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Joe: Why Was Mitch McConnell There With President Donald Trump? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Cyph3r -xx- says:

    Living ?stain


    How did this show become a total anti-Trump scam? It isn't news, it isn't informative, it isn't worth watching. I'm here for 2 minutes.

  3. SamStam12 says:

    lol the senate and their "collective wisdom". Prostitutes don't have wisdom.

  4. Michelle Flynn says:

    McConnell looked like he wanted to crawl under a rock. And yet, he still continues to publicly lick Trump's balls and enable Trump to divide and destroy America. Just like many greedy RepubliClans. Gotta get these self-serving clowns out of there. Drain the swamp – please!

  5. daniel letterman says:

    Really ? Why is Mitch McConnell next to Donald Trump ? What were you and Joe doing at Donald Trump's New Year's party with your "bloody face lift – with bandages on" ? Seriously guys ?

  6. James V. says:

    Trump and Mitch are buds. They probably play videogames together

  7. TB OR says:

    isn't is great to see the evil republicans at war and making a mockery of themselves and their country.

  8. Naimul Haq says:

    Did McConnell looked like he had a stroke, when Trump helped him up the stairs?

  9. Opaqueandblue From my phone says:

    #freemcconnel lol

  10. redjack56 says:

    Gimme a break, Mitch is nothing but a self absorbed low life in the first place they deserve each other !

  11. Sam Esmail says:

    To kiss

  12. Cindy Weir says:

    Birds of a feather. One is no better than the other.

  13. Jay Fortran says:

    Stop saying "Bannon Bannon Bannon". It's the Mercers. NAME THEM!

  14. Jay Fortran says:

    JOE: Trump is the anti-Christ!

  15. Jim Battersbee says:

    Hahaha, hey USA, what's it like to have a fuckwit for a president, and a corrupt, rotten, two party political system?
    Now, stop lecturing the rest of the world on how to run their countries, stay home and clean up your own malodorous cesspool of a country.

  16. Crantze Crantzer says:

    North Korea: Get ready for Trump to launch missiles as soon as Mueller is done his investigation. SAD!

  17. Crantze Crantzer says:

    Mitch M doesn't have a lick of human dignity left. SAD!

  18. Robert J. Simpson says:

    I want my representatives to humiliate themselves if it means a break on paying taxes!

  19. kofi Danso says:

    And yall said Trump was stupid.!
    He is the only politician who can smack another politician a minute earlier and have them happy to stand beside him the next.
    He is effective. That is why Americans voted for him.

    He took the people from the GOP leaders. And now they know they have to pander to him to get reelected. Which is exactly what "Trumpers" want, and why the "Trumpers" will grow in number. Finally, a BOSS in Washington to put everyone in their place and get things done!

  20. Turn Blue says:

    Why? To get close enough to bury a knife in Trump's back. We have a contest between a Turtle and a Crazy Wabbit. Who do you think will win?

  21. Corey Hann says:

    Trump states, "I'm not going to take responsibility".

    The office and privilege of the presidency has revolved around "the buck stops here" attitude; regardless if Truman (a Democrat) was the first to say so.

  22. NYC125street says:

    The LEGISLATIVE branch of government should get organized. The disarray is what keeps the EXECUTIVE branch in the spotlight. The Legislative branch is the ENGINE that runs the country. If you can AGREE on things with a 70, or 80 member Senate majority and like 250 Representatives, then the President isn't needed.

    The President is supposed to be like the MAITRE D' of the restaurant. He/she doesn't cook the food, pay the bills, etc. They just run the staff and meet & greet.

  23. cooksmary says:

    We know what the tax cuts are all about. They are for the 1% and not for the people of the United States.

  24. Ville Hytönen says:

    That sad little turtle looks completely beaten. Can hardly walk down the steps.

  25. ajipon says:

    Why Mitch met with Donald? Aw come on, it's politics. Schumer and Pelosi met with Trump. Vito Corleone met with Tataglia and Barzini.

  26. Seth Rogaine says:

    Mitch was just standing there like a prop. He didn't even refer to him as a person "This man beside me". A prop. Mitch is a goofball, so I have no support for him, but wow.. Trump is just not happy unless he is the center of attention.

  27. madcurls says:

    I'm laughing so hard when at 5:58 (in the video clip) Mika says, "Uhhhgh"- too funny.

  28. BRYAN BRIAN says:

    ??????? MITCH Y U THERE BRO!

  29. Mary Gage says:

    They are so OLD!

  30. mr_ mcmenne says:

    Why cant this piece of garbage choke on his dinner and die already!

  31. Charlie Brewer says:


  32. Humpty Trumpty Sat on a wall says:

    The reporters are complicit in this charade! Why aren't they asking the real questions?

  33. jenny zoet says:

    Sitting there with arms folded like the punished adolescent that he is.

  34. Honest Opinion says:

    We will remember that Russian Republican Traitors made all this treason possible and during the time to stand up for this Country, Russian Republican Traitors show without a doubt how they are nothing but Coward Traitors!!

  35. Dennis Janda says:

    MORNING JOKE should've been called and approve who's with the President all the time…Someone is DELUSIONAL but it's not Trump !!!

  36. Charles Davis says:

    U.S. PRESIDENT PSYCHOPATH?!: Purposely planned plunder+pillage. Positively producing predator politicians, physicians – preachers – pastors – pious pontiff popes+pedophile priests. Plaguing public people's planetary populations. Play prejudicial party politics, period.
    DIVINE DECREED DEVIL DAMNED DONALD TRUMP: Total Truth Teller?!= Doing an excellent job in the Executive Officers' Oval Office. Intentionally instigating – insidiously inspiring + invidiously increasing internalized insurrection. Intimidating individuals, indeed, indigenous inhabitants, inclusively Indigo-"Indians". Of South-Central-North Americas!!!

  37. Marina Teh says:

    Poor Mitch, almost tripped over! Maybe he should retire.

  38. Tim Spooner says:

    The antithesis of Christ. Yes, the anti-Christ.

  39. Jan Hoogendijk says:

    Standby your men… a stupid song if you think Trump is the men.

  40. Wilbur Jenkins says:

    Chris Christi lost weight. Still got that double chin though.

  41. Brown Moscato says:

    45 uses the word a lot… A LOT!!!?

  42. Jim Morgan says:

    They need to appear strong, gotta get those tax cuts!

  43. Tom Tunafish says:

    LOL at the Troll. Time to crawl back into your mama's basement!

  44. Mike Jones says:

    Trump is driving the Libs. Crazy

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