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Lights go out on Trump during Russia statement: ‘Must be the intelligence agencies!’

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  1. World's Netizen says:

    Even electricity(God) doesn't believe Trump the liar.

  2. MilesBellas says:

    deep state sending a message over Russia-USA friendship

    peace isn't profitable ?

  3. 9 GOD says:

    Someone did that on purpose.

  4. Emiliano Zapata says:

    Donald Trump said 🖕😉 to the 🇺🇸 while in a foreign capital with the 🇺🇸's biggest enemy! This man deseves NO respect!

  5. Daarom FvD says:

    The Guardian puppets of the Russians,
    The US left wing MSM are the puppets of Putin and the Guardian blindly follows them. President Trump is the democratic elected president of the US. As we all know the president of the US, is the symbol of the free world. By attacking president Trump you support president Putin and his attempt to overthrow democracy in the west. The Guardian is the new fascism by attacking the symbol of the free world, they act like cold war communists.
    PS to the Guardian: You may block my words but fascism will never be victorious.

  6. Marky Mark says:

    Guardian News FAKE, 1.59k viewers says it all………………….

  7. Vanessa Rousseau says:

    Didn’t someone say that the Russians are playing with our power grid? I guess the Russians didn’t approve of Trump’s correction attempt 😉

  8. Bartlemy says:

    he scares me

  9. anonymous identity says:

    It was a demon look behind.

  10. cream pie says:

    there should have been a loud sound after that then maybe a murder mystery of who dun it. lol

  11. Simiral Entertainment says:

    These are signs from above – from the heavenly office. Trump must think about this.

  12. Wheezerism 2.0 says:

    Perhaps it was a warning from God to Trump, that next time Trump lies He will send a bolt of lightening.

  13. BattleMage says:

    Satan is letting tRump know that the contract is up!

  14. Filip Popovic says:

    Was that a hidden message? – I don't ??

  15. YouTube IsBiased says:

    Trump made a joke?!?!? IMPEACH BLOUMPHFF!!!!!1!1!!!!!

  16. // osivot says:

    More shenanigans from Ronald McDonald and his dollar-menu presidency.

  17. Alejandro Ponce de Leon says:

    He is a coward. He looks like he is fearing a hitman of sort. lol.

  18. Liam O'Flaherty says:

    I honestly think he has some sort of dementia.

  19. J F says:


  20. Dabaq Yashar says:

    Im just waiting for his public hanging. Cause its coming. Whether it be here in the states or in Russia. Dont matter because Trump is Double Agent its enivitable someone gonna be pissed. He spit shining Russia while bashing his own country. I do believe my gut is telling me this is a dead man walking. He knows it i think anyone up for the challenge will make sure everyone sees it too. This isnt the kind of guy that dies quietly na he'll be made an example of and no one is gonna shed a tear. Smh. The world will say Amen.
    (Like =Amen)

  21. MarioandLuigiFan 2002 says:

    Don't turn the lights on. Plus we're saving on electricity.

  22. James Murphy says:

    Lol. That's pretty funny. Trump, cool as a cat as always.

  23. Joylaine says:

    "Should the lights go out please know we are in control" "Do not Panic" "We are prepared and assets are in place" " God Bless , I I must go for good at this point" So now it begins… Enjoy the ride.

  24. William Fuchs says:

    Think he actually thought that was the intelligence community threatening him hell it might have been they can’t be happy getting stabbed in the back

  25. Clark Kent says:

    I seen a video from a different angle…. And you can see Rudy Guiliani in the back ground with a sinister looking smile on his face dimming the lights.
    True story 🐸

  26. pranali ahir says:

    for assasination of trump

  27. Éamonn Síoċáin says:

    He is strange and not ok.

  28. FoulMouth Actual says:

    Lol….. wtf?

  29. suicide Bomb buddy says:

    It was Putin telling Trump he's watching.

  30. aye person says:

    "Should the lights go out please know we are in control" -Q

  31. stephanie windisah-newman says:

    Q said …. when the lights go out, know we are in control … very symbolic.

  32. Jo Hammerstein says:

    Oh Malania… prankster.

  33. bbjoshua says:

    Absolutely Love This, Trump is a Master, He played his latest move and most don't get it, that's ok, that was weird, but it's ok, right? LOL… We Hear Ya Mr. President ! We got the Message !

  34. Sharon OneVibration says:

    Q brought me here.

  35. TheShockmister says:

    Mr Trump slipped a document with some mirrored reverse writing on it, out onto the desk in the dark and quickly folded his arms as dark went to light, Hmm there is a game afoot Watson 😉

  36. Sam La Rook says:

    That wasn’t an accident… he’s signalling that the same people within the intelligence agencies who lied us into the Iraq war are now trying to lie us into a war with Russia… the lights didn’t cut off, they were dimmed down as he was saying “I have full faith in our intelligence agencies” … that wasn’t an accident….. where are the DNC servers that were supposedly hacked!!?

  37. Daniel Isenstein says:

    NPR reported months ago about Russian hacking of the power grid….they sent Lil' Donnie a message and his body language says it freaked him out

  38. James L. says:

    Nov 2, 2017 Q Post
    Should the lights go out please know we are in control.
    Do not panic.
    We are prepared and assets are in place.
    God bless – I must go for good at this point.
    Q (Q stop posting since July 4)

  39. Banacek is here says:

    Q said that "when the lights go out, then the Alliance is in total control." Deep State is going to die now.

  40. Alladin Sarsipious Solomonagic Jackson the 3rd says:

    He shakes his head “No” while saying it, because he knows that only a fool would have faith in those agencies at this point. WWG1WGA

  41. Anna Lopez says:

    GOD was trying to remind him that judgement day is real and GOD will shine the light on what done in the dark.

  42. Marvin Brando says:

    Lol, trump you are the best

  43. H. S. says:

    Q gave us all the information that we needed. Now we just have to get the popcorn ready.

  44. D B says:

    God bless trump. The white hats in the cia have his back.

  45. Zero One says:

    Trump for President 2020!!!! Build that Wall!!!

  46. Jan Geirnaert says:

    I guess the Russian, Chinese or North-Korean hackers got to the power grid of the WhiteHouse?

  47. Ben Jammen says:

    I'd like to know why that happend! When I first saw this it creepily reminded me of some old stupid mystery, lights go out, come back on an someone is dead.

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