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Lawrence: DOJ Adapts Against President Donald Trump Attacks | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. Debra Smith says:

    "Nothing like a Hoover when you are dealing with dirt" quipped Lily Tomlin.

  2. parsonkappy says:

    How is Rod Vichystein sleeping these days?

  3. Yve LA BELLA says:

    trumpturd is no leader. He is a follower. He follows putin, the oligarchs, real billionaires and the GOPricks.

  4. Shawn Wesley says:

    Resigning is stupid — as a form of "protest" it's completely ineffective. Basically it's rolling over and allowing the person you're protesting to get rid of the obstacle and replace you with someone compliant. If you're against Trump and what he's been doing, then you should hang onto your position as long as possible to at the very least be a thorn in his side. If you can't stop his acts of corruption and his abuses of power, then at least you can prevent him from replacing you with someone who would aid him.

    You don't win a struggle by giving up.

  5. DataWaveTaGo says:

    It's over except for the tears, the jail-time, and some mysterious deaths nobody will want to seriously investigate.
    When you Russify your country's politics at the top, you get the full package.
    Poisoned – a documentary about Russia's assassinations using poison

  6. Pat Stidman says:

    Wannabe Dictator Trump demands an investigation, what a joke, this is America not Russia. March to the Polls, VOTE out his Criminal Circus this Nov.

  7. Carol Asher says:

    How can Trump be so uninformed (stupid).

  8. Dana Putnam says:

    The reason this seems so desperate is because of a gang of Republicans that are not trustworthy with the truth!
    They know the truth but they are attempting to hide it for partisan politics.
    Once they exposed themselves they are in it to the death, They seem to stop at nothing!

  9. irene gewinner says:

    Brilliant…defend the constitution from foreign and domestic … we have a domestic threat, djt.

  10. Jan truitt says:

    Mr Lawrence, I admire your takes on the news.
    Thank You
    You have given me a small ray of hope.
    I think trump was running for dictator of the country, and most of the republicans were/are falling all over themselves to help him follow his dream!

  11. DjCole100 says:

    I hope that if and when this investigation is over that repubdickans will be ousted from the democratic prosses and put independants in their place so the voting choice will be ether Democrat or Independant.
    and take money out of the equation. let the poor man run for office get rid of the Elites, America is tired of the Elites.

  12. Msmayberry55 says:

    Is Rosenstien really adapting? Or is he, Sessions and Wray of the FBI once again caving to TRUMP, his corrupt Republicans, Devin Nunes, Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz etc, their co-conspirators at FOX news??

    Already they have allowed Nunes, Gowdy et al, who conspired with Trump to see the classified documents regarding the FISA warrants, creating their laughable dud, that was automatically discredited!

    The Nunes et al, demand all of the Comey memos , including the CLASSIFIED ones, and after being sent these memos, that are part of a ongoing investigation, and not even 1 hour later, the memos had all been leaked to the MEDIA, yet no action was taken by the DOJ or the FBI!

    most recently they have publicly and anonymously threaten Rosenstien with impeachment if he did not provide them with ALL the evidence, affidavits, transcripts etc from the DOJ, the FBI and the Special prosecutors investigation! They demanded that Mueller himself give them a classified briefing where he would have to explain his past and current strategies, what he has done, and tell them what he is going to do next, and if he will be indicting anyone else!

    Surprisingly to these corrupt bullies, Rosenstien actually said no! Even better is that he said it publicly twice when attending some kevtures, that were recorded on film!

    Nunes et al, were NOT ecpecting that, and apparently it worked…somewhat, because Nunes, Gowdy, Ryan, Jordan, Meadows, Gaetz etc, then turned their threats to Jeff Sessions( who is supposed to be recused) They have threatened him with Contempt of Court!
    And unlike Rosenstien, he has caved! He and Rosenstien and the head of the FBI met with them, but didn’t give them everything they wanted!
    So they then brought in TRUMP, and now Devin Nunes, Trump, most likely his lawyers, the DOJ, and the FBI met with him, and now they are investigating the DOJ amd the FBI as well as absurd claims about Obama planting a spy in his campaign!

