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My Complete DISNEY Blu-Ray & DVD Collection: UPDATE #7 – July 2018

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  1. Jasper Freddo Frog says:

    Yo Dave can I hide in your suitcase?

  2. Blake Ison says:

    Great vid! I used to watch Jungle 2 Jungle every time I went to my grandparents house, but all I can remember is a scene with the kid on the outside of a building..?

  3. Isaac Makinson says:

    Package says fragile, before the video starts you throw it in the airπŸ˜‚

  4. Joseph Olsen says:

    man I used to LOVE holes when I was a kid. watched it over and over and over. read the book and it's sequel too. too bad the dmc films don't have slipcovers anymore

  5. Andrew Rodenbucher says:

    I love The Last Song

  6. Andrew Rodenbucher says:

    What movies do you not have that you need for your Disney collection?

  7. Andrew Leyland says:

    Where abouts in the u.k are you coming? Im from liverpool, the home of 1 of your fav bands πŸ˜‰

  8. Lee Wood says:

    Dave lee when is next Disney unboxing

  9. VHS/DVD/Bluray Previews Australia says:

    When will you get The Incredibles On 4K because that isn’t in the video.

  10. Twin Kids says:

    I can’t wait to buy Infinity War

  11. Popcorn Chat says:

    I don't know if its too early to say, but enjoy your trip!

  12. Luis Torres says:

    Do you know of any website at all that can ship slip covers? It’s kinda silly but I have the full MCU collection and about 3 or 4 movies have come in without slip covers. I like having that in the collection man.

  13. Movie Man says:

    Last Jedi on 4k is not the biggest upgrade over the regular Blu Ray but it's the best way to watch the film

  14. Aussie Eighties says:

    if your after hard to find and rare titles, I'd join some Facebook Groups. you can ask people there for things your after and they might be able to help. I created one specifically for rare titles: Rare and Out of Print DVDs and Blu Rays Australia

  15. filozsofia says:

    Isn’t The Light Between the Oceans (2016) the last Touchstone release? I have it on Blu-ray and it is definitely Touchstone. 😊
    Awesome and beautiful movie, one of my favorites!

  16. The Incredibles says:

    Reign of Fire is a pretty good movie. I would definitely recommend it.

  17. NERD Incorporated says:

    Great video Dave

  18. NERD Incorporated says:

    Sorry to here about not getting Queen of Katwe and being sent Toy Story of Terror instead. Similar things have happened to me, once I ordered a gorilla tripod from eBay and I was sent a Pokemon card. No joke

  19. ed1rko17 says:

    The Last Jedi 4K is surprisingly disappointing. The movie is gorgeous, and the colours really pop in scenes like Snoke's throne room, or Crait, but there appears to be zero HDR. Still the best format to watch the film, but compared to something like the Blade Runner 2049 4K, it's a little disappointing.

  20. asjoeraba says:

    In Belgium there are also a few movies in the Disney Classic line that aren't in the US one like Mary Poppins, Bednob and broomsticks, Petes dragon, Dinosaurs, The Wild and Winnie the pooh (2011).

  21. MOVIE EDGE says:

    Great collection update as always Dave πŸ‘πŸ»

  22. Nick Does whale things says:

    Do you have any idea how many movies you have total?

  23. Gamemaniac says:

    Man, I am curious to know what you do for work. It must be something pretty well paid in order to be able to afford all these purchases and trips overseas. Btw great vid as always.

  24. Royal Rutter says:

    The Wild is the very first theatrical movie I’ve ever seen and holds a very special place in my Disney collection. In my opinion, it is every good πŸ‘

  25. Daniel 17Xx says:

    Hey Dave, the reason behind the UK amazon not sending slipcover is due to weight in transport for over seas, as a Brit my self slide covers do come with the blu rays but they remove them for postal outside the UK, Hope this kinda helps you?

  26. Kermits Ghost says:

    Excellent video Dave, good old Vince, glad you have your Disney Exclusives, my absolute pleasure sending you the slips, its good that you give them a home and really glad they got to you before your big trip, take it easy mate.πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  27. Nathan Martinez says:

    Are you ever going to do videos on music like The Beatles or Led Zeppelin, David Bowie,etc,etc?

  28. 8Matte08 says:

    Please, don't you know, how could I get the slipcover only for Coco 3D?πŸ˜” I got it without it, also from the Amazon UK and I don't know what to do.. I would very appreciate your advice

  29. Lee Wood says:

    Dave lee are you have good holiday

  30. marcus walker says:

    Cool pickups πŸ˜‰ i managed to find the three musketeers and cool runnings blu rays on ebay for a decent price. Just wish disney movie club wasn't only for america.

  31. JonnyBaak says:

    Can't beat The Rocketeer, on of my all time faves!

  32. Chris Buie says:

    Awesome video! I just started up my channel and I collect blurays as well, you should check it out!

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