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  1. Harry Kiralfy Broe says:


  2. Mo says:

    Hard to say that the global elites are not co-operating in order to achieve a certain motive,when there's is a Bilderburg which is so secretive of what they talk about and the issues discussed.

  3. KIM STRAWN says:

    You guy’s did good…whatever this is about… there need’s to be accountability… it’s ridiculous… and childish… you know… this is Illuminati… it’s all true… the Entertainment Industry proved to me … this stuff is real… and WRONG… they don’t want to meet me… this little grandma… KNOWS … WHATS UP!!!🕊🌹🕊🌹🕊🌹🕊🌹🕊👏🕊👏🕊🌹🕊🌹

  4. Faith Virtue says:

    Your overlooking the Israel Tech industry…..talpiot….

  5. Faith Virtue says:

    We’ve been invaded mentally and spiritually by sociopathic frauds. The rape or minds….easy to notice the subtle tactics…once you research accurate history…

  6. Kristi Lawrence-Breit says:

    Y'all look to be safe, very good.

  7. The Antagonist says:

    In order to understand the post truth world you need to consider who coined it. The Pope called this the post truth age. As in the death of the old republic and the shift in alignment from judeo Christian baggage that has been hindering and withholding us from our true potential.
    It is the new age. And the bible is not relevant and is now being buffered and centred out as being non progressive and irrelevant to the matters at hand. But if the bible is irrelevant on the issues of humanity maybe it is because we shouldn't be going into these directions.

  8. Helena Romao says:

    Please study this information in these collection from Lotus Justice, about the Origins and Solutions to Judicial corruptions, how to walk the law in propria persona, etc. many more:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olfLnLp2fno&feature=share&list=PLW-dcr1kagdq_YgjpUinaP6lnRFvVr6Fb PLEASE SHARE AND INTERVIEW LOTUS JUSTICE.

  9. michael sabella says:

    Dont believe the agenda. WHy would these criminal elite be truthful with what their meeting about.. Im more worried that their meeting abouting things NOT on the agenday. LIke who will be pres in AMerica in 2020, 2024, Talk about to pull off WWIII. We need someone on the inside of these mettings, otherwise all this talk is pure speculation, simple as that

  10. The African woman says:

    Have you seen the list of participants. Dambisa moyo! The dead aid author has been sold out. She's also working for the world bank!!! Damn you dambisa you betrayed the African continent

  11. galen jack says:

    call it the head of the snake

  12. Modus_ Operandi says:

    Oh they are pussing him!

  13. T Walker says:

    Everything has been against President Trump from the beginning… If he can get his first four years as a sitting president out to the public… he'll be president for the full 8 year term.

  14. Gerald Parker says:

    Olga Samaroff, the famous concert pianist and teacher at the Juilliard Scnool of Music, was a Hickenlooper. She changed her name to Samaroff to sound more cool. I can't think of anyone more famous than she among the Hickenlooper clan.

  15. Southsider says:

    Fucked up times we live in…

  16. Noah Long says:

    Your ancient cosmology logo is amazing. shout out from the FE community, keep it up brother!

  17. Robin Martz says:

    You guys need to be VERY CAREFUL! Hilary Clinton and her ilk thought NOTHING of killing people so if you think these creeps won't kill YOU, you're mistaken. PLEASE BE CAREFUL! As a US citizen , I appreciate your coverage because we need to know these things! Believe this is all about ONE WORLD ORDER! BTW is George Soros part of this crap??

  18. drania76 says:

    Panie Łukaszu, nie boi się Pan?

  19. slappy0077 says:

    Is Jason a Jew?

  20. David Delgado says:

    Thanks!! Keep up the good work. Expose that secret evil New World Order Bilderbergers bastards. They fear that more than any court or army!!!

  21. Last Days Army says:


  22. Nicholas Peter says:

    I am still waiting on a response from you Luke. I purchased the MCU package and got an email from you with the link to the Facebook page, but was unable to get to it for some reason. Really want to be part of the discussion

  23. Julie Tillar says:

    Do you guys have any insight into the clip of Obama giving a bilderberg speech saying the people are too stupid to guide and direct their own future, or words to that effect? Was it spliced and built to make him look bad? Or is it a real piece of a real speech?

  24. Dav K says:

    An 1:25 for nothing.

  25. Carl Hopkinson says:

    How about making some Italian cops have their dirt naps.

  26. Carl Hopkinson says:

    I am afraid your pacifist approach will only be met with a clenchifist response.

  27. Carl Hopkinson says:

    Great….you can have my Bill of RIghts…just let me smoke dope legally. So disheartening. Idiocracy was a Documentary.

  28. Carl Hopkinson says:

    Until we cut off the legalized bribery of politicians….we will never get anywhere. Bribery should be punishable by DEATH.

  29. Carl Hopkinson says:

    Who do these Globalists think they are kidding re Russia. Any aggression on the Russian border will be countered by overwhelming military force and bravery by the Red Army. The entire Russian nation is VERY strongly behind Putin.

  30. Carl Hopkinson says:

    The world's most important and powerful CROOKS are there.

  31. Carl Hopkinson says:

    Social Credit Score….this was predicted in an episode of Black Mirror.

  32. Carl Hopkinson says:

    Library? What's that?

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