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Napolitano: March Madness, Washington-style

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  1. deb cotrone says:

    Thanks Judge for filming off the streets. Video and audio came in nice and clear.

  2. Mxyzptlk -1% says:

    Stormy Daniels says that trump would yell “ ivanka “ when climaxing.

  3. Mxyzptlk -1% says:

    Look mom , Rapist adulterers can be president


    The man, the myth, the legend….

  5. Jestermon1 says:

    Wow, so the media saying the President fired him is wrong but they just keep saying it.

  6. jools2323 says:

    Napolitano is a traitor to the USA.

  7. John O'Connell says:

    You want to know about Andy? Watch this!

  8. King K says:

    He was fired cus he and his lover Comey are Communist lovers!!!

  9. Canadiens Hockey says:

    Me sad today the Austin Liberator is now in Heaven with Jesus Christ !

  10. berni oakes says:

    Big lying brother exists

  11. jools2323 says:

    Why did the potus congratulate Putin within days of a chemical weapons attack on UK soil?

  12. Michael Rockwood says:

    He was fired because President Idiot is a egotistical nardasict little bitch….nothing more nothing less

  13. Real Talk76 says:

    Yeah, I'm gonna have to call bull-puckey on Mr. Napolitano. We haven't seen the IG report but the firing centers around the idea that he authorized the disclosure of information to the Wall Street Journal and then allegedly "mislead" investigators about it. The FISA warrant was based on MORE than just the dossier, it was also based on Carter Page and his dealings.

  14. Vander valid says:

    We know democrats and liberals are douchbags he dont need to explain it.

  15. BINODON PLUS says:

    Cool video!! We like your channel! LIKE!! Come visit us:) Thanks.

  16. Will Will says:


  17. Vox Seven says:

    MCCabe and his cronyism friends are all curroupt

  18. slk25724 says:

    Stormy Daniels passed a lie detector test, I doubt the Donald could!😂😂😂
    So much for the moral high ground. Christian conservatives my ass. Evangelicals LMFAO😂😂😂

  19. Kimball Scarr says:

    Trump had NOTHING TO DO with this. Why is he was victim of it as a citizen but the FBI – DOJ just cleaned out a rat.

    Speculating, Comey and AG should have been fired upon Trump entering office. And, sounds now like these guys should have been fired too but how to know about them then? See firing people upon entry of office basically makes it unassailable, as it is pure policy. Sort of harkens back to Marbury v. Madison (1803). You can say it was unfair. Marbury was appointed and confirmed under Adams but did not take office. But how was it not policy in that case? Justice Marshall did in writing the decision, and the court said it had no jurisdiction to hear his complaint. But really did Marbury expect he still would be seated in the job when the new President came in?

  20. jerry smith says:


  21. monkeygraborange says:

    Ever notice that McCabe has exactly the same blank, emotionless stare that Loretta Lynch always has? Wonder if they require that at Justice?

  22. mario cesario says:

    have no doubt about this : many  corrupt officials to be indicted at the top of fbi and justice dept, CIA…….past and present  ,working behind the scenes to impeach trump TO GET HIM out on false allegations….. yes this = a coup attempt without the use of arms.

  23. Clubland Exrcixe says:

    Trump's Cesspool Cabinet including Pruitt's weird environment destroying interests come first to the tune of hundreds of thousands wasted on himself as he, Carson, Cohn, Cohen, Haley, Neilsen,  Sessions, Kushner, Donnie Jr., Melania, Porno Queen's Hush Money, continue to rob our country's tax coffers.  How about the millions we all pay weekly for Fat Donnie Trump's Margo La La casinos, Porno queens, pee pee hotels and Russian Meetings at his Trump Treason Towers on the 25th Floor, or his every day golf course that he waddles onto?  $1.5M each time the predatory whale hits the "links".

  24. Carrie Peach says:

    NO Deals. March Madness.

  25. Ross Meldrum says:

    To simply say he was "less than candid" is a misnomer he LIED!!!

  26. John Hasse says:

    The madness is that ALL of that level of FBI 'control' has NOT been fired YEARS AGO.

  27. Bill Smith says:

    Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be forced to resign when criminal charges are revealed against Muller by second special prosecutor investigation. Obama's Secret Corrupt Deep State is Toast. DTS. MAGA.

  28. DNE HS says:

    Judge, would you like to know the undeclared reason of the firing? He was fired because he was the main organizer of an operation that intended to spy (a first, as far as we know, in the entire history of the country) on members of the Republican Electoral Campaign, President-elect team and the President staff using as pretext, mainly, an unverified document prepared at the request of and paid for by the RNC and the Democratic Candidate campaign. Nothing probably has discredited to the eyes of world the American democratic system more than this.

  29. caduceus33 says:

    Fox, turn off the nasty music in the Judge's chambers!

  30. Glenn Heiselman says:

    Have you heard how tangled and incestuous these 4 department heads Are? It's like a gut full of alien worms in America.

  31. Rich S says:

    Another old person

  32. Chris Pyves says:

    At least Robyn Gritz has been vindicated by McCabes firing after the treatment she received from him & his cronies which forced her out of the FBI.

  33. wrnjpn says:

    Ralph Peters, a longtime Fox News military analyst said “Fox is assaulting our constitutional order and the rule of law." He called it "a destructive and ethically ruinous administration."

  34. chriscolonamg says:

    You must sue no matter what…the district where your son & daughter where attending school there life was in jeopardy by taking them out of the classroom…American people this is wake up call you must start suing the Democratic Party this is a wake up call… they using our children’s for political power and guinea pigs this must STOP 🛑

  35. Ed Bear says:

    Go Mueller!

  36. Diane Merwin says:

    At the very least – Pinocchio lied.🤥

  37. smokeythehobo says:

    Another day of Chaos in the White House. Someone leaked secret information about trump's communication with the Russians!!
    A leaker in the White House who hates trump and is trying to bring him down. Well done guy!!

  38. randle guill says:

    Trump is a worthless,lying, nation dividing piece of shit.
    Republicans are some nutless, hypocritical , partisan assholes.
    November cant come soon enough…

  39. Leroy D. Griffin says:

    So…. Hillary , Obama took the oath too…. arrest them

  40. Eagle Pass says:

    Andrew McCabe thought that he was above the law and could not be fired. The President did not fire him, it was Jeff Sessions. Eventually, the entire house of cards will fall and there will be many indictments and people going to jail.

  41. mms StarNet says:

    March Madness hahaha!

  42. tirpitz19 says:

    There is a bigger liar in the office who needs to be fired.

  43. Vintage 1960 says:

    Judge Napolitano for SCOTUS!!!

  44. great outdoors says:

    No news here. Just Trump's propaganda machine

  45. Pokémon Card master says:

    Trump 2020 love u judge

  46. Russell Mitchll says:

    Trump has been threw a lot in his life and its not always been good..BUT…Who else has done what he has for America or even tried ?> In his 4 years he will change our country for the good and that will call for another 4 years hopefully. We have no one else to do this job or could do this job. Lets get over his personal stuff and get on the bandstand as Americans.

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