    Wverytime these government officials, allow Trump to abuse his power, and allow him to act like he is a king who is in control of everyone in the government, when in fact he is NOT, America is made up of three separate but equal branches, and TRUMP is being treated like he is more powerful then anyone else!

    Every time they do this, they are helping Trump and his corrupt backers, PUTIN etc, slowly tear down America’s Democracy!
    Like it or not, Putin and Hitler didn’t become Dictators by themselves!

    If he can, he will try to rule like a king, but in reality he will be a DICTATOR!

    Americans can not put faith in their elected officials in Congress or the Senate, as the Republicans are either corrupt and helping Trump to obstruct justice, or they are doing and saying nothing, simply condoning Trump and their fellow corrupt Republican colleagues as they completely destroy the Republican Party, and abuse their political power to keep a racist, homophobic, narcissistic, misogynistic, ignorant, uneducated, unqualified , compulsive liar, a truly CORRUPT, CRIMINAL , TRAITOR!

    It is a very slippery slope for a Democracy to become a DICTATORSHIP, and Trump is already heading in that vile direction, and no this isn’t a over reaction or a hysterical Conspiracy theory! It is based on history , research and a educated hypothesis !!

  13. zizimycat says:

    Trump has set out to destroy public trust in USA intelligence gathering. It fits well with the agenda of his backers.

  14. John Noecker says:

    What we are all witnessing, from a front row seat, is how our constitution was designed to function in the event that a substantial portion of the population lost sanity and the clarity of rational thought. The safeguards in the constitution, and their amendments, are at work and protecting us as we speak, whether we see it or not. Reason, in the end, will prevail. RESIST

  15. Hollywood 123 says:

    Who watches this lying bitter old man. He is horrible. His stories are so far out of bounds and all he does is twist his words and stories. He is horrible. If you think he is a good anchor. We definitely can’t hang out

  16. Jeff Mullen says:

    Lightning round? How utterly bogus. What a poor excuse for a show.

  17. Zero Zero says:

    Expect more of these lies. In fact expect a Tsunami of lies from the President

  18. ALS ALS says:

    Bottom Line: You can't reason with an unreasonable person.

    There was no conversation to be had with trump…nunes, gowdy, etc. al.

  19. Idylchatter says:

    The man child is far too self important to carry the weight of his own ineptitude. He will soon retire for "health reasons" and to spend more time with Ivanka, I mean, his family.

  20. Eb theDoc says:

    Lawrence, thank you. Jill Wine-Banks raised a very important point, because she thinks back to the 1930s, as well as I do, for quite different reasons. I, as hereditary Teutotonic Knight, think back upon my Grandparents’ generation’s hefty resistance to the Nazi encroachment, and “The Night of the Long Knives” (Nacht der Langen Messer,) that helped firm up Hitler’s power-base; she, probably, more of the “Reich Night of Crystal Shards” (Reichskristallnacht,) that so horrified my Grandmother in Berlin. They are at it again.

  21. Phillip Lopez says:

    Rod handed Trump a shovel and said " here , dig your own grave "

  22. Jim Battersbee says:

    Ya gotta laugh, why does the media give Trump any time at all? The man is a buffoon yet the American media is all over every stupid action, every lie that comes out of his mouth. Is there nothing else happening in America, ya'all just sit around watching reality television and electing those schmucks to the presidency??

  23. RamShadow 777 says:

    It's time for tRump to just go away, in a helicopter or a pine box, i have no preference.

  24. Mario Parker says:

    I’m ready to take to it to the streets. Defending democracy on my block

  25. Kristian Jensen says:

    Rod R. is the hero America doesn't deserve

  26. Sandra Shubs says:

    During the time of Nixon you had a congress who weren't a bunch of wooses.

  27. Bat Man says:

    The People see through your fake narrative Bs.
    Mr President, burn it to the ground .

  28. Barbara Arndt says:

    Comey was fired as he insisted on the indpendence of the FBI and refused to swear loyalty to Trump.
    It becomes clear now WHY Sessions (Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III (born December 24, 1946) is an American politician and lawyer serving as the 84th and current Attorney General of the United States) recused himself and made Trump mad.

    Read Shakespear's King Lear! A family destroying itself.
    Btw Hoover was a confirmed crook.

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