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Megyn Kelly Roundtable: Scarlett Johansson Faces Backlash For Transgender Role | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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  1. Pro Jey96 says:

    As a director
    I would get a good actor, if you happen to be trans like the character is a bonus

  2. anders damin says:

    Who are these people Megyn is talking to?

  3. Серж Шуляченко says:

    Odoxa: "unjust" policy of President Macron was named 71% of the French.
    The complete failure of liberalism, Obama & Clinton is followed by Macron.

  4. Debra Frakes says:

    This movie was made over a year ago and on cable. Why is this such breaking news!?

  5. Stephanie Santos says:

    It's a shame they had to bring Tom Hanks into the discussion. It really did help a great deal for America to see his wholesome image in a film about the aids epidemic. Had they not cast someone like Tom Hanks, 'Philadelphia' wouldnt have had the impact it did… 25 years ago . Change with the passage of time appears to be a foreign concept with these people.

  6. Dima Andro says:

    She's an actress for God's sake why backlash

  7. Dima Andro says:

    Megyn Kelly's show is so interesting Luvv it, Amazing secular topics

  8. Mona Kuoppamaa says:

    Thank you for this ALL CIS PANEL once again telling us trans folks that our stories don't matter.

  9. Mona Kuoppamaa says:

    Can't wait for a Rosa Parks biopic starring Scarlett Johansson as Rosa Parks. Hope black folks don't mind, in the same way these cis-people tell trans people it's ok for them to play trans roles, because "it's acting".

  10. andrea R says:

    I love to see every now and then how progressives like Scarlett Johansson have to deal with the consequences of the insane identity politics idelology they promote.

  11. JuiceMyRandomness says:

    what annoys me is… and i don't want to offend anyone. what are people wanting then are they saying that just because a person is trans they are better actors and should just be given the role? only asking because Scarlett has proven she can tackle many different kinds of roles and if she was the strongest individual for the role isn't it only right she gets it? playing a different role and taking on someone else's narrative is what films. tv and plays is all about. does this mean from now all LGBT roles can only be offered to LGBT people what about a 30 year old playing a 20 year old… an irish man playing american an american being a british person. i just worry that soon enough no matter what we say or do….someone will be offended! I've been reading so much hate towards scarlet when all she has been is a supporter go the LGBT community and by someone with her platform could raise so much awareness for the community.

  12. Judas The Ally says:

    So when is space jam 2 coming out?

  13. imane i says:

    Do people realize that she was not a trans male? She was a butch lesbian who dressed up as a man and always had an androgynous cloting style. (Read this article: ). This is just rewriting the complex story of a butch lesbian woman and just disgracefully erasing them from history.

    All and all, I also agree that transgender actors/actresses should get more chances in Hollywood and should be given the same chances as cisgender actors. Of course, if they are right for the part, still need to have the skills.

    But in this case, it is just wrong do plainfully attack this project for that reason. Because, like I said, its a story about a butch androgynous lesbian woman who dressed up like a man.

  14. N Corp says:

    The transgender community stays attacking women. What about the show Transparent? What about the various transgender roles men have played? For ONCE, the media is actually acknowledging female to male transgender folks, and the blacklash being heard is by male to female transgender folks, rather than the group that is being referenced in the movie. This is just an excuse for male to female transgender people to hate on women AGAIN.

  15. Debbie D says:

    Scarlet is a good actor, people need to stop being so sensitive just because she might play the role of a transgender, I think it's stupid just acting, actors have pretend being different colors

  16. Debbie D says:

    It is acting, bold and the beautiful put a beautiful black woman acting as a transgender

  17. Debbie D says:

    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned about Jared Leto he played as a transgender

  18. Matthew W says:

    How would that black man feel if a white person played an accomplished African American? Double standard? It’s not just acting. These people are depicting the struggles of what a whole community goes through, and unless you’re part of that community you can’t really know, just pretending you do and that’s insulting.

  19. Shellina Musa says:

    I am so sick of seeing the same twenty A-list actors in every single movie. There are lots of good actors out there. Give more people a chance.

  20. RightFootLetsStomp says:

    they wanted a big name actress to play the role to bring in big audiences. I don't think it had anything to do with sexism. Also, any men have played transwomen and no one says anything about that. double standards.

