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Keiser Report: JP Morgan’s ‘Bitcoin Bible’ – a plea for help? (E1190)

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  1. Rupert Chamberlain says:

    Stacy should patent her persona and license a some Ai robotic manufacturer to recreate her………….. I'd buy one of her. She is Soooooo yummy.

  2. shane MacCnáimhín says:

    How can i block this fucker off my youtube ?

  3. The Galvanizing Heretic says:

    I bet the dude with the turquoise tie (Does he think its gold?) can't explain how a market that has an "infinite growth on a finite planet" mentality is going to be able to sustain itself for the next millennium without causing ecological disaster. No, let's shorten that to just the next 50 years. Obviously, considering his age, he could give two shits less. He's a funny guy though!

  4. Falcon Flock Foundation says:

    Max Keiser and Bitcoin are fucking awesome☺

  5. Tuck Buckford says:

    Max, you said… "Bitcoin has eaten their lunch"…No Max, Ripple has already eaten Bitcoin's lunch..that's why JP Morgan are currently working with Ripple.. no doubt we can expect more good Ripple news on this soon

  6. William Thomas and Shonna Back says:

    Great guest Max. Keep up the great work.

  7. Micky Browne says:

    I'm really pissed off when people say gold has been around for thousands of years. Horses were around for thousands of years. Horses don't pull us around anymore.

  8. Travelwise65 says:

    So what does Yusko have to say about the FACT that at year 2000 consumption rates, every fish will be taken from the sea and every tree will be cut down by 2050 (Google "Earth to expire by 2050")? Of course, consumption has nearly doubled since then, so we're down to 2030 or so. Of course, we'll have loads of wars for the remaining resources before they run out, and once ocean life collapses, we'll lose 50% of our oxygen, while the trees that we're consuming would have given us the rest, but they won't since we're cutting down 37 billion trees per year. So yeah: population growth + consumption= death of every living thing on the planet. But hey, billionaires will get richer in the short term!

  9. Troy York says:

    this guest is an egregious a joke hack for China India

  10. Peter Ohman says:

    There’s no such thing as fractional reserve banking? We have a fiat economy. That is banks create broad money from nowhere. You septic tanks should learn about economics.

  11. Sol idarity says:

    Have David and Jenny been executed yet?

    Do you understand how murderous, evil and Satanic they are?

    Do you understand that they have sold out to MOSSAD and the Israeli cause?

    Do you understand how many times I have been poisoned, drugged, raped, smeared and set up for objecting to Israels human rights abuses?

    Do you expect me to give these evil pieces of shit and their cronies one ounce of compassion, respect or apology?

    Are you sold out Satanic Israeli bitch sympathiser as well, or do you just get off on acting like delirious little child and destroying peoples lives for fun?

  12. Anthony J. Sloan says:

    Stacy is so good in keeping Max on point. Thank you.

  13. hederahelix622 says:

    startcoin and maxcoin were icos weren't they?

  14. Yash Yash says:

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  15. Rwanda TM says:

    Hilarious but informative

  16. Crypstian BTC says:

    Thanks for your work!

  17. Andre Dias says:

    I want more Mark

  18. CryptoGator says:

    wow …left me wanting more for sure…

  19. Thomas Schroeder says:

    RT is a good site. Alternative energy is totally incompatible with the existing electric grid, AKA, rolling blackouts due to SURGE. Your guest is INSANE Alt energy is 20% efficient, current grid is 50% efficient. Cryro currency is the forerunner and mechanism for global digital ENSLAVEMENT, period, end of story. Listen to Catherine Austin Fitts and Jim Willie MAX, your Fabian agenda has failed. Time to reestablish brain function, Max. Respectfully, Tom.

  20. ashamed of canadians ignorance says:

    Complete horse shit. Still no admission from keiser that crypto currency has been the banksters cashless society baby all along. outrageous. Crypto Currency. CC=33

  21. German Burg says:

    Since when have You two decided, the talk only about bitcoin ? I am a little bit embarrest, because until last year You had a more differenciated program. Max You are on bitcoin-steroids 😉
    Greetings from Germany

  22. Sol Invictus says:

    At some point it's not cocaine anymore. It's just baby powder.

  23. Nicki Langewis says:

    I'm going to have to quit you, Max Keiser… I'm disgusted by your constant sexual analogies and reducing everything to a discussion of people's private bodily functions. The monsters of the financial industry are horrible, couldn't you find a different way to express your own disgust?

  24. Sean Collins says:

    I must watch more.

  25. glasses clad negro says:

    who here is from Emily yours

  26. TheFujac says:

    anyone surprised that the US government isn't going ahead with regulations on crypto? it's because bankers and politicians are in cahoots and if they can make money unethically in a market that unregulated they will…..regulation would mean they can't fuck people over and all the assholes who call for non regulation of crypto are allowing politicians and bankers to screw us

  27. Life Lover says:

    frb has everything to do with the global financial problems but it also has everything to do with many of the beneficial developments that have occurred in the last century as well, many of which wouldn't have occurred in a semi-fixed currency environment like gold which tempers development. While it is time for bitcoin to provide a much needed evolutionary haircut on the financial system, hopefully the barber trims in a controlled manner that causes the least disruption. There are billions of innocent people involved.

  28. George George says:

    at 11:39 – what on Earth?!

  29. michael.perry says:

    Max Keiser: Global Collapse by April! 2012


  30. Pokemone GO says:

    company I work for is always making excuses to give bonus and pay raises at the bottom but the top executives plan is always out months ahead of minority payout

  31. Pokemone GO says:

    I hope bitcoin kills them all.

  32. james Jameson says:

    Someone tell this guy he doesn't have to do an Alex Jones to get big, I like his output except the crazy bits. Just give is real info that is bankable or helps us get out quicker.

  33. Ralph Gertis says:

    Yes there is something high in the office. Love it.

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