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Michael Waltz on how government shutdown impacts US military

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  1. chris fromm says:

    Democrats put the safety and security of non-citizens above the safety and security of our cities. Not Good! <–Donald Trump Twitter 22Jan18

  2. chris fromm says:

    DACA Democrats are devils. Lindsey & Gang of 6 GOP Senators want Amnesty. Sen David Perdue & Tom Cotton with WG staffer Stephen Miller fight for our future. Resist Graham!

  3. Brian Barrow says:

    All BROWN people who have accent when they speak English, are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.
    SEND THEM BACK to their Shithole.
    GOP is Great !

  4. 14842 says:

    government shutdown what a weak performance what they need more bribes ?

  5. 14842 says:

    fire and fury ( book ) bloody nose ( government shutdown ) Olympic games ( final defeat )

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