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Lawmakers grill Pompeo over Trump-Putin meeting

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  1. Bob golf says:

    Trump right

  2. H Pn says:

    LoL…and you are so transparently antitrump/antiamerican!
    Should rename your network to Russian broadcast Corp.

  3. Sam Hall says:

    You guys are nothing but a punk ass shit slingers. Donald Trump or no fucking Donald Trump the media is full of shit. Ignoring facts fear-mongering at its finest. You look scared little people I hope you are

  4. Sam Hall says:

    You haven't learned shit monkey. You're speculating and trying to spin details of a two-hour meeting of which you know nothing about.
    So you just getting narrow-minded opinions. I wouldn't consider myself a cash it first place that wasn't for the people you influence with his bullshit. It's tearing the country apart

  5. Dan Banks says:

    Wake up to garbage g.m.a.

  6. Lawney Malbrough says:

    Awe! Poor lying newspeople. People don't want to hear your lies anymore. Get over it. You cried wolf too long and now we don't want to hearit amymore. I wouldn't let you people anyhwere near me if I could keep you away. You slme buckets.

  7. vasantha anand says:

    Faux “News” should be investigated for spreading fake tales. Owned by an Aussie and an Arab, this station is suspect in promoting anti American interests in my mind!

  8. Will says:

    Trump is a moron elected by morons and supported by morons!!!!

  9. Will says:

    Trump is hurting the farmers with the tariffs he imposed! Will the farmers vote for Trump when they lose their farms???

  10. Will says:

    I hope that Cohen cooperates with the Justice Dept and puts Trump in prison! Cohen be a hero! Save your family! Trump will never take a bullet for you

  11. Bartle Doo Schmalt Licky says:

    Fuck you abc

  12. Humberto Torres says:

    ABC News, Wake Up, America Categorizes You As Fake News, Open Your Eyes And Ears, We See It Every Day, You Don’t Care About “America”, You Only “Care” About The ‘Millions Of Dollars The Left Is Dumping Into Your Network. America Will Be Great Again, American Will Be Prosperous, Your Ratings Will Fall Like Fake CNN..

    "Truth Will Ultimately Prevail Where There Is Pains To Bring It To Light". George Washington

  13. Jim NORRIS says:

    Lol poor Cnn
    Cnn has been cought in so many lies.suprised cnn abc are cbs hasnt been cut off.
    Haha This is unprecedented. Wonder how much this scab bitch was payed to say that.
    Dam Hore.

  14. Gordon Adams says:

    All the dancing around the question just makes everything suspect.

  15. Humberto Torres says:

    George Robert Stephanopoulos Is An American Fake Journalist, Political Fake Commentator And Former Bill and Hillary Democratic Advisor.

    George Robert Stephanopoulos began his career in Washington, D.C. as an aide to an Ohio Congressman and later helped with Bill Clinton's 1991 presidential campaign, becoming a forever, ever a trusted advisor post-election.

    Obviously, Stephanopoulos has favorable feelings toward Hillary and Bill Clinton; he gives their foundation his money, life and his time. Big-time news media personalities have one thing in very short supply — time. Regular participation in Clinton Foundation events shows a deeper commitment to the Clintons than just the donations.

    George Stephanopoulos was a senior political adviser to the 1992 U.S. presidential campaign of Bill Clinton and later became Clinton's press secretary and communications director.

    George Stephanopoulos, the ABC News anchor, told “Good Morning America” viewers that it was a “mistake” for him to donate $75,000 over the last three years to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, and he apologized for not disclosing the contribution.

  16. Big Chief says:

    You jokers haven't been believable for years. Trump's not telling us to disbelieve. You're just obviously full of shit. Fuck you George and the Corrupt Clinton horse ya rode in on.

  17. Leena says:

    We need to know how many times both of them got intimate in two hours, …since they are trying to rule over us instead of serving us

  18. Patrick Devine says:

    Fake news for a fake President. .

  19. Legend Rid says:

    If he’s defending he’s uncool too

  20. SNOOPY SNOOP Coleman says:


  21. DoubleL2 says:

    I disagree with kicking out specific reporters you don’t like from the rose garden press conferences (which is what Trump did with that CNN reporter) but the media is handling this terribly. They look like a bunch of crybaby’s and they don’t even realize it.

  22. Solo Traveler says:

    Such a disrespectful activist who thinks shes a reporter. Ban the cunt!

  23. Me,MYSELF AND I. Nobody else says:

    You bunch of wack jobs wouldnt know what a true journalist is.You definitely are not what you represent.If you wackos had a shred of journalism about you gou wouldnt be where you are(working your ass's for mocking bird controlled msm.Instead you would be digging up and reporting the truth that the cabal makes you lie to cover up.The PRESIDENT should ban everyone of you idiots and send your stinking butts to Iran let them deal with all of your evil lyin scared up knees lifestyle.How many of you butt kissers realize your history ? None of you because you've been to far up thier ass's to know reality has hit home and your fantasyland is about to become wasteland.Everytime you look into your cameras REMEMBER PEOPLE ARE looking back and LAUGHING and those snickers you hear in the halls , in the stores and all around you are real.

  24. Max74747 says:

    "Value the first amendment"


  25. Wandering Travels says:

    If these reporters think We will show sympathy toward them they have lost their minds! Lol

  26. Phyllis Arrington says:

    Herr Trump attacks the first amendment by disallowing a member of the press to attend an open press conference. It's escalating, folks. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  27. Cousin Strawberry says:

    The truth shall set you free. Join the resistance.

  28. T Nunez says:

    Tell Facebook and YouTube and everybody else trying to censor our first amendment that what a joke #walk away #walked away

  29. T Nunez says:

    Yeah cuz the left is treasonous traitors and they want to control everything and when they can't control everything they took their tails and start crying help help we need to know what was said joke is on You guys

  30. Ranger alpha says:

    Hey Pompeo fuckface you mad bro? Stop kissing trumps ass and do your work.

  31. froglick28 says:

    I’m sick of both sides all this shit

  32. Nick R says:

    This is news ?

  33. Wala Lopez says: Obama telling a Russian official to tell putin that he’ll have “more flexibility after the next election” where was the outrage?

  34. DeadBunny69 says:

    As the mainstream media continues to ignore the horrific murder of LEVI ELLERBE, a white infant kidnapped and set on fire by blacks.

  35. Soul Guru says:

    You sick liberals are creating hate and discord in this country

    I hope you can’t sleep at night

  36. Brain says:

    Put fire to Pompeo

  37. Susie Que says:

    Her job is not to yell insults at the President of the US in front of a world leader, much less the entire world. Why do you Libtards have to consistently be such gigantic assholes?

  38. Sage Ryan says:

    Fake news. Going back to Alternative News. Pompeo is awesome!

  39. 6Lilies6Phillies says:

    Pompeo is a pompous ahole!

  40. texzenbubba says:

    Why does the donald get along better with despots than he does our allies?

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