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Las Vegas shooting: Deadliest mass shooting in US history

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  1. Bugs Bunny says:

    50 dead? Ohhhhhh wtf? That is terrible news.

  2. Vikash Bhalla says:

    there will be some talk about gun laws…gun sales will spike, stock will rise, and the yanks will continue on their marry way.

  3. Harry Hhhhjtfhn says:

    How much you want to bet it's either a leftist or a Muslim

  4. S A says:

    Please search deep between the crowds maybe there is a Muslim you can find and put blame on Islam…. biggots

  5. OzSeattle says:

    Gun laws, WTF stop talking about are gun laws!

  6. TRUTH SEEKAR says:

    Muslims started converting many nonmuslims.
    Mohammed was a terrorist. His Followers r also terrorists.
    Throw all muz rats soon.
    Troublemakers worldwide

  7. Justin Maxwell says:

    Beating the anti gun drum wtf. I'm sick of politicians driving their total domination agenda off the tragedies and the media relentlessly trying to manipulate public opinion. I have the ability to think for myself I certainly don't want an overpaid actor doing it for me. This is why we don't watch t.v. It's called programming for a reason

  8. Walter Dumbrowski says:

    the USA has a religion where men with limp penises worship guns

  9. Ralph Goober says:

    the gun laws have been discussed but weak USA males and many women need guns to look , feel and act strong , also some tattoos help

  10. Bailey says:

    The guns were probably bought in the hotel gift shop!

  11. c.marie Chihuahua lover says:

    Why havent they called is a terrorist attack!!!

  12. Jay G says:

    Shooter in Los Vegas was just a crazy white American !

  13. Zacare Parker says:

    It seems as though someone out there is always trying to outwit that record.

  14. MYR97400 says:

    Que les américains continuent à importer des musulmans, qu'ils continuent à les laisser passer du Canada, et vous verrez si ce cas restera le "Deadliest mass shooting in US history" …
    Let the Americans continue to import Muslims, let them continue to let them pass from Canada, and you will see if this case will remain the "Deadliest mass shooting in US history" …

  15. Calvin Abbott says:

    When did this guy pervert to Islam and decide to attack a concert.

  16. Dr Spoka says:

    Please Americans..Thy call you as the stupidest nation of all times in mankind's something for your selves,or at least do not travel!

  17. Jamfer Jones says:

    Guns don't kill people, terrorists and sadistic killers kill people.

  18. Tevonte Moore says:

    It has now been revealed. The 64 year old lone gunman supposedly converted to Islam moths ago.

    Islamic state have claimed responsibility for the attack. Leaving over 400 dead.

  19. Shilonious Monk says:

    Worse actors please

  20. Imtiaz Khan says:

    That's how americunt terrorists killed innocents Afghanistan, Iraq, people

  21. Juansitinho says:


  22. Chris Coleman says:

    Was the music that bad?? n western..ummm..sez it all really..

  23. The Truth 04 says:

    gun bann

  24. Kim says:

    That shooter had a Mexican GF(most likely an illegal) and bet he Stephen Paddlock is a Liberal

  25. Jose Bernal says:

    Americano karma ha ha ha !

  26. Megamans64 says:

    Largest False Flag in US History……

  27. Sama r says:

    See how its not called a terror attack when its from a non muslim.

  28. Sue Le-Gate says:

    was this the woman who warned people 45 mins before it happened?

  29. SneakerNerd says:

    This a Set up to take our gun rights away. I'm the first to say this, mark my words.

  30. TheShyGuy says:

    He says police killed him
    Other reporters say he took his own life
    Which one is it?

  31. NativeGamer says:

    cough* cough* wounded knee cough* cough*

  32. I KNOW I'm cynical says:

    That country music fest blew.

  33. N'LaKesh Nomisdai says:

    NOT the worst massacre in U.S. History
    Sand Creek Massacre – Nov. 29, 1864 over 500 peaceful Native Americans “almost an annihilation of the entire tribe.”
    Colfax Massacre ­– April 13, 1873 at least 150 African Americans
    Wounded Knee Massacre – Dec. 29, 1890 As many as 300 Native Americans
    Get your facts straight please 🙂

  34. Francisco Martinez says:

    This is misleading, the worst shooting massacre happened at Wounded Knee all women and children.

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