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Maryland school shooting: Are gun protests missing the mark?

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  1. Tasha Child Of The Most High God says:

    So mad that he let yo stop him mid sentence

  2. Austin Scott says:

    I like tucker but he should stop interrupting everyone to cut them off in order to win

  3. Toure Evelyn says:

    Why do these news outlets bring speakers on if they don't want them to speak. Every single Mainstream Media does this and its a terrible practice.

  4. Debra Brow says:

    This guys is a dipshit- same situation, the big difference is that a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun. End of story, except it and own it. I'm really tiered of this crap- ENOUGH!

  5. Rob Cooper says:

    This professor is ignorant and a bad actor.

  6. Layla Wright says:

    Anti gun protesting is a waste of time and they're idiots. These shootings could be stopped tomorrow but idiots like these protesters are too big of pussies to get the job done. We have enough gun control criminals already have guns so it didn't work. What works is fear if these shooters and other criminals were afraid it would stop

  7. Gary Daniel says:

    Was it really Mr. Cruz that day? Who is the guy in full tactical gear?

  8. A&C says:

    Kanye? Is that you?

  9. nixter says:

    What has happened to us? My uncle was on the high school rifle team and got detention for not bringing his rifle to school. Guns used to be in schools and i dont think his school ever had a school shooting. Start rifle teams again, skeet teams, Rotc training then these shooters will move on. End gun free zones or more aptly rename them killing fields.

  10. Fermin Segura says:

    Who the hell is this guy? Pro gun control

  11. Nate W says:

    Gun grabbers love to cite the gun death by state statistic. The truth is that gun violence in states like Louisiana and Alaska is limited all but entirely to the Democrat controlled population centers like New Orleans. This isnt a thing in Rural America. Why not?

  12. Liam O’Neil says:

    Biologically nature says we’re mature enough to have kids at 13, once puberty sets in… but we’re not mature enough to drink or safely handle a firearm until 21 now? This sounds like society and the school systems failure, why in the hell does it take so long for kids to get their shit together… also the government says at 18 we’re mature enough to be handed a fully automatic rifle and go fight wars but not to be an ordinary citizen and defend ourselves… this is ridiculous

  13. Todd Sanderson says:

    the protests are all feel good moments Liberals tell us how bad gunsa nd gun owners are how bad and so many kids die from mass shootings 2 points first is why did the mass shooting happen the gun doesnt deside to do it someone picks it up and does a deed. fix the problem not punish a quarter of the country because of one person. point 2 kids say so many kids die from gunds but what about all the babies that dont even get a chance to breath and are murdered from Abortion. look at the numbers! Cant justify in any way the murdering of iniccent babies just because liberals live immoral life styles.

  14. KEN SMITH says:

    What law could you pass murder is already Illegal

  15. The carry Monster says:

    The French nice attack was done with a truck and killed 89 odd people so trucks are more effective than even the Vegas shooter was with all his hardware! The laws aren’t the problem! The law stops 99.99% of people and that’s all it can do!

    You need a plan B for the 0.01% who decide not to follow the law! The police exist as a plan B, the armies of the world exist because of a plan B! A gun free sign isn’t going to stop a shooter! Taking guns off everyone would obviously stop school shootings, but then school mass stabbings or suicide bombings or just drive a truck at a school etc etc so whatever it is you need someone there when everything else fails!

    Police do that but obviously but in something like mass shootings it’s not practical to wait for the cops so the simple obvious solution is to have armed officers at schools, not only does Maryland prove that, but it can be implemented right now so without messing with the constitution or anything and mass shootings will pretty much stop today or at least successful ones!

    Anyone who is focused on gun control over armed police at schools has blood on their hands going back to the first ever shooting!

  16. Dwight Gray says:

    Why is it that every leftist never answers the damn questions being asked. They always dance around with some long winded excuse or start talking about an unrelated fact.

