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Life on Mars: Scientists kept isolated for 8 months in NASA-funded Mars simulation – TomoNews

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  1. Jinx says:


    I'm not sorry

  2. Simon Willis says:


  3. bongo the monkey says:


  4. Nancy Duffy says:

    NASA is a joke. We've never been to space! Only a like seen in Hollywood studio!!!

  5. Not Found says:

    Here they come with more fakery, can´t wait to laugh my ass off to their CGI slips LMAO

  6. KJ Setser says:


  7. Pizza hogger says:

    Earth taking over a planet…now that's an accomplisment

  8. Chris Gonzales says:

    Yaa I went to had my frist baby on Mars but I will be 24 or 23 on 2024

  9. Drew Grow says:

    As long as they have PS4 and HBO I'm in for the 8 month isolation.

  10. tommyboy1two says:

    An 8 month long Mars fuckfest

  11. Tacticalcandy says:

    Could we live on Mars?

  12. Tacticalcandy says:

    You know all of this shit is fake?

  13. Gomez aws #2 says:

    Here come star war!

  14. ToyTube TvT says:

    Why doesnt Musk concentrate his efforts on helping earth!? The guy is the devil!

  15. a rainbow Fishy says:

    Make a giant space fish

  16. Kelly Charles says:


  17. says:

    four men and 2 girls. haha they were fucking it i bet

  18. Korgun_TV says:

    you mean the desert

  19. Frank Rønneberg says:

    How can they make mars sand block house? Mars soil is toxic, and they cant walk inside their capsule/house with their suit on because they will drag in mars dust, and if you breathe that in, you'll get sick or die. Saw a documentary on NatGeo

  20. Christopher Wood says:

    If no sex or masterbation took place I call bs

  21. Mr. K P says:

    Gang bang on those 2 mars hoes

  22. Untittled says:

    Once someone makes a actual duplicator, then we become god.

  23. Sandra Caraballo says:

    Mission to Mars
    Me: what about cabin feaver

  24. Power Bound says:

    let's see 4 guys alone with 2 girls for 8 months… sounds like a orgy waiting to happen to me

  25. Milli W says:

    Send Trump

  26. sum ting wong says:

    so fkn true man. if it was true we would see it in the whole internet

  27. cynthia cardoso says:

    Maybe native aliens would be found on mars and will be turned into slaves…

  28. Dan Kelly says:

    People laugh about this issue but I would worry about conflicts related to sexual desire and jealousy. If you have people living in close quarters romantic relationships will develop unless something is done to eliminate sexual attraction.
    PS. To the rich and/or powerful whose child helped narrate in this video at least have them learn how to pronounce the words.

  29. Whore of Gondor says:

    Jesus Christ. Only on YouTube could people make sex jokes about a space mission. So fucking stupid

  30. Kendrell Spriggs says:

    I would love to live on mars

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