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Lieu: ‘People Would Take To Streets’ If Rod Rosenstein Is Fired | AM Joy | MSNBC

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  1. D Storm says:

    Nobody in the street knows who Rod is. He apparently is a partisan Democrat tilting everything toward helping Democrats.

  2. xpaige says:

    The more I see Joy Reid's show, the more I like her. She is so dang funny and not afraid to incorporate it into her reports. makes the pill a bit less bitter to swallow!

    Beware of Bots – don't take the bait! The comments aren't even generated by humans, so getting your dander up & lashing back will do nothing besides raise your blood pressure!!

  3. Hei Zuijin says:

    No more Republicans! No more traitors, tryrants, liars or fools! Rise up America! You deserve a better government.

  4. alex greene says:

    Obstruction in progress We have straight thugs in the White House.

  5. catalot says:

    It seems to me that there are a few people in the Republican Party who are heading for an accusation of obstruction as well.

  6. LG Roots says:

    msnbc is fake news. going to take to the streets with signs lmao

  7. James Smythe says:

    Rod Rosenstein has knowingly committed a gross misconduct. He knew Steele allegations were unsubstantiated, yet he used that to obtain Fisa warrant and then setup Mueller investigation ! He should be prosecuted, What a schmuck .

  8. Terry Buggage says:

    Jennifer Ruben , as very smart & articulate woman has left the republican party because of its moral demise & bad policies .

  9. Roman Devivo says:


  10. snippythehorse says:

    All those a holes are guilty….dem/ repub all same same kinda slime…wake up America if you want to keep your republic…..

  11. John Anderson says:

    If Trump loves Russia so much he should relocate there.

  12. alexdapostman says:

    According to the poll, 65% of voters would support a DACA deal that secures the Southern border, ends Chain Migration, and eliminates the Visa Lottery. A majority of voters from nearly every demographic group would support the deal, including 68% of Hispanic voters, 64% of African American voters, 64% of Democratic voters, 67% of all independent voters, 63% of liberal voters, and 68% of those who voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election cycle.

    The poll also reveals that 60 percent of voters oppose giving preference to parents who illegally brought their children to the U.S. The Durbin-Graham no-strings DACA amnesty offered in the Senate would give amnesty to the parents.

    The poll found that 81% of voters want to reduce legal immigration from its current level of more than 1 million per year, and 63% want it cut by at least half.

  13. Jarret Rice says:

    Joy: Do understand Trump, as president, has every right to release the memo, even if it WAS classified as top secret initially? I don't mind if you disagree, but can you please just be intellectually honest in your commentary?

  14. Ken Evanska says:

    Trump always tweets about himself as if he is tweeting about someone else . A sure sign that he has loads to hide .

  15. Cayce Pryhs says:

    Brace yourselves snowflakes.

  16. Ben Eng says:

    This draft dodging coward with a bad comb over needs to be striped of his citizenship and chained to a fence in guantanamo. I am beside myself with anger that an illiterate bald old man and Putin sympathizer is leading this country to destruction. Our form of government is being exposed to the weaknesses of our checks and balances in the constitution. We need a constitutional convention to re-write the constitution so trash can be disposed of quickly and a coward can never again weasel their way to power after losing the popular vote.

  17. EMPOWERMENTalist says:

    TRUMPocracy is the worst KAKISTOCRACY of them all!
    Surround yourself with YES people, especially YES people who are amateurs, mercenaries, amateur mercenaries, and criminals… Then bribe corrupt politicians like Nunes and Ryan.
    OMG… can you believe what is happening to America?

  18. Timothy Brandriff says:

    But if he fires Rosentein it won't end the investigation, it will simply go to the next person in line at the DOJ. He would need to fire Sessions AND Rosentein. And if he fires Mueller, it wouldn't necessarily shut down the office of special prosecutor and Congress could appoint him or someone else the next day. And if all that happened the investigation would just got back to the FBI, who would either continue or stop. And if that happens, the NY State Attorney General's office could take it over as some alleged crimes took place in NY. This investigation isn't over until it's over.

  19. Normando Binkier says:

    Yeah we'll have a huuuge parade.

  20. mr k says:

    I love Joy!

    Lock them up!!!

  21. tim wathen says:


  22. Yve Parizz says:

    YOU better believe it that WE THE PEOPLE will be in the streets if Mr. Rosenstein or Mr. Mueller are fired.

  23. JNagarya says:

    Nunes is engaged in an illegal conspiracy, run by a hostile foreign power, right out in broad daylight public.  Another party to it is Ryan.

  24. Claudy TheArtist says:

    What a joke, a really bad joke, Carter Page was mistreated so Trump thinks that’s a Get Out Of Jail Free Card….

