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Kenya Child Gamblers & Breaking Up Koreatown | VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

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  1. VICE News says:

    Even though it's illegal for kids under 18 to gamble in Kenya, the slot machines are everywhere. And some students are even using lunch money to gamble.
    WATCH NEXT: Bolivian Child Miners Work In Dangerous Conditions To Help Support Their Families – http://bit.ly/2lGwGjo

  2. william hummerick says:

    Tha was super cute when Trump hugged the flag uuuwwuuuuu

  3. Michael Tipton says:

    Everybody wants to come over here and bring their f**** country with them get it stay home and you don't have b** about s*** f**** s** crazy you know what we're all racist everyone of us ask yourself a question what were you before you weren't racist

  4. Michael Tipton says:

    Everybody's got a f**** problem you know what it is too many f**** people hungry people don't stay hungry for long get it think about it it's all fun and games till someone loses an eyeball oh I wish I was going to be here when it all comes down everybody's going to want to live with the white man then too

  5. Zach Duran says:

    "April 26, 1992. There was a riot on the streets, tell me, where were you?"

  6. HuMaNoId PhEnOmNoN says:

    The lesson here
    Everybody's racist. Say nothing, look inward, and youll find it

  7. Mark Rich says:

    I still cant understand why we are not upset with the parents who are doing this to their children.

  8. Raymond Park says:

    Koreans have been in America since the 1880s and spent all that time building up their legacy and community. yeah some of us might be a bit racist and hostile towards others, but what do you expect from people who have suffered through centuries of oppression and poverty. Not only did we rebuild after the riots again but we also thrived once more. its ridiculous that people who came just recently and have contributed far less to take so much from Korean Americans #KeepKoreatown

  9. me myself says:

    How does this lady at first going on about the immigration problems have to do with the title? nice way to slip the agenda in……… Funny how she blames Trump for this problem. I'm sorry but he wasn't the one that order border patrol to stand down or "catch and release". and congress and the house has known this was coming, yet they drag their feet or don't come up with bipartison plans. Trump made his intentions clear from the beginning. And he has been delivering on his campaign promises. even though he has tried to deal and cut down what he was wanting in the deal in the beginning.If the immigration would have been dealt with 8 to 10 years ago it may not have come to this! but we must assume that's Trumps fault also! Let put the blame where it belongs congress, the house and obama .

  10. Jordan Bolduc says:

    Americans love to segregate themselves ..so weird.

  11. Sohaib M says:

    It warms my heart and fills me with joy to see a fellow young smart Sudanese working at Vice. Yousra, you're an inspiration to us!

  12. Andrew Cady says:

    Vice is such liberal CRAP

  13. Me Maybe you says:

    So pretty much what he said was that Caucasians should only have representation because they're the majority… Interesting… So when you took those.mushrooms, did you smoke a wet cigarette also?

  14. Liberty’s Right OnConstitutionalRights says:

    Liars! Clinton made the separation of family policy! That is a fact look it up you lying media talking heads!
    Can’t get facts straight pathetic excuses for journalism 😡idiots

  15. baby fink says:

    Leave Ktown alone, Koreans don’t force their political or religious agendas on people like some communities and they have pride in keeping their communities respectable and clean. I can’t say the same for others….

  16. JaredKaragen says:

    What's wrong with prosecuting an illegal border crosser? They committed a federal Felony: they need to be criminally prosecuted. There are measures and avenues to enter the country legally, as my brother did, and has his green card, and gets to apply for his citizenship in 2 years. So don't be pulling this crap that its not OK to prosecute felons. They are accountable for their own actions. Use logic. Stop using a media card to exacerbate this situation that is blown out of proportion and shown by the media as something that is it definitely not. Go check out the CNN report where they interview the border patrol, and see his responses about how people are cared for and treated. You guys are absurd.

  17. Cody S says:

    vice… always accusing anyone of being racist. no matter their race

  18. Eric Peloquin says:

    VICE News, as usual, reporting half truths and falsities, ignoring important and pertinent facts become those things don’t fit their desired narrative.
    VICE are NOT journalists. They’re SJWs posing as bad reporters.

  19. Drew Dodo with the dodo says:

    Vice was once good news outlet now just another mainstream controlled media outlet

  20. cancerrai says:

    Have you heard about Gorkhaland? Search it up and u will know how Bengalis play politics and here they talk abt unfair representation.

  21. eric debord says:

    oh stfu. trump signed a bill to stop the separation.
    if separation bothers you then do something about all the fathers separated from their child in family court.
    typical liberal hypocrite.
    trump inherited this problem from obama you liberal assclowns.

  22. Jamoni Jamo says:

    Chinese brought in the machine and not Koreans so the title is misleading.

  23. Jerry Chao says:

    Building a wall is not gonna solve the issues of immigration the root of the problem is that Mexico has the worst drug cartel and corruption issue in the country. Most of the people coming over here is trying to escape that life where you can die literally doing everyday activity like grocery shopping or walking in a park. By the way there are other means to get over namely cargo ships, airplane, or digging a tunnel…..

  24. Tiger 1 says:

    This was painfully unbiased

  25. Joselito King says:

    Can we just live as one and make multicultural beautiful babies!

  26. Kayaks and Memes says:

    So democrats are gonna block the republicans from passing a bill the will get the kids reunited and then give a plan that will not get passed by republicans because it doesnt give the republican funds for border securities. So the kids are getting back with their families because both parties wont give up? Yeah i honestly belive the US is on track to civil war by 2024

  27. Brian W says:

    I don’t need you to translate what the president said. I have ears… and a brain… interesting start to a complete garbage propaganda piece Vice.

  28. AirKangLocker says:

    Terrible video about the ktown issue. Still not sure what happens when the bangla council getd established and the reported uses strong terms to instigate and trigger. Waste of data

  29. Horror Film says:

    This is like the beginning of the movie Scarface but in reality

  30. banana-oOo-bytes me says:

    Democrats don't side with Americans. They side with illegals who are non-citizens. Democrats are simply playing identity politics.

  31. Reverend Dank buds PRO420 says:

    If you're caught shoplifting in a store in your kid is with you you're separated from your child

  32. dr. Nutcase says:

    Journalism, when squealing becomes a career

  33. The legend of சமையல்காரர் says:

    7:40 you’re confusing…

  34. Benson Gitonga says:

    What is the need for subtitles when the interviewees are speaking in English?

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