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Marc Short: ‘We have Cautious Optimism’ On North Korea (Full) | Meet The Press | NBC News

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  1. Scott Costa says:

    Chuck Todd is a FRAUD. An embarrassing partisan hack without a shred of objectivity. And you wonder why you’re known as FAKE NEWS. Have you disclosed to your SHEEPISH VIEWERSHIP THAT YOUR WIFE WAS A SHILL FOR BERNIE SANDERS; making MILLIONS in the process, oh HOLIER THAN THOU, SLEEPY EYES FRAUD!?🤡

  2. Desperado5501 says:

    Trump not going to fire Mueller!!!! so someone else can start from scratch??
    This is the fake news trying to make Trump look bad!!! There is no evidence !!! how long are going to have to listen to this fake crap cause crooked Hillary and the DNC lost !!!!!! The world is laughing at this crap!!!!

  3. Scott Costa says:

    Everyday that goes by with ZERO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION is another nail in the FAKE NEWS MSM’s “heart”.😂😂😂 I love watching the Liberal propaganda machine imploding upon itself! Chuck Todd and the rest of the MSNBC pundits make Alex Jones look credible!!!😂😂😂

  4. Evil Bastard says:

    If Trump found a way to cure cancer, Democrats like Sleepy Chuck would figure out a way to boycott it.

  5. S M says:

    Wake up people. It’s clear Russia 🇷🇺 is facilitating the NK summit to make Trump look like some kind of “hero”.

  6. DPRK - Korean Reunification says:


  7. Glow 9 says:

    Special ed chuck Todd

  8. MsKarenlu1 says:

    Get tough Chuck!!!!! Tougher!!!!

  9. MsKarenlu1 says:

    Tell him the truth! You let him push bs on investigation. This is all brain washing, crazy making tactics by Republicans!

  10. Leonard Ball says:

    His GDP stats are deceptive at best.

  11. Nathaniel Anderson says:

    Another lie about how the boom in our economy is because of Trump. Obama is responsible for bringing us out of the Resession, and Trump is driving us right back down into the gutter.

  12. Gooey 911 says:

    Hey look, it's the sleepy-eyed pedo protector Chuck Todd pushing N(othing) B(ut) C(rappy) propaganda. At least you can spend eternity with Hillary, Hitler, and Obama Chuck!

  13. Kazuyo Leue says:

    Comey said that his memo was not classified and I believe him. He is the FBI. I am so happy that at least in this mess we still have some people stick to the law.

  14. Kazuyo Leue says:

    Marc is bullshitting. The congress is us American people and he is undermining the congress and law for just one guy Trump who is only thinking about himself.

  15. Brock Albert says:

    @0:30…he's responding to the media?? Well tell him to stop watching cable news all day & do some actual work.

  16. Big Wasabi says:

    You are welcome ! Sverige 🇸🇪

  17. lourak613 says:

    Chuck Todd is a relentless hater. He scores about a 1 on the objectivity meter.

  18. Xond Xonderson says:

    Upchuck Todd's inability to think critically should be an embarrassment to NBC. But it's not.

  19. Vessy Amola says:

    every bird flocks with there kind, the reason why Chuck gets on your nerves is because the guy exposes the truth, and you people being trumpets it angers you he exposes your fake pink lord

  20. CoinHeads BitcoinPowerClub says:

    Sleepy eyes has been on a save face tour since election and it is not working. #Hillarygotoutworked #Berniewouldhavewon

  21. truthseekers says:

    NBC can't you see no one is buy your propaganda any more?

  22. Black Courage says:

    This itty bitty man is annoying.

  23. Raza Khan says:

    Why should North Korea give up nuclear weapons when the US military is right at its door step? That was the reason why NK got the nukes in the first place. SO IF NK GIVES UP NUKES, WILL AMERICAN MILITARY LEAVE KOREAN LAND AND NEVER THREATEN TO ATTACK NK???NO. AMERICA HAS SAID IT WILL NOT LEAVE.

  24. clarence mooring says:

    By the way everything dealing with the economy taxes and stock market results results from the, house that Obama built facts don't lie ,google job and stock market growth in America from 2004- 2016 well done Mr President Obama and Family

  25. Marc Blaze says:

    Sleepy Eyes. Hahahahahahahaha

  26. R J Lee says:

    Todd is getting boring.

  27. Constituent A says:

    He sounds like as much of a programmed robot as Conway and Miller. Useless guest.

  28. William Wyer says:

    If 96 was the last time who was Prez? And who was Prez last time we were out of debt?

  29. MsKarenlu1 says:

    I don't think he's allowed to do his job. Apollo the liberal rich folks should buy networks!

  30. mizan rahaman says:


  31. mizan rahaman says:


  32. Marcus LeeP says:

    Thank you…

  33. Scrotum Leech says:

    He looks tired…get some rest chuck 🌙 zzzzz…zzzzzz….zzzzzz……..

  34. Miguel De Zayas says:

    What a rally in Michigan last night!!!!!!
    Thank you, Mr President Trump! PROMISES MADE PROMISES KEPT!

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