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[LIVE/ARIRANG NEWS] North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is on 2-day trip to China: CCTV – 2018.06.19

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  1. Ryan Noy says:

    i believe that big change will come to the Korean Peninsula… god bless us all

  2. tony james says:

    Putin, trump,un.
    anti globalisation.
    Xi is for globalization isn't he?

  3. W T F IsGoingOn says:

    Kim jong UN's 1st trip to China was the turn around point. Following that Kim changed his mood, attitude and talks of wanting to meet Trump and the dismantling of his nuclear program, very friendly. Now that meeting has happened I guess the next step will be discussed. To me this is an Asian problem that only Asians can resolve and if good comes out of it hopefully then good for them I believe it will.

  4. Ajay Krishna India says:

    Inform to Kim Jong Un,
    Otherwise …

    Mr. Kim ,
    I want to live you happy in your N.Korea but you never make it into against .

    My Name : Ajay Krishna.

    Suggest my name into Xi , I'm put comment in this news channel so many times, also in CGTN for Mr.Xi.

    He knew about my recommendation to Shri. Narendra Modi as M.P in Kerala ,

    I want the Idukki Seat.

    Modi also knew it,


    Ajay Krishna India.

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