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Las Vegas Attack Makes History As Most Deadly Mass Shooting In U.S. | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Mohmed Mohmed says:

    أكيد مسلم

  2. Arief Bukatrax Nasution says:

    I am sorry for the victims of the shootings in las vegas, whatever the reason, the perpetrators remain guilty, and it turns out the perpetrator was a United States citizen of his own and white, this can remove the mindset that the perpetrators of terror are always Arabic Muslims, as always alleged during this, I hope everyone involved in this shooting is punished severely, god bless u american, peace love respect from indonesia

  3. محمد عادل Muhamed Adil says:

    Good thing attacker is not muslim

  4. justicepartyuk says:

    Madness. 33,000 American die each year by fire arm and 100,000 are injured

  5. Black&White says:

    "In a few days we'll know the HEROES!

    You are, after all, not A, but THE, nation of heroes. Aren't you?

    Heroism got you to this situation!

    Thank you God for the rest of the world. World of NO HEROES.

  6. Pawee Sayson says:

    So what can the NRA say to this?

  7. frederick gailliet says:

    STUPID americans ! guns in the supermarket

  8. mousawi SHAYEB says:

    Oh if he was a muslim Its terrorizem
    If its an American they call it crime

  9. Marzia Joun says:

    woah. . an attack on u.s and no one is blaming isis? ?? is America OK?

  10. LATISHA KIER says:

    You all are some sick people. Why is everybody always so easy to point the finger? I pray for the victims you should too

  11. Nak Indian says:

    Arms should be restricted to only military and defense personal not for public use . The indian guy was killed in Kansas and now this massacre

  12. Dr. Imperador Salomão Phd says:

    It's time to go back to the Lord!

  13. Deron FerrellTV says:

    How did he get that much ammo and that many guns into that hotel room? If we are going to label moral deficiency as a mental illness, then every single person in Congress who voted against gun control is unfit to be in office. As a member of Congress, you are obligated to make sure that the government protects it's people. Guns are dangerous in the hands of non-military personnel, including police officers. If the statistics aren't enough for you at this point, there must be something wrong with you mentally, financially, morally, physically.. I just can't see why, in a predominately white country, whites believe that they need guns in gated communities, or in the fields of the country, to protect themselves. Who is driving that far to rob you? I think that there are people placing way to much stock in the very specific language of the constitution. It doesn't need to be interpreted, it needs to be read. Militia means military. This is the United States of America. The government cannot AFFORD to threaten the Union at this point. In the past that could of been a real danger. If having a gun is that important to you, join the military.

  14. john eric santiago says:

    Many isis will be inspired with this. Oh God peotect your people.

  15. Fredy Lopez says:

    It has happened again & it will happen again & again & again & again ! Only in America

  16. Ka Kit Wong says:

    United States is the most dangerous country in the world. Gun Control in US is a slogan only

  17. Ka Kit Wong says:

    Apple should produce machine guns,instead of producing iPhone.

  18. Scythee says:

    Bucks anyone?

  19. Mehdi El Khal says:

    SORRY,,,,,,, SORRY

  20. karen king says:

    At least it wasn't no black people!!!

  21. mike tous says:

    dont forget big horn shooting it should be included general Custer

  22. Tevis Hodges says:

    This is a lie the Mormons had more mass shooting 160 men and mostly women the children killed. meadow mountain massacre. lead by the Mormon cult prophet.

  23. Saxvg 3 says:

    Ugn 15 dead in columbine 13 student 1 teacher and the 2 shooter

  24. 呂學成 says:

    i am a taiwanese, hope GOD bless United States,hope this kind of tragedy never happen again~~~

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