  17. Austin reed says:

    How many people do u know who were underage have had a drink or did drugs. I mean really that's illegal underage drinking and possession of a controlled substance and last time I checked texting while driving kills more young drivers a year than shootings and it's illegal so what's the point here leftist/ anti gun/ stupid people. LAWS ONLY WORK IF ALL FOLLOW THEM CRIMINALS DON'T………… I'm not trying to offend you by saying you have no reason or the lack of intelligence and your inability to see the the plainly obvious, but u make it really really hard not to.

  18. David Loomis says:

    I didn't know Kanye worked for Fox News

  19. Stephanie T says:

    Tucker trying to teach unreasonable people. No one on the left wants to talk about the Cowards in Parkland.

  20. Nobody says:

    As a 16 year old in the early 90's I carried my rifle in the window of my truck during hunting season and not one issue ever came from it.
    I'm for background checks and most of the laws we have regarding felonies and violence but it's gone too far.
    When I open carry on my farm and the cops show up just because "a gun"
    People have been programmed to fear guns and anyone who has one and that's dumb.

  21. Grand Plebe says:

    If we talk honestly about the age debate we must look at the truth. Just because students can't buy alcohol legally doesn't mean that there aren't millions of high school and young adults drinking and going to parties. In many cases the adults who are legal to buy the alcohol provide it for the underage drinkers, so just having the law that says they can't buy it doesn't mean they won't be able to access it. if we follow the same line of thinking with firearms as alcohol, since they always want to compare them, then we should have prohibition, right?

    Also, how many substances are illegal altogether yet millions of people partake, such as marijuana, cocaine, meth, etc? Just by making a law does nothing to stop people from doing what they want, and owning firearms is completely different because it is protected by the 2nd amendment. Because of the second amendment these people need to stop comparing the US to other countries. Sure, China doesn't have guns, North Korea doesn't have guns, but I don't think these people want to live under that kind of government. And if we compare the US to Australia or the UK then we can simply look at the first amendment which protects freedom of speech, but other countries don't have such protections so citizens are being jailed for making posts on social media and for making jokes.

    There is a double edged sword to this debate. NO guns = less gun crime, but NO guns also means that the government has more power over your life and you do not have the protections afforded to you by the constitution. Some people even want to get rid of the second amendment altogether, which is absurd.

  22. Tone Tagz says:

    Guys that joke

  23. HellishGrin460 says:

    I've heard mix reports saying that on student later died due to his injuries. Again, I haven't confirmed this yet, so take it with a grain of salt and do your own research as well.

  24. kale n says:

    I have another question we are ignoring Maryland shooter shot his ex gf yes? He shot who he wanted to shoot. Maybe the officer stopped a mass shooting but guns are only a solution after it's too late. The officer didn't stop everyone from being killed person still died. The kid knew there was an officer there who had a gun that didn't stop him from going in. good guy stopped it from getting worse but he didn't stop it completely. Are you all ignoring that fact? Yes you are. Also if you "gunners" think that being mentally ill is the problem why don't you protest your officials on that? If that gets fixed there will be no reason for their to be an anti gun side. I don't see people who love their guns going out and protesting what they think is the real problem. Why is that? Why don't u do that instead of fighting against gun control you fight for better care for the mentally ill? Since you believe that is the problem? I don't see you organizing protests for that quit hiding behind your guns and 'deflect' it to the real issue you believe is mental health.

  25. Boat Boat TMMRP says:

    The right to keep and bear arms is a human right. The 2nd Amendment reminds us that we have the right to defend our own life by any means necessary. When the government restricts our rights, they’re denying us the right to defend our lives.

