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Michael Avenatti: “God Bless” Donald Trump For Employing Giuliani | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  1. Don Kanis says:

    Vote Avenatti and "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN"

  2. hehi hehihehiho says:

    Put them all in Guantanamo. Is waterboarding the same thing as a golden shower?

  3. Autumn Meadows says:

    They are so very stupid. Hey off topic here a little bit. A sink hole at the white house. One can dream.

  4. Icarus Studio says:

    Ari is bae

  5. Ashish Chugh says:

    Dazed and Confused…

  6. david fellows says:

    Let the indictments start…begin with Cohen and Trump jr

  7. Sal Hatfield says:

    this guy is a joke hes a crook dont pay taxes rip is partner out of money owes 4 million taxes. hes not a hero hes scum

  8. Sal Hatfield says:

    all losers on here

  9. dicemanace says:

    Michael Avenatti is getting his 15 minutes of fame and boy is he playing it to the hilt. CNN and MSNBC are biting hook line and sinker ! the Democrats are working overtime to try and smear president Trump but They will fail in the end because when it comes to making America great again Democrats are absolutely useless !

  10. INDIGO says:

    Michael Avenatti is "America's" lawyer against dictatorship in the United States of.

  11. Janice Leighton says:

    No deal you promised that you would give us the truth so don't go off on us

  12. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    #Cohen the FIXER will soon become the FLIPPER

  13. Nicole Orue says:

    Omg i LOVE this lawyer this man ,, lol ,, love you too ARI

  14. James Dyer says:

    There is a perverse joy in watching Trump slowly being demolished, but like a frog slowly being boiled he seems to be under the misapprehension that he is above the law and doesn't feel the heat.

  15. Cookie Mcdaniel says:

    God I love Micheal avenatti no only is he handsome he's on top of his game.

  16. Bless Brazy says:

    The only thing that trump can do now to get everyone's attention away from all his corrupt problems is start a war lol trump is such a moron, he should have never became president.

  17. SniperLyfe Parry says:

    America is run by corrupted con artist right now

  18. Gerson Garcia says:

    avenatti is so hot

  19. Carla Oliver-Hogue says:

    Pence is shining his shoes and putting lotion on his hands so they will be soft when he raises his right hand to take trumps job over. He's in the mirror practicing while trump tweets. I'm going to be president, I'm going to be president, nany, nany boo boo.

  20. lizzfrmhon says:

    Good job Ari, Avenatti needs to get hard questions as well to explain his business. He needs to explain if he is a crook as well. Even though I love Avenatti, he needs to demonstrate he is the leader he is making himself out to be.

  21. BLT Crunchy says:

    They should not be attacking the lawyers representing the parties. They should be focused on the parties.

  22. Suasagesmonkey says:

    Ghouliani should be out in the pastures enjoying his retirement and NOT making a farce of his reputation on TV.

  23. Thomas Garty says:

    Who are these people fooling, being under oath means nothing to a pathological liar like Trump ?

  24. Thomas Garty says:

    Somebody has been told to dig the dirt on Stormys Lawyer ! I wonder why ? More distraction ? This whole fiasco is a version of “Find the Lady .

  25. James Sanders says:

    Avenatti for AG!

  26. Haurqermer swartz says:

    Can't believe that
    Rudy Giuliani sold his soul to the devil! I won't believe it. They have to know that there's a rotten apple in the White House. The entire world is looking at us right now perhaps the Republicans are trying to save face. I don't even blame this mess on them how would they know that this guy was a charlatan and a snake oil salesman.?

  27. Pancho Villa says:

    No .. the Trump organization is not distancing itself from EC Consultants and Michael Cohen. In fact, Jean Hill, an in-house attorney for the Trump Organization in California, filed papers in court, standing in for EC Consultants. That seems to imply that Trump has a deep vested interest in EC Consultants. I think EC Consultants & Trump Org are one and the same. That would explain the huge consulting fees that came in, that appear to be way above Cohen's fair market value and which would also easily explain why the $130K payment to Stormy Daniels came from this particular slush fund. What insane company would pay Cohen $$hundreds of thousands, for a meet & greet 10-20 minute meeting with the President? Wouldn't Trump have asked Cohen, "If I meet with these guys, what's in it for me?" Cohen may be the signer on that EC Consultants bank account, but Trump is pulling the strings. Mueller needs to investigate this further. Follow the money, it will be attached to Trump's greedy fingers.

  28. Claudete Machado says:

    The sharpest man around #Avenatti2020!

  29. Harriet Stolp says:

    People of faith being blinded by their own desires. Propaganda Targeting peoples of faith by using the term Christian . Just follow the algorithm.

  30. Amy R says:

    Its too bad Avenatti predicts Mueller will never get to sit with Trump and that he will bring him down so to speak before Mueller can. I would love to see what happens if Trump gets subpoenaed for not wanting to talk to Mueller, and end up in the Supreme Court to be questioned. I think most of the world would be watching for that.

  31. Rata 4U says:

    Cohen was only the coffee boy! Made up fake failing news!

  32. Reyna M says:

    Avenatti could stand in the middle of fifth ave and shoot someone, and I would still love him… lol – wow I guess I can relate now

  33. DRUNK RUDY says:

    David Denneison never committed any crime and I'm now a Mets fan.

  34. Sheri Patterson says:

    Avenatti is America’s knight in shining armor. Beating Trump at his own game. Let’s hope Trump doesn’t totally lose it. Malignant narcissists can’t admit defeat. Why he still has the nuke codes is terrifying.

  35. Galileo Shift says:

    the anti-potus political coup hysterical hopefuls #Trump2020 #MAGA

  36. Gilberto Nunez says:

    Avenatti is just an opportunist A-hole

  37. Richard McCormack says:

    Avenatti is in deep trouble to pay your taxes and your debt scum bag po

  38. Joseph Lavigne says:

    I think Michael Auvanati client lacks moral character….. because….. I went on YouPorn and saw Stormy Daniels sharing her Hershey Highway with two dudes at the same time

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