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James Stavridis: There’s More To Diplomacy Than One Meeting | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Mastodon1976 says:

    N.korea has wanted this for decades. They've been wanting an end to the war,a peace treaty and security considerations for a long time. They might give up nukes,but not the capacity to make more.Plus sanctions will be lifted.

    This is a win for them in the overall scheme of things.

  2. rant404 says:

    Rocket man giving up his rockets and nukes? An image comes to mind: Lucy saying to Charlie Brown — "Kick the football, Charlie Brown." Prediction: Dump gets played for a fool.

  3. Jon Dunmore says:

    Cutie Kasie hardly says anything. She just lets the white section of her jumper do the talking.

  4. Darien Guy says:

    Love this panel. I could watch Kasie all day.

  5. contraryMV says:

    I bet KJU walks 1st.

  6. Oya Amakisi says:

    Why is MJ pushing the narrative that it is okay for Trump to sidestep the norms and law by sending Pompeio as a faux secretary? DTJ had to step back when he tried to represent the U.S. in Europe during critical talks. Pompeio lied to Congress. When is that okay? You contradict yourself. You don't get to choose what is right based on who you like. This is not a Trump business deal. The.results of these negotiations impact millions of people.

  7. TCt83067695 says:

    Not been tough personally on Russia in the cyber space? What do you want Admiral sir? Disable their Norton antivirus software?
    Please seat down sir!
    Take your meds.

  8. Glenda Hunt says:

    Me, me, me, I, I, I….this is not about peace. This is about him doing something that no one else has done. It's about his ego. Sad. I'd rather him just stay home and play golf.

  9. Mountain Trolling says:

    Leave the White House.

  10. Patti. Boersma says:

    No one cares what you think…so whatever.

  11. Malcolm Mills says:

    What would Don the Con aka David Dennison know about diplomacy, the man is an incompetent know nothing clown.

  12. Tim J Lindell says:

    One big reality show run by Trump and his Polit Bureau…

  13. DianeD08 says:

    You right, Kim will never give his nuclear. He his in position of power. Trump his a stupid amateur.

  14. DianeD08 says:

    Nobel prize for Trump. I am vomiting. No, no ,no.

  15. DianeD08 says:

    Everybody try to find something intelligent to say about Trump.

  16. Peter Sage says:

    please stop showing his lying face… the man simply does not want to cut off his money

  17. David Schlessinger says:

    It's a very simple process. You could hate black people…but say aloud (to friends and co-workers): "I love black people." And then, you do things that show you're a racist. Every now and then, you say – 'I love black people." But you keep doing things that show you're a racist. Years later, you say – "I've said it a million times and all of you have heard me say it over & over again – I am not a racist. In fact, I've often said that I LOVE black people." This is Donald Trump's mindset.

  18. bisquitnspanky says:

    Kim Jong Un knows the people of the DPRK are becoming more informed. They know that the rest of Korea and much of the world have a far better life than they do. They also know that the problem is the Kim dictatorship, not the west. What most western leaders have advocated for in the past has been the end of the Kim family tyranny. It has been assumed that an end to North Korea's isolation also meant an end to the Kims. A revolution in the north and/or reunification would mean certain death for Kim. With Trump, Kim see an option to stay in power, stay rich, open up the north to international trade and improve the lives of North Koreans. Kim has traveled outside the DPRK. He knows how much better things are. I'm sure he hates being stuck there. Trump likes Kim. He likes dictators in general. Kim could deal with Trump and remain the head of a dictatorship no longer wasting billions on nukes and able to travel the world vacationing on his people's money just like Trump and Putin.

  19. Sandy Ozuna says:

    Ok trump. No colusion. Its actually conspiracy. Conspiring with a foreign govt. RUSSIA

  20. Paul L. says:

    Is there a possibility that this massive change in diplomatic openness, by both N.K. & U.S., smell like it's being scripted? How and why did he go from the "Little Rocket Man" & the set in stone preconditions to his response that of course he'll talk to Kim Jong Un! I hate the word "COLLUSION", but maybe each step toward this congenial willingness has been choreographed. I can picture scenario's that fit with or without The Donald's knowledge & willing participation. Conspiracy Theory? Without a doubt, but that doesn't make the possibility unrealistic. If the Donald is not involved, he can be manipulated. Allowing him to believe that he has succeeded, where every other administration has failed, is the kind of stroking his ego craves. N. Korea & another interested "leader for life" would have much to gain from giving the world the belief that something amazing is happening. Both China and Russia are already taking advantage of the vacuum America First has cause in World Politics. Supplant the U.S. as the worlds power broker, would continue if DJT stays in office. What effect would solving the North Korean problem have on the future U.S. politics. Would it be enough to sway the 2018 midterms, & keep Republicans in control? Could it be enough to keep the President in office until 2024? Maybe not on it's own, but with other conspiracies,maybe? One thing is for sure the longer he stays in office the better for all competitors of the U.S.!

  21. Suzanne Berry says:

    This is the most intelligent discussion I’ve heard about the current administration.

  22. Ryan Zdrinis says:

    He has done plenty of things no president has done before, pornstars for 1, being outstandingly stupid and childlike is another

  23. Fun Trump-fact says:

    Fruitful ?
    Trump : Mr. Kim, hide your nukes and we'll sell you 75 billion dollars worth of the finest American military hardware, okay ?
    Kim : My aides will escort you to the door, Mr. Dotard . . . excuse me . . . Mr.Trump.
    Breaking News : Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un accept invitations from Xi Jinping to discuss the prospect of unification, of a re-united Korea, with China.

  24. Jack Jammen says:

    Hi GRIFFEN, you louse.

  25. gls600 says:

    The US should give N Korea the same deal Kennedy gave Cuba. Promise that the US will never attack first or seek regime change. The US should be willing cut the number of troops in S Korea as well as reducing weapons systems on the pennisula. In return, Kim must agree to sibmit to rigid and intrusive inspections.

  26. David Farner says:

    No, you don’t understand. Trump is such a top-notch negotiator. He only needs one meeting to establish this thing, then he will just make a great deal. What could be easier?

  27. David Farner says:

    Maybe he should send John Barron or John Miller to do this thing, as his time is so very precious.

  28. EAT THIS says:

    The best and greatest President ever, popping the champagne during his announcement of what he will do, popping again on things other people has done, popping again when he failed.

  29. kelly washington says:

    How can you determine the outcome of a meeting, before you have it? Isn't that the wrong pessimistic outlook to bring to international relations? That's not a winning mindset. And we were promised we would get tired of winning. But this just proves that inflexible minds can not come up with a winning compromise so long as they are inflexible.

  30. kelly washington says:

    Ego means that he needs to spearhead every movement and action. Instead of allowing the state department and experienced diplomats to work out a resolution that is favorable to all parties involved.

  31. Campy Camp says:

    He's already looking for an exit plan cuz he knows it's not gonna pan well. Deep down Trump knows how inadequate he is as a human being.

  32. d aging flower child says:

    I'm freaking tired of old men dreaming up wars our young people to die in. Their kids are going to Harvard while ours to war.

  33. sun dial says:

    TRUMP is KING 👑👑👑
    Liberals crying that Trump is solving North Korea Crisis😭

  34. Annabelle B says:

    Nepotism at it's finest; Morning Joe.

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