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Man kills 9 students, wounds 10 outside middle school in NW China’s Shaanxi Province

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  1. Darrell says:

    Look people you can talk about how corrupt our government is 24/7 and it will not change NOTHING Our government knows how to do two things Lie and wars . But when are the citizens of this country going to react ; Something as simple as a complete one day shutdown and if takes longer so be it ; No work , school , buying or selling for one day with the slogan , NO MORE LIES NO MORE WARS NO MORE CHEMTRAILS! ; No one has to travel to go to a demonstration , No large gatherings = no trouble , just do nothing , go outside your resident for one hour 2 pm eastern time with a sign with the slogan . I'll guarantee you will get there attention . If the kids can organize a school walk out over guns surely we can do the same to get our country back . People we need to organize and organize quickly . July 1st could be our real Independence Day
    Thanks for the reply ; I believe this would be the safest and easiest way to protest , ; Every site I visit I post this option and if you do the same , and the next person does we could make progress but we must all be persistent in posting every site we visit and every day , It may take time but we have all to gain and a lot to lose if we don't try but we must be persistent or we will fail . Add this along wish the original comment of the shutdown protest . Good luck !
    July 1st could be our real Independence Day! Don't wait to pass this on , your not going to change one damn thing by voting ; Just think about , every election cycle we think we are voting for change , think about this have you seen any changes except for the changes our government makes which is worse now , and it happens with each election cycle . Change will only take place when you act , this is not a one post solution we must push this as if this is our last chance and it just may be !

  2. Raghu Seetharaman says:

    China still copying America. Hehe

  3. David Cedillo says:

    Imagine if he were in America with a gun he easily would have tripled these awful numbers. This attack is also just another manifestation of social alienation via capitalism, damn china get rid of all the porky already

  4. ロシアロシアン says:

    I'd like to express my condolences.🕯️🙏😼

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