  26. bosun , says:

    They can argue and protest . Nothing will change untill we change are laws back to the 1950s when laws were inforced. Todays world,thanks to liberals and all the mothers who protested corperal punishment thanks the the protests that made prisons hotels. By taking consequence for actions out of our society by the people we empowered to represent us passing laws that took the constitution out of context we have children acting in this violent horrific manner. Remembering when video games went from pack man to seal team six one of our countries best putting these games Into our children's daily routine by the social media changing our children's personalities into who they are not. Think about that one. Before social media and chat people talked face to face today these kids are having mental break down by social bullying. But most important here the Florida shooting the kid was bullied by class mates and by all the facts above creates turning our children into for lack of a better word monsters. If you say they are not mature enough at 18 when it has always been the age of adult hood then why are they allowed to smoke cigarettes the leading cause of cancer making a choice that just don't effect themselves or why are they even allowed to vote. Guns are not the problem it could be a sling shot or a spear. Stop blaming a tool that has been around for centuries. Bring back the old laws by simply inforcing the ones we all ready have. The ones that are protesting please go and apply for a gun and just read the application every thing you are protesting is all ready there. Trump is trying to fix the problem by draining the swamp the ones empowered by us that have made our children into what they are today.thanks Congress great job.!

  27. South Beach Miami Art says:

    Up the voting age to 21 since a 21 year old rapist can purchase a gun over a 19 year old marine.

  28. ultrarare pepe says:

    doesn’t fit there narrative

  29. John Dang says:

    didn't know Kanye West was into politics

  30. jay bosher says:

    i dont agree with him but i an respect him as he didnt talk all over tucker or use strawmen to push an agenda or make someone look foolish.

  31. No Nonsense Norseman says:


    Not one initial photo of the firearms used in Las Vegas showed a "bump stock".

    Those photos came later.

    Are "belt loops" the next BAN Demand"?

    I can do with a belt loop or a two inch wedge of wood what a "bump stock" will do.

    I already hear the call from the Left … "BAN ALL BELT LOOPS AND TREES!"

  32. Luis Merida says:

    He didn't want to bring up bump stocks. You did. He was just sharing a hypothesis he thought you would have based on the proposed legislations you provided. This was really infuriating for me.

  33. Gus Mc says:

    if 18 year olds are too immature to own a weapon then they are too immature to vote.

    people need to put these mass shootings into perspective; 1,077 people have died from mass shootings in the last 50 years, a tragedy to be sure, but that is 21.54 people on average per year.

    "According to the NOAA, over the last 20 years, the United States averaged 51 annual lightning strike fatalities, placing it in the second position, just behind floods for deadly weather. In the US, between 9% and 10% of those struck die, for an average of 40 to 50 deaths per year "

    that means you are nearly twice as likely to be killed by lightning than a mass shooter in the United States each year.

    and since you may not realize how RARE death from lightning strikes actually are you are twice as likely to die from bee stings than lightning (4.6 times more deadly than mass shootings) and THREE times more likely to die from a coconut falling on you than lightning! (nearly 7 times more likely than a mass shooter)

  34. AJ Foyt says:

    This was laughable. This guy looks and sounds like Kanye West, and much like Kanye…produces nothing of worth when he opens his mouth.

  35. AJ Foyt says:

    Had to come back for more. Getting a bit tired of the whole "bump stock" argument. NO ONE proficient with a rifle needs or wants a bump stock. Anyone who knows anything about firearms, or the operation of them can vouch for their uselessness and silliness. They only serve as a bookmark talking point, because if you can somehow ban "devices" like the bump stock, it gives plenty of precedence and means to delete, restrict, and criminalize any other firearms accessory in common usage. I think we should feel lucky the Vegas shooter DID use a bump stock; his body count would probably have been higher if he hadn't.

  36. jerrett hill says:

    I thinkvwe should send our students to school with guns so they can defend themselves

  37. mgtow rage says:

    Was the shooter raised by a single mother if there is no dad in the home to woop that ass when the kid plays the stupid card this shit happens but i guess she needs her fucking childsupport check

  38. Covenant Armada says:

    Every school should have at least 1 security guard. I'm not for teachers having guns but having a person on campus or school grounds that their solo pourpous is to protect the students.

  39. Joseph Hermick says:

    I see Tucker Carlson, I click

  40. joe Vulcan says:

    What does the government wants to do to me if they want to disarm us so badly?

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