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Joy Behar compares Trump sanity to dictators

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  1. Alan S says:

    Well, she's a New York Jew so she can say anything without reprisal and she knows it. She doesn't care what any Gentile thinks.

  2. Psyche says:

    Yeh that dictator let all those people go hungry (think about the kids!); abstain them from watching western television (and youtube, for that matter); threatening civilians to not flee the country or be sent to concentration camps and torturing whoever they want and whatever brutal method of torture they pls; imposes people to act, think and dress the same way or be frowned upon (i.e. the "communism way"). Now Behar (more like ignorant beeeegot *roast*), would you kindly open your eyes and look at Trump (not as if I really care) and now look at how he doesn't do what that does.

    Trump ain't that great either, but at least there is more freedom (more or less) and not none at all..

    Moral of the story, a lot of celebrities think they can say whatever they want (ooopsss I'm a hypocrite, but so what? I have the audacity to not care what people think). Some of them are truly ungrateful and think that they have this sense of entitlement to put their thumb directly on the wrong person's head. They take their wealth too much for granted that their opinions on certain topics tend to get over-the-top. lol (you prolly get wat I mean, maybe not)

    Can't say the dictators name for fear of getting shitted on. It's like we don't say Voldemort's name lol (this is real life tho, not fantasy fiction), but you know who I am implying on.

    I hate fighting online lol, but this is America afterall! Attack the character but not the real source of the problem and issues rofl

  3. J C says:

    Ohhhhh Misery Behar ejaculated prematurely again.

  4. Janet Walmsley says:

    Joy Blowhard……she is the biggest hater on t v

  5. Omar Bassiouni says:

    Ah yes. The white supremacy of capitalism. Nothing at all like the communist paradise of Venezuela, Cambodia etc where they killed gays, intellectuals, and political dissidents.

  6. The Cruise Sisters says:

    When are these shows going to retire? These people and the worst (joy Behar) this WOMAN is a disgrace to women everywere. She needs to be jailed for all the threats she speaks. And she actually thinks the normal everyday American would even listen to her malarky

  7. Mary Jane says:

    She is an idiot,

  8. Piranha Mike says:

    Why should anyone care what a celebrity thinks about politics ? People get upset so easily these days its like the celebrity just lost half of there fans. Not smart.

  9. Pat Markell says:

    Joy had the nerve to question our presidents MENTAL health,she sits there day after day with her sick obsession,doesn't anybody on that show kinda pull her ASIDE and tell her she needs help,she really does,you can even tell some of her facial expressions are a little twisted I guess her so called coworkers really don't care to much about her!

  10. brewski2554 says:

    people say THE SPIEW should be taken off the air. I disagree. run it three times a day. evil whoopsie and joyless stir the libbies into a frenzie and I love seein' those freaks screaming at the sky!

  11. Barbara Fritsche says:

    We need to think about Joy’s sanity. She certainly doesn’t need to spew such poison on TV. It’s one thing to have a difference of opinion it’s another to be totally disrespectful of others opinions.

  12. Kanard Mauk Jr. says:

    Stop watching her. Boycott this slime. She is PATHETIC

  13. THE MAYOR says:


  14. max wright says:

    Joy has lost her mind. Liberals will attack anyone that does not believe as they do. Defend rapist like Cosby and racist like Maher and attack Trump 24/7. No morals! Even after all this time the view as well as the dnc still have to attack Trump.Trump has done a lot of good while people like Joy Behar the dnc with the liberal media will lie cheat and do whatever it takes to get Trump they are also the biggest cry babies of all time. They would rather see this Country fail than to do whats right

  15. S Li says:

    Wondering why the earth itself doesn't vomit this wretched witch, "Joyless Behag", into outer space?

  16. Nick Smith says:

    They need to pull this cunt off air her mouth is a disease !

  17. lisa novak says:

    hey bitch leave Melania and Baron alone. you have no right judging them all because you dislike trump

  18. Kevin Lee says:

    She needs her own private Concentration Camp. Joy, do the world a favor and just kill yourself .

  19. C Su says:

    Joy who?

  20. Linda McCue says:

    Behar is a disgusting evil, ignorant human being!

  21. jefeanson says:

    The insanity and lack of education from this woman is incredibly obvious. she has the mindset of a teenager, or even lower. it's obvious that she has an arrested development.

  22. jefeanson says:

    Candice owens is a great fighter for reason and logic who is a good opponet to communist Kafka and it's disasterous totalitairinism, a true free thinker and an asset to freedom.

  23. John Littlejohn says:

    Remember the ones with all the money and influence want to kill 90% of the Worlds population at any cost and by any means.

  24. happy cats says:

    I hear joy's a dick taster

  25. MrKGatl says:

    uh-oh, looks like Behar got the trailer parks all upset.

  26. Paolo Pagliaro says:

    Mamma mia!!! Where do you liberal Americans find your opinion makers? She's ignorant like a river stone and pretends to give moral lessons to others? A mass murderer, the crazy despot of a country where you have to fake every your feeling and behavior in order not to be send to the concentration camps, where famines kill tens of thousands of people every few years while all the resources are spent over nuclear weapon tests; a country which lobotomized an American boy for his crime of attempting to steal a poster. Please, do yourselves a favor and compel this immense idiot out of any information body.

  27. duanecrump crump says:

    Why do you care what Behar and Whoopi think…nobody watches the show.

  28. duanecrump crump says:

    America needs to get a hold of these professors teaching socialism and communism and hang them. Punch a liberal professor in the face.

  29. Johnnie Ivester says:

    I compare Donald Trump sanity as a smart businessman trying to get the best deal for country .

  30. lil moe says:

    Joy Behar is delusional and a communist.

  31. Eduardo77 says:

    Joy Behar is easily the stupidest and most foul person on TV.

  32. Christopher Tyler says:

    Please join the Candace Owens Fan Club at:

  33. wasabimanic says:

    I'm not American, but isn't that jo behar just making a joke ? I think She and whoopi Goldberg are comic actresses I saw them in some film acting funny.

  34. joshua mitchell says:

    Stop talking about this crazy witch–I do not watch the view and I do not want to watch her on Fox. She needs to be fired.
    Boycott boycott boycott the view. These college kids are going to be running our country soon–that is scary
    Stay strong–we love you

  35. joshua mitchell says:

    Send your kids to Regent University in Virginia–great Christian school

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