  25. Terrell Roberson says:

    The republicans worship trump like the Nazi's worshipped hitler

  26. jcspider says:

    Oh, Don Junior, your mind is looking a bit like your father's when you pronounce "nefarious" as knee-aaa-farious (10:14). What's up with the extra syllable?

  27. Wang Chung says:

    Thank you for this bit of straightforward common sense! I’m saving this vid link for many future reposts!

  28. barry janis says:

    Where is Hillary ?
    Where is Obama ?
    Come out , come out, where ever you are ! ! !

  29. Beenthere Donethat says:

    I don't get it! Why do people have to march in the streets to get something done against the criminal acts of a Hitler type buily in the White House? I mean WTF is the Congress for???? Aren't they supposed to be taking care of the American people???

  30. J&A Burchfield says:

    Devin Nunes is also committing obstruction of justice! LOCK THEM ALL UP!!!

  31. Overton Brown says:

    If Muller proves collusion , how would the USA deal with the Russians if the current Russians administration is still in office ?

    If Muller proves collusion , how do you handle people with classified information caught up in Muller's investigations ?

    If Muller proves collusion, this is why The Emoluments Clause should have been enforced ,and is why FBI background checks should be done before any candidate can run for office ….

    Any one in this web of investigations can be blackmailed by the Russians to hand over classified information about the USA, using any one in this web of investigation to spy on the USA and would threaten the security of the USA.

    Before a candidate can run for office , they must pass a FBI back ground check to prevent what is going on in the white house if the Muller investigation proven true …

    If Muller proves collusion,how do you handle a president who has national security clearance to keep the USA interest from getting in the hands of the enemy's of the USA ?

  32. william foreman says:

    WhiteDevil/trump,,,,, The Clowney in chief,,,,,, brought to you buy Vladimir Putin and the Russians

  33. william foreman says:

    By Jesus people learn from it the GOP are not you’re friends,,,,get out there and vote vote the GOP right off the face of this 🌏 earth you can thank them(and the Russians) for every bit of this shi$ they are WhiteDevil/trumps enabler‘s…..

  34. Elaine Brooksbank says:

    Please explain Mr Nunes why someone who boasted about being an advisor to the Kremlin should not be a target of FBI investigation. Please explain why this advisor to the Kremlin then becoming senior foreign advisor to Trump should not raise eyebrows whilst everyone knows about Russian interference in the election. Please explain why you are trying to undermine long respected American establishments which us exactly what Putin wants. Please explain why you are following the authoritarian dictatorship playbook of trying to create the fear amongst the people that those long standing & respected American establishments can no longer be trusted. Nunes swore an oath to uphold the American constitution – what happened to that oath?

  35. Terry Oesch says:

    They can't touch Hillary because she has the dirt on her pedophile ring of the elite and money grubbing that has Ben going over the sheaples heads 22trillion reasons! suicide by open boarders? arming r enemies

  36. Blanca Julia Ramos says:

    Kiko give the news come on enough with your policy

  37. Max Barrett says:

    The only streets the American people will take to…is the street you broadcast from MSMBC your studios and headquarters to take you traders out with a "Nano Nuke Drone” or NND … the truth be known.. we know all about you and your narrative and were not stupid as one of your reporters broadcasted in dec. 2017 ..I was blown away when heard your reporter put down the citizens of the United States.. and I wanted to know “Why”??.. you guys think were stupid I did a search with the help of my band members while on tour creepy people work for the enemy and your owned by the Central Barks working to usher in a NWO and you want most of us in a FEMA camp in accordance with agenda 21 # are you kidding me !!… did you know that this information is in the public domain won’t win MSMBC .. and to quote our road crew and agency staff "Turn out the lights your party is over" ..Have fun in Federal prison and don’t think for one min that we will forgive you..maybe forget you ..expect us…Bikers for Trump..riding and rocking in a free world…shame on you ..MSMBC

  38. Max Barrett says:

    Why all the HATE MSMBC ..don’t worry !! We know who you work for…expect us

  39. lady4real75 says:

    So the FBI was watching Carter since 2013🤔

  40. Dan Zan says:

    NO JOY! NO ONE has pretty much judged the Nunez memo a dud! So completely wrong again when Joy botches up the facts. REVERSE IS TRUE, JOY!

  41. Cole Chillen says:

    Donald Trump Jr has such a punchable face.

  42. Joan Meijer says:

    Americans don't take to the streets when their kids are killed because of Congress and the NRA – they won't take to the streets for anyone or any thing.

  43. Wonder Wonderful says:

    Nunes, has sold his soul… I've heard and read it's really Hot, and you can't have any water.

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