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Kizunai Ai Appointed Tourism Ambassador, MHA S3 Simuldub & More! | Anime Recap

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  1. Crunchyroll says:

    I will go ANYWHERE Kizuna Ai tells me to ~ What story were YOU most excited about?

  2. Rafael Nguyen Alvarez says:

    I wanna go to Japan during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Plus Ultra!!

  3. FrostedBadger46 -TheFrostyBadger says:

    Sees kizuna ai

    Spams click botton slowly destroying the mouse…

  4. SuperJimBobJoe says:

    Why are olympic mascots always so bad

  5. Debbie Koslosky says:

    I like this format!

  6. corey may says:

    Add a public comment

  7. potato guy says:

    Real news? I sleep
    Anime News? I nap
    Anime News every wensday morning + sailor bee? I am woke af

  8. GG Dat Boi says:

    Informative, quick, and well executed. Guess I'll be checking this out every Wednesday now !

  9. Jason Watson says:

    more videos I like the format

  10. John Feliciano says:

    What ever happen to vrv

  11. Sourdoughbro says:

    Zoids 🙂

  12. SoS Lurza Aka Hentai Lord says:

    Hey I just want an other season of konosuba the manga was so fucking good

  13. Lucas says:

    This is actually a pretty sweet concept.
    Up to speed within a few minutes, not bad CR, this (and basically all the staff) is why I love you :')

  14. David Boone says:


  15. Miss Kobe Yoshi says:

    Yostubato is easily one of the best light hearted manga you will ever read!!

  16. Kieran Knox says:

    Victoria Holden is a goddess

  17. Grundle Guy says:

    im naruto

  18. Reynaldo Q says:

    I've been waiting for a series like this. Please keep doing this!

  19. Joshua VanDyke says:

    First Crunchyroll YouTube video I've actually wanted to watch in a few months! I'd love to watch this every week.

  20. Tyrion Lannister says:

    Nifty, man. I just discovered this but will watch it in future, popcorn in hand.

  21. Naomi Tojo says:

    mmmmyummy mispronounced stuff

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