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Liberal Media Praises NK And Hates America

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  1. Sam Pollard 1990 says:

    This is jokes.

  2. Myles Smith says:

    Love Infowars.

  3. The Middle says:

    I'd like to see Diamond and Silk on the view or the view view cancelled altogether

  4. amwaitingforrapture says:

    Panel of A holes.

  5. Laszlo Gyorik says:

    Its obvious the globalists planned this Korea olympics to coenside with a Clinton president and the media already rehearsed their lines!The shit the are spouting is a slight change of script!

  6. amwaitingforrapture says:

    Seriously what country would they want to live in?

  7. Dylan James says:

    There's a Russian under my bed and CNN is at the front door.

  8. luttimatos says:

    Amazing! There's nothing they can hide these days.. ( They know something )

  9. Mr_Camouflage says:

    All the women on they view are fat, they would all benefit from a North Korean political prison.

  10. Stan Da Man says:

    They forget pence invited Otto Warmbier father with him, so basically whoopi has no respect to the victim's family..

  11. John Galt says:

    Omg that opening truly we are the memes now.

  12. Alabama Mothman says:

    If CNN were to be from NK, they would be executed and have their organs sold for giving a rival country accolades.

  13. Fasza Anyàd says:

    First i realy didnt like u owen but im happy to say that has changed thank u guys

  14. Frostghost 75_6 says:


  15. CowboyAxe says:

    Whoopy will take two knees and make Kim dog dung smile.

  16. CowboyAxe says:

    If North Korea do not take home gold, they still have their uranium.

  17. O BOLA says:

    These bottomfeeder LIBERALS should be thrown out of our country ASAP. Or put to death.

  18. dubya85 says:


  19. The Waaagh! Productions says:

    The resistance will never fall. Globalists will never best us! God bless America, God bless Infowars, God bless the Resistance!

  20. Packys Liquor store says:

    Whatever happened to those fema camp you guys promised during the Obama administration?

  21. _青の時代の士 says:

    comment (report) from Japan .
    Many Japnese TVs / news papers say
    " P.Minister Abe Shinzo and P.Trump AGITATE North Korea ( Kim ) "
    " Abe and Trump like War "
    " North and South Korea don't want chose Military Operations "
    Japanese TVs / news papers are worse than the USA's .

  22. ElmoCall911 says:

    The Clowns In America ( CIA ) run North Korea………controlling both sides for decades.

  23. michael says:

    "the view" makes me want to die

  24. ElmoCall911 says:

    BREAKING : Israeli Police Recommend Globalist Natanyahu Be Indicted For Bribery and Infowars Never Exposed it.

  25. Goga Montana says:

    Owen Shroyer is great road warrior, not for studio! And Owen, stop acting stupid aggressive as Alex!

  26. Women Are a Useless,Careless Species,Pretending To says:

    Teaming up with North Korea is better than North Korea threatening to nuke us don't you think? Teaming up doesn't mean we endorse their actions. We've been selling light armored vehicles to Saudi Arabia for a long time. We may not agree with what they do with them, but we still sell to them. It's an alliance that doesn't go much further than selling the arms.

  27. Christian Cruz says:

    Clear non-issue. Lets here you talk about netanyahu

  28. omed mushir says:

    trump unified korea thats is bad now are you kidding me

  29. omed mushir says:

    I wonder if north korea nuked guam should american be more understanding them

  30. Matt K says:

    can you guys please change some htings with your program? as in, STOP saying LIBERAL, or DEMOCRATS, instead say GLOBALISTS. which you guys do sometimes…. but everytime I watch you guys are criticizing the people so much being liberal, listen im liberal and will always be liberal. but i am awake. if you want to wake up the others stop immediately criticing them. start calling the parties by different name, demo- globalist party, repub- the american party, i just feel like everytime i watch, i am getting bashed even though im not, i will always be liberal, just a liberal in the american party. please think about some changes like this. I feel like you guys are more focused on criticing liberal people than convincing them. i love owen to death, but everytime i watch him in rallies he kinda is a dick. if he would just be legit and calm and call the parties by the names i suggested, it would make them think and o research when they got home. why was he calling my party the globalist party? i dont get it… google…. just something to think about if you guys REALLY are fighting this info war, take the advice or leave it, you guys just criticize too much

  31. David says:

    Matt Damon!

  32. Rob Wwhit says:

    Just women, men run this world…fact.

  33. Anrhydedd says:

    No they dont you divide and conquer scam artist

  34. John Flynn says:

    The title of this video says it all…it's true

  35. Animal Mother says:


  36. Don Rickles says:

    Omg this is spot on holy F*CK

  37. Miladin Popoviç says:


  38. Brian Bowman says:

    Does the View even have ratings?

  39. tejhim says:

    MYATT DAYMUN!!!!!!

  40. Aj Jones says:

    Hey Owen,……STFU !!!…..Let me hear at least one sentence out of their mouths so i can make my own analysis…..You make Alex seem quiet.

  41. Sloul De Tuc says:

    I didn't see any praise for North Korea. Actually we don't really see anything.

  42. Wayne Swearingen says:

    rabble rabble Matt Damon

  43. Blue Brick Wall says:

    Liberal press is part of the CPC (Clinton Purple Coup)

  44. HomeValue Glass says:

    Liberals have a soft spot for commie murderous dictators. The idolize Castro after all.

  45. Curiosity2814 says:

    North Korea is great, they know how to protect themselves from International Jewry
    I wish the leaders of my country had the inteligence and balls to do that

  46. calvin hayman says:

    So basically they don't agree with your view so there evil

  47. Free2LoveDorks says:

    Whoopi is refusing to even acknowledge that there is a north or south Korea. She's acting like kimmy is in charge of both. She's the ultimate ass kisser in this love fest for NK.

  48. holystars says:

    they pretended something 14 years ago that would happen


    i agree with the talking points, but this host is obnoxious

  50. Jim Mayes says:

    Ok course they did. All liberals hate America

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