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Ivanka Trump Wins New Chinese Trademarks | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Lucas Ethan says:

    God bless Trump,
    Trump president for life

  2. Pablo Ucan says:

    The corruption is so open now…they don't even care about trying to hide it. This administration needs to be overthrown ASAP.

  3. snake sollid says:

    