks and bullshit walks!

  25. Roto Rooter says:

    How long do you think that America will remain untouched from war ?

  26. LavS S says:

    Steven. Need to speak with you

  27. Nice Hombre says:


  28. Sander van den Oever says:

    I am Dutch, can understand some English, but I don't understand everything in this message…. So, I miss subtitles……

  29. Zealot The Fallen says:

    Seems NATO wants WW3 this is the Agenda of the NWO. The pedophiles that run Earth NEED A WAR to grab control and keep it.

  30. Jerusalem's Gate says:

    Thank you for your excellent broadcasting Steven. I learn a lot from watching you and I watch every one of your videos. I pray you and your family keeps getting blessed. I also pray that INL grows to unthinkable heights to reach the many throughout the world the message of Christ and the news that is prophecy in the making. Shalom.

  31. robert j mcgregor says:


  32. Kennerth Allen says:

    Just a heads up to the community. I recently installed an update for windows 10 and it shut off my "receive notifications" button in the settings. I had to go in and turn it on manually in the settings. If you're not receiving notifications this might be why. God Bless You All.

  33. mathew goode says:


  34. Michael Todd says:

    Deep State rattling its chains trying to get Russia to retaliate. God Bless Russia!

  35. Theo Schutz says:

    Just remember a high oil price is good for Russia? Mmmmmmm

  36. the Unrepentant says:

    The Promise will be fulfilled when six million souls are sacrificed by fire¹. That is yet to come and is not the fictitious¹³ six million² being promoted, as having already taken place.

    Sacrificed by FIREª. That likely means nuclear war.

    It is not the Creator that requires blood sacrifice to sustain its existence and augment its power, but the arch demon-evil³ derived from human sacrifice.


    ¹ At the Altar of the Sun (Salem, Soloma, present day Jerusalem) where Abraham received his blessing, human beings were sacrificed during the fire ceremony each spring to the God of Justice and Righteousness that was proclaimed the Supreme Being. This spirit that was derived from and empowered by human sacrifice understood and could facilitate the intrigues of man. Abraham was extremely wealthy, ostensibly a just man and his son whom he loved dearly was his most precious possession. But so egoistic and selfish was he that when put to the test he revealed that he was prepared to slit the throat of his own son in order to inherit the Earth and the increase that it yields.

    ª Churchill brought under control of the International Socialists. Peace proposals that would have ended the war years earlier in which Germany offered to return to its historical boundaries rejected by Churchill. Churchill who was a rabid anti-Communist joined forces with the Soviets when the International Socialists that promised to take care of his debts forestalled foreclosure on his summer residence that he cherished. Citizens of Dresden FIRE bombed to bring forward realization of The Promise. The scorched blood of defenseless women and children cry out for justice. Churchill sought escape with alcohol over the realization that for a personal cause he had relinquished the British Empire including the needless horrendous expenditure of so many additional lives.

    ² Miraculous cremation: Nine thousand corpses (maximum daily) laid out head to toe in single file form a line 9 miles long and take 900 tons of coal to reduce to ashes. A line of corpses 6250 miles long (total) requires 600,000 tons of coal to reduce to ashes. Excluding those shipped east of the Urals and ancestors from several generations back leaves a discrepancy of greater than 5,950,000.

    ³ Jesus was fully cognizant of the true nature of the spiritual entity at the altar at (Jeru)Salem whose services may be obtained with payment in blood, viz:

    “And the devil, taking him up into the high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give unto thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me: and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.” — Luke, ch. 4, v. 5-8.

    ¹³ Holocaust Religion is a thinly disguised political tool employed as a shield and catalyst. Faking belief on the part of public officials is obligatory. Denial is unlawful and prompted by its inquisition is subject to imprisonment.

    ¹¹ Canaan was a province of Egypt. The pharaoh permitted the Children of Israel to settle in the area of the Delta from where they migrated northward over the course of ten centuries. The Exodus story in the Bible is fiction. Canaan remained Egyptian up to and including the time of the Judges. When Egypt's hold was weakened by the Phoenicians, David carved out a principality within a day's march of Jerusalem by carrying out a campaign of genocide of neighbouring settlements. Canaan that was Egyptian became a territory of Assyria/Babylonia. Hezekiah paid taxes to Assyria evidencing that this territory had not achieved sovereign status. When subsequent kings ceased remitting tribute the temple of this religious sect was destroyed and Zedekiah and the elders were transported to Babylon where they joined their brethren, most of whom earlier had already settled in that region.

    Foreign claims to sovereignty over Canaan cannot be legitimized while Syria continues in existence.

  37. Peter Rasch says:

    I burned thru all the Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings -ish fantasy fiction books at my local library.
    So I've picked up on this Bible Prophesy stuff. Not bad.
    Are there going to be any new books coming out?
    I read a lot. I like how it's sort of merged with the current news. Almost like a reality show that just keeps going, and never ends.

  38. Beattle Bailey says:

    all countries are nearly broke so, put the pedal to the medal to escalate more military expenses. There won't be any choice but to have a multi country war! its all they want is war. who can borrow the most money to keep up with the exercises?

  39. Adam Korzon says:

    I have a question,I heard from Rabbi's that satan does not exist,also that Eve told Adam to eat because GOD wanted them too.This does not seem correct beings.In the book of Job Satan and HIS angels came before GOD and said Job would curse HIM if he wasn't so sheltered and protected by GOD.So obviously satan exists.Also if they ate from the tree and it was a sin,Obviously it was something GOD knew they would do,But still it was a sin to do so.They were cast out and the land itself was cursed.GOD is not the Author of confusion,But it would seem the Rabbi's are confused.

  40. Frank E says:

    Never Mistake the sign's of the coming war with wars that are of the world greed is an enemy but only to the world the real evil wish's nothing but death to all that are in flesh I will face every demon every wicked soul that rises up Gods greatest gift he gave me in this world was all of you I will never forget the day that a white horse walk inside of me wide awake I was the day my soul pushed all the way into a mind of a man every storm every sea that roars know that the Spirit is God one and one alone the ears that can't hear eye's that can't see it is this teaching that will break every chain and all hold of the evil many have belief in Jesus but you didn't hear him when he spoke of the Spirit he was not talking of him self a truth that will shock the world

  41. Jemmo says:

    NK has lots of resources. KJU wants to trade it and not have it stolen from him.

  42. Jemmo says:

    NK has lots of resources. KJU wants to trade it and not have it stolen from him.

  43. Jay jonah Jamieson says:

    russia must be destroyed at every and all costs

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