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Lawyer for accused Russian spy Maria Butina speaks out

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  1. Vanishing Sun says:

    I feel like this is a government media set up! Entertainment news! Keeping our attention as divided as possible. CNN-"If someone says it's raining, and another person says it's dry, it's not your job to quote them both. Your job is to look out the fucking window and find out which is true."

  2. HvatKondrat says:

    If she's an ordinary immigrant, then let the bitch suffer, the traitors of the homeland should die in American prisons.Well, if she is a scout, then urgently catch americans and exchange for the Russian hero

  3. jacen cade says:

    Out of context?

    Was it a bdsm fetish that just happened to involve doing political favors in exchange for sex with members of the nra on the evangelical churches paycheck to be homophobic so russis could rule them homophobically?

  4. jacen cade says:

    There's no law against being a Russian American

    But if she's asking political officials for orders

    She's doing something sketch

  5. Night Of The Long Knives says:

    Going through these comments….No wonder people hate Americans.

  6. Daryl Leckt says:

    nobody is surprised she worked her way up to doing trump.

  7. MyEyesBled says:

    Trump will pardon her on Pukin’s (the vomit king’s) orders

  8. Abd al-Rahman al-Ghafiqi says:

    Report: Accused Russian Spy Met With Top Fed Reserve and Treasury Officials . . . In 2015
    Posted by Fuzzy Slippers Sunday, July 22, 2018 at 6:17pm

    “Accused Russian agent Maria Butina had wider high-level contacts in Washington than previously known”

    On Monday 16 July 2018, the Department of Justice charged
    Russian national Maria Valeryevna Butina/Мария Валерьевна Бутина (1988-) with conspiring to defraud the United States and acting as an unregistered foreign agent. The focus of the media’s attention has been on Butina’s ties to the NRA and to Republican politicians.

    We are now learning, however, that Butina met with top officials from the Federal Reserve and from the U. S. Treasury Department during the Obama administration.

    The focus of the media has been on the NRA and GOP politicians with attempts to tie her to President Trump.


    Accused agent of #Russia travelled to the US in 2015 with the Russian Central Bank deputy governor and they took part in separate meetings with US officials (during the @BarackObama administration) to discuss economic relations, reports @Reuters.

    — Steve Herman (@W7VOA) July 22, 2018

    Reuters reports:

    Accused Russian agent Maria Butina had wider high-level contacts in Washington than previously known, taking part in 2015 meetings between a visiting Russian official and two senior officials at the U.S. Federal Reserve and Treasury Department.

    The meetings, revealed by several people familiar with the sessions and a report from a Washington think tank that arranged them, involved Stanley Fischer, Fed vice chairman at the time, and Nathan Sheets, then Treasury undersecretary for international affairs.

    Butina travelled to the United States in April 2015 with Alexander Porfiryevich Torshin/Александр Порфирьевич Торшин (1953-), then the Russian Central Bank deputy governor, and they took part in separate meetings with Fischer and Sheets to discuss U.S.-Russian economic relations during Democratic former President Barack Obama’s administration.

    The two meetings, which have not been previously reported, reveal a wider circle of high-powered connections that Butina sought to cultivate with American political leaders and special interest groups.

    The meetings were set up by a DC-based pro-Russia think tank and involved higher level officials than originally known.

    Reuters continues:

    The meetings with Fischer and Sheets were arranged by the Center for the National Interest, a Washington foreign policy think tank that often advocates pro-Russia views.

    The meetings were documented in a Center for the National Interest report seen by Reuters that outlined its Russia-related activities from 2013 to 2015. The report described the meetings as helping bring together “leading figures from the financial institutions of the United States and Russia.”

    Robert Driscoll, Butina’s attorney, said in an interview with NPR that Butina’s involvement with the NRA was related to a gun rights group she started in Russia. Driscoll also downplayed some of the evidence against Butina noting, “For starters, you’re reading Twitter direct messages which are unencrypted. I would imagine that Russian intelligence probably communicates in different ways than that.”

    Meanwhile, the leftstream media and Democrats are seeing Russians everywhere:

    Twitchy Team


    MEDIA FAIL IN PROGRESS: Blue checks confuse NSC staffer for Russian Maria Butina
    8:49 AM – Jul 17, 2018
    MEDIA FAIL IN PROGRESS: Blue checks confuse NSC staffer for Russian Maria Butina

    All redheads look alike?

  9. zbudda says:

    Alleged Russian agent Maria Butina met with Treasury Department and Federal Reserve officials in 2015, according to a report Sunday.

