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LIVE ACTION Mob Psycho 100 Drama Coming to Netflix and TV Tokyo! NANI?!

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  1. RogersBase says:


  2. Ascent To Zenith says:

    Witch Mercy is my waifu

  3. Simeon Iliev says:

    THIS IS BIG NEWS!!!!!!

  4. Matthew Waterton says:

    Oh great, another great anime series that will be ruined by the antichrist of anime – Netflix

  5. Tafami says:

    Will the series include the story arcs up to the present? Eg: separation arc, Broccoli Arc, Mogami Arc etc. I'm excited that this show will get the recognition it deserves and terrified that we'll get another disappointment like Death Note.

  6. SuperBlueboy2010 says:

    I hope its good

  7. Usopp The Sniper says:

    Plz no

  8. Hudeyfa Abdi says:

    Roger react to dragon ball super episode 110

  9. Uruveilhobbit says:

    If this interferes with Mob Pyscho season 2 I’m going to be so annoyed ?

  10. KuroNekoNyan says:

    I think this live action adaptation could be one of worst project could be happening first the actor casting for Mob does not fit at all. I think they just want to use him because he got popular from Ultraman Geed which is currently airing. And then, there comes with plot making and budget issue. I think it would be better if they make into movie instead of making into series. It never successfully work out when manga adaptations made into series. They either try to cram too much thing at once and omit crucial informations, or they make non cannon plot which often end up as pointless effort. Also special effects would be insanely expensive for this show, so the quality will be minimal.

  11. Baihaqi says:

    Still waiting for My Hero Academia Readthrough

  12. TheTamponOfDeath says:

    EW NO.

  13. Matt Campbell says:

    Live action sault splash hoo rayyyy

  14. Splynt Primo says:

    pls no

  15. OneLorde says:

    Omae wa mo shindeiru

  16. Christopher Holoman says:

    Very scared for any live action adaptation of an anime or manga. But hopefully like you said, with the groups partnering with Netflix on this maybe we have the potential for this to be decent. Surprised they're doing this after only one season of the anime though

  17. Night Raven says:


  18. Breeto 1 says:

    nani da FUCK

  19. DN King says:

    Is it going to be in English ?

  20. Kishin Prime says:

    More reason to actually read Mob Psycho 100 huh? lol

  21. iRaven23 says:

    Can;t they make season 2 instead ?? ._.

  22. Detroit's Reaper says:

    My wife loves Terrence house

  23. Detroit's Reaper says:

    How are they going to do the big ass wig ?

  24. Black Gohan says:

    They will never learn… SMH

  25. Splashnuke says:

    I have just one question:

    Y THO?

  26. Falcrest says:


  27. Asterisk X Asterisk says:

    This could actually be pulled off if they do it right

  28. Geso Sensei says:

    People need to understand Bones Studio has nothing to do with this live action adaptation. This won't affect the production of season 2 which hasn't even been announced yet. We're going to get 3 big announcements related to Mob Psycho 100 on October 18 – So season 2 can still happen.

  29. Swedish Otaku says:

    WTF?! Noooooooooooooooooooo… I'm interested though. ._.

  30. James Dayton says:

    Sorry but there has never been one good live anime adaptation. So no, it will probably be bad as well.

  31. 2tiimes * says:

    we don’t want it

  32. Mr Pheles says:

    Oh man Murata sensei, he's overdoing everything

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