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Lawyer Who Met With Donald Trump Jr. Has Ties To Russian Officials, Emails Show | TIME

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  1. I N F O W A R S . C O M says:

    Lawyer Who Met With Donald Trump Jr. Has Ties To Russian Officials, Emails Show | TIME

  2. Nick Stokes Police for Trump says:

    Lol the left are conspiracy theorists.

  3. hangman john ruth says:

    wow now i know why i dont read time ,,fake news ,left u got nothing left lmao

  4. Sean A Wardman says:

    Give it a rest already

  5. Green Onions says:

    Really desperate today huh "fake news?" Got every outlet going in 10 different directions with the "Trump derangement syndrome" today. Lol

  6. Pauly DP says:

    Hillary has ties to Russia. Not the Trumps

  7. Campy Camp says:

    burn her at the stake

  8. Everyone Loves Trump says:

    This is definitely FAKE NEWS!!!

  9. Don't Bet on It says:

    Don Jr says he didn't tell his dad about the meeting. Like Jr would do anything with out asking daddy first.

  10. Boris Tzakov says:

    Shocking news!
    A Russian citizen, a Russian lawyer and on the top of it, an ethnic Russian woman, has ties to Russian officials!


    Putin is a dictator, a murderer and a thug, and wants to kill me!
    ~ Bill "Greedy Joo" Browder ~

  11. Boris Tzakov says:

    TIME, you don't want to talk about the main reason Veselnitskaya came to the US, do you?

    I'll say it then.

    Veselnitskaya made the case that the American businessman William Browder (a Jew, now UK citizen) perpetrated a massive scheme of tax fraud against the Russian state, participated in massive money laundering while in Russia, and then launched a global campaign claiming that his companies had in fact been defrauded by Russian officials — and that they had killed his accountant – not a lawyer, as Browder is pretending! – Sergei Magnitsky in order to cover it up.

    Meanwhile, Browder transferred 400 M$ of the stolen money to the Clinton campaign, the Russians say.

    And so the new Cold War started – with theft, money laundering, lies, manipulations and Magnitsky Act.

    Which is the truth, but you don't like the truth, do you, TIME?

  12. Adrian Manzano says:


  13. Nuna Harrington says:

    So what? That is not big news

  14. john Ayala says:

    Who gives a duck about Russia??????! Fake news!

  15. Irene Bersuker says:


  16. Ella Batiste says:

    This is the epitome of a news organization that has resorted to digging through the trenches to try to find a story out of nothing. But hey, it's got dramatic music so there must be something there… Right?

  17. James Hamilton says:

    I'd collude with this Russian chick before i would Hillary… At least she looks good lol

  18. mark haas says:

    Natalia Veselnitskaya also received a special visa to enter the U.S. by Obama , himself. you may want to look into that, too.

  19. Lyle Smith says:

    and yet Mueller has refused to meet with her even though she has offered the same. Same goes for Shifty.

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