    Butina and Alexander Torshin, then the Russian Central Bank deputy governor, participated in separate meetings with Stanley Fischer, Fed vice chairman at the time, and Nathan Sheets, then-Treasury undersecretary for international affairs, Reuters reports.

    The purpose of the meetings was to discuss U.S.-Russian economic relations during Democratic former President Barack Obama’s administration. The Center for the National Interest, a Washington foreign policy think tank that advocates pro-Russia views, organized the meetings.

  10. Haziq Zulkifili says:

    Red Sparrow lol

  11. vapid rabbit says:

    when are we going to get to see pictures of trump shirtless riding a horse?

  12. sandwichninja says:

    This is what shitlibs have cooked up to attack Trump?….. heh heh heh…. ha ha ha ha…. HA HA HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….. /sigh

    See you in 2020 😀

  13. Alisa Zapalova says:

    To anyone with a minimum basic knowledge of Russia and its politics this comes across as a complete idiocracy. The girl is a well known PUBLIC OPPOSITION figure in Russia, barely tolerated by officials for her Gun rights activism, here to develop relationships with NRA and other related groups. The Russian authorities could not do anything to her back in Russia for fear of public outcry, but look who comes to the rescue?!! 🙂 LOL. How much could the Russians pay to get her arrested?

  14. Otie Brown says:

    The act requires – THAT SHE BE NOTIFIED TO REGISTER.
    The charge – is both bogus and illegal – on the face of it.
    She can sue – for false arrest.

  15. Matthew7-24MonteCarlo24-7 says:

    More lies pushed by the libtards…

  16. blackflag 33rd says:

    Fuck off you bunch of lying pricks……and you dumb yanks are the threat to this world not Russia.

  17. Emperor Of Uranus says:

    You can bet they have all her communications. They wouldn't have her locked up without bail if they had nothing on her. Let the investigation fall where it may based on the evidence at hand. "No Russians to see HERE!" is what we're hearing, but Russians are popping up everywhere… "Witch hunt!" is what we're hearing, but sure enough they are catching lots of witches. So many are either in denial or complicit. Sanity needs to kick in and we need to stop this out of control clown car racing across the fairgrounds before it crashes into the ticket booth.

  18. ALICE KAGINU says:

    🔴 Sibling Rivalry!

    As usual, GOG (TheWest) wrestling with his kidbro, MAGOG (Russia)

    ~ grabs popcorn!! ~

  19. Karl Lentz says:


  20. Rudy Hicks says:

    Everyone knows sooner or later that Trump has had sex with her.

  21. Robotic Cynic says:

    Wait that "Discount Black Widow," Russian spy was in a relationship with a republican gun lobbyists. I mean look at the guy he looks unfuckable, but then again the Russians are willing to interfere with any election no matter what cost it takes.

  22. robiking011 says:

    Too bad she didn't get to assassinate Trump.

  23. Gjn Lamashtu says:

    Go on the feed, spot a CNN video and at the top right you have a menu that give you 4 choices. Press "NOT INTERESTED". After this Youtube will ask you why. Press on it and check the "I'm not interested in this channel: CNN". This will hide CNN from your feed.

  24. Nadeer Farah says:


  25. Yass Pinedo says:

    ive always suspected some russian people being freaky and evil like her even before trump was president! everyone asked me why and im like idk ? it was just a bad vibe ive gotten sometimes lol not surprised!!!! and i wuldnt be surprised if there was more in the U.S especially be on the look out for KOREAN spies!! since they hate the U.S lol and TBH she not that charming to captivate hot guys lol the politicians/old people in the goverment departments were just EASY Weak minded people so who is to blame the U.S for hiring such easy targets tbh thats wat is going to happen if the u.S keeps hiring old people and dont step up their security game level lmao

  26. Marva Henderson says:

    👀 look out for the pardon from trump

  27. jesaliga says:

    This lawyer must think everyone is stupid. He acts as through when she said "orders" she was referring to a Chinese takeout place. And ditch that ridiculous bow tie.

  28. B Smith says:

    Red Sparrow 2: Agent Butterface

  29. Miranda Elaine says:

    Anderson cooper is an unregistered intelligence agent

  30. Miranda Elaine says:

    Next on CNN: evidence Iraq could have WMDs

  31. Bucky Brown says:

    This MAY be the bitch who gave me a BJ a few years back. She was excited to learn of my HRC book THE HUMOR ABOUT HILLARY(Amazon). She wanted me to explain some of the material in book(didn't get the jokes, etc.). When she found out I did not know HRC or any other political people, she dropped me in a NY minute. But it was fun for awhile.

  32. J Bala says:

    Maria is called Pussy. Therefore Butina= Putina= Putin’s Pussy. 😎

  33. Chris Rowen says:


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