    I think directors and producers should just open up the audition process to the trans community. it was their fault. I think a lot of trans people would have loved to play that role.

  21. Don't tell my mom says:

    He is handsome!!

  22. ZeeNyteCG says:

    Nobody gonna pay to see some random trans person bro. Look at love simons numbers. Peoold pay to see scar jo end of story

  23. Elaina Lyn says:

    Isn't it an actor's job to portray different roles?

  24. Hilton Hut TV says:

    It is called ACTING! Portrayal of others!!
    What transman/woman can bring in ScarJo’s cash?!

  25. givmespace says:

    wall megan is very unappealing to the eyes. i wont be watching

  26. dianav28 says:

    A trans to interpret a trans lol, what a joke !!!! If people only knew …..

  27. cayennepe. Last says:

    She is clueless, cancel her show…Kmart needs holiday help. She can't even raise children.

  28. GantzIsSloppy says:

    Megyn pick a different topic FFS

  29. Andrea Papadolambis says:

    They are educated and rich enough to be on Television but they still refer to us as….’a transgender ‘. How about get it right before acting like a uneducated fool on tv….

  30. catwalk33 says:

    trans women are WOMEN. trans men are MEN. so its very offensive to get a guy to play a trans women. or to get a girl to play a trans man. you would never get a guy like the rock to play the role of a woman like scarlet johanson or vice versa. it would be offensive. but yet they do it to trans people. its pretty obvious here what hollywood is saying. they dont see trans women as women. or trans men as men. and thats very disrespectful.

  31. Sergeant Froggy says:

    I don't understand why people can't get the fact that it isn't REAL its just a role. Acting is ACTING! Leave her alone and let her do her job. These movies are here to entertain not change the world. Christ, the movie is also a parody come on ya'll.

  32. duvan guerrero says:

    If the paper had been given to Leonardo DiCaprio everyone would be saying that he is the best and that he will make a great character, I did not see such a scandal with Jared Leto in his interpretation of a transgender that gave him an Oscar, besides they forget that it is the director's decision to choose who is the right person for the role, it is not an imposition of the people, the sexual orientation of the actor is what matters least when acting talent is talent that simple …

  33. Lenin Verdezoto Pozo says:

    That happened to a friend of mine, he gotted into a beating from a gang, and they put a knife trug his neck and he went into a low conciussness state and when the ambuklance members got to get him they calld it like a deceased incident. He was in the morgue and one medicine student check his vitals and discovered he had a pulse and they bring him back.

  34. Alice Pope-Terry says:

    Let’s see if that black guy changes his tune when a white person plays a historical black figure.

  35. Kate McPhail says:

    Who knows how the casting process went? Perhaps there were some trans actors that auditioned and they weren't talented enough. Isn't acting about talent?

  36. Chloe Alexa says:

    There are not enough Trans leads because nobody seeks any out. Give a Trans person a Chance to show they can do it.

  37. Keith Reese says:

    Lefty bite in the butt by lefties, crazy is what crazy gets lefty political correctness they won’t let her act

  38. Wedge Wizard says:

    Back in the old days women weren't allowed to act, so men took all the feminine roles.

  39. Derf Head Apache Junction KTM rules says:

    People who support her removal are misguided. U can't ask for rights while taking away those same rights from other ppl.. I support personal freedoms, to be or do whatever one desires, but I now feel trans ideologies are destructive to those very freedoms…

  40. biff buffington says:

    [EYE ROLL] I'm sure there are cops out there that also actors … that doesn't mean I don't want an already recognized action hero to play the lead role in the next action cop movie that comes out.  #RelaxGuys #Breath

  41. Julie San says:

    Wonderful a group a heterosexuals discussing and offering insight on transgender roles.

  42. winger j says:

    jesus! no wonder this show is in the tank.

  43. Eda Iyin says:

    Acting is what it is, acting… Now it's going to get more complicated

  44. Emoquent says:

    So trans men people want to be treated like real men and trans women like real women but a real woman can't play a trans ?


  45. Garrett Stephens says:

    And the transgendered people shot their own foot again. Could of had a legit movie about the struggles of trans but you bitched so much that the movie probably won’t even get made now. Congrats

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