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Making My Hero Academia Babies | Get In The Robot

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  1. Get In The Robot says:

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  2. Arova Demon says:

    Oh well I must be the only one that ships Mineta and Tsuyu

  3. Creekslip of Riverclan says:

    First of all, Tododeku, second of all. Bakudeku's ship quirk would be to create an explosion when they pynch things, obviously.

  4. inky_ ASMR says:

    I was just patiently waiting for tododeku and Kirishima x Bakugo

    Whoops there wasn't tododeku but I think their child would have pyrokinetic bc Dekus mom has the ability to control small objects and his dad breathes fire. So genetically there would be a chance of Deku passing those generics down. Torodoki on the other hand we know his quirk, half-hot, half-icy. In his quirk it has fire and ice. So maybe pyrokinetic and something with ice idk, but there is also a chance for the child to mostly get Todorokis quirk bc as we know Deku is originally quirkless but his quirk being given to him which means it isn't genetics.

  5. NightWolfGaming says:

    The kid would have zero gravity because deku was born without a quirk

  6. Midnight Moon says:

    Dark shadow is Tokoyami

  7. lemon. zest says:

    7:03 TRIGGERED that aint the purest, todoroki and deku is

  8. Kushagra Mehrotra says:

    Deku's Quirk X Ochako's Quirk + control over Gravity manipulation! = Super Saiyan (in a nutshell)!…

  9. Caleb Hillhouse says:

    I will defeat you all with raining frogs

  10. Mep Maniac says:


  11. J Woz says:

    Invisable traps

    Thats too op

  12. Daria Lappi says:

    Honestly with Momo and Todoroki’s kid; I always thought the kid would pull a Gray Fullbuster or something similar and just make things out of ice or fire

  13. SadFrenchFries says:


  14. Cassidy Lin says:


  15. GAMER 7297 says:

    U mean one for all, not super strength

  16. KirbsWhispersPlays says:


  17. ROBIN TREANA says:

    Bakugo and Momo, the applications such an offspring could achieve are terrifying!
    -a mass of bubbles that explode on impact
    -explosive throwing knives
    -explosive gel to cioat an object
    -straight up missles and grenades with far superior potential then the conventional ones
    -pipes to channel the explosion to allow agile flight or enhanced maneuvering
    -untraceable bombs that can look like anything
    -not limited to just the hands

  18. hi hello says:

    I don't think that's how procreation works

  19. IAmJinx says:

    One idea for the TodoMomo ship could be they could create things out of fire or ice just like momo but they create it from fire/ice.
    For Bakudeku I think the best bet could be taking the generations into hand. Inko, deku's mother has the quirk that allows you to float things to you. His father has a new thing fire quirk. Imagine the genetics skipped a generation and went to their Bakudeku kid. (One for all is not genetics btw) The kid could have sweat like bakugou but instead of explosion it could be flames. They would create flames in their hands and than manipulate it using the telekinesis like quirk.
    Ps this video was gold

  20. Extra Account says:

    Lmao some of these ships are just…so random😂😂😂😂 I like em

  21. KittaAteYourPizza D: says:

    i'm crying. no tododeku ;cccccccc

    im heartbrokennnnn ;-;

  22. Sapphire Wolf says:

    Wellll I ship these two so hard…. Anyway I was thinking todoroki and deku/midoriya. Since todoroki has ice on his right and fire on his left and deku has super strength its pretty simple he would be like his like both his parents! He would have fire and ice he would have super strength to defend himself! I see fire and ice as a long range attacks and all for one as close range attacks all the kids needs is some moves! When todoroki was up against ida he said "I can also do precision moves too" so maybe the kid can learn from both of them on how to control and how to properly use it! (He can also learn from uraraka) 😋

  23. Midoriya Izuku says:


  24. Pawsome Koala says:


  25. Vicente Facuse says:

    You forgot Todoroki and Izuku

  26. GreenPool says:

    Your pronunciation of ochaco is unnerving

  27. Powder says:

    That Click bait is Todoroki and The Girl who can Create Objects that is their Babies

  28. CtrlZ Please says:

    Todoroki and mina's child could have a napalm quirk…

  29. DelicousPlant says:

    I ship deku & tsu

  30. bakugou the rapper says:

    Froppy and deku

  31. Hoshi Chan says:

    These were great, I really wish he did a Todo and Deku baby tho because I feel like that could be really cool and not even because I ship it because like,, I ship pretty much everything. I just feel like them to would have some like idk ultra stong baby

  32. TeaTen says:


  33. Stewie Griffin says:

    ochacho and that pink muthafaka can have a baby with a quirk called acid rain. basically the kid can make her acid float and release it to make acid rain

  34. Zepic Zorua says:

    BAKUGOU X MINETA?!?!?! Oh no no no!

  35. Inji Walters says:

    Nah Midoriya and Ochaca would have a kid like fujitora from one piece which well ya know is like being a god…. gg villains… lmao

  36. Deku-izuku- -Midoriya says:

    "Purest bromance"


  37. x Z E H N 1 says:

    Deku + bakugo = Mega Nuke + evil kid = exstiction. Also if they're both guys or both girls then they would have to adopt a child meaning their kid won't have the same quirk

  38. Jimbo random says:

    Why did you make people guy?😂

  39. StAhp * says:

    Todoroki and Deku man

  40. DjRy says:

    i have a weird three way baby fusion well two but they both involve bakugou and mineta, the first is sticky nuke which is bakugou mineta and deku the second is creating sticky bombs momo bakugou and mineta ( they would need to eat to create sticky explosives of relative size to the ammount of food they ate, though they might also have momo's be stronger and also be able to make melee weapons)

  41. LuLu Wonderland says:

    "Purest bromance"

  42. CristianVlad 2013 says:

    The jet kid with 3 wings, it will be the must op child ever, especially if he can change the weapones on the wings at will and even extend(multiply) them like the 6 arm guy dose !
    Just imagine a turbo jet with 30 miniguns and 30 rocket lounchers (probably 60 turbo engines on the wings to boot) COMEING AFTER YOU AT WILL !!!
    Plus combine that kid with the kid from the audio jack girl and the electric guy and what do you get:

  43. Guilherme guiga says:

    kirishima and ashido, their baby could have the ability to produce acid and make it very hard, like an armor

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