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Moon to meet Trump at White House May 22 ahead of Kim-Trump meeting

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  1. CUPMUG says:

    Trump ♥ Moon

  2. Anne Mack says:

    Gottspeed !

  3. Raza Khan says:

    Fuck Trump and Fuck USA. Korea should start doing things without USA. America only cares about dominating the region and the world.

  4. Ppoppo says:

    Pres. Trump is doing a better job than any other country all over the world and works twice as hard. I was really surprised by the fact that he asked to release the North Korean detainees, while South Korean pres Moon only smiled for the camera, while having noodles with Kim Jung Un, and never mentioned about any of the North Korean detainees, nor coming to any concrete answers about nukes. Moon acts like an angel in front of camera, but in fact he’s very crooked and corrupt. I hope pres Trump knows this and acts accordingly.

  5. Satendra Vishwakarma says:

    Pre trump presidency, US forces were to counter NK and CH and to some extent RU. Under current development, US forces are still needed in SK to check CH and RU. Also, its good for security reasons to SK and NK…….

  6. xrcrx ftfghjg says:

    Trump is working his ass off.

  7. Kevin L says:

    Wow Koreans are getting their news source from the NYT.. that's the same as getting your news from Vanity Fair, I don't think they know about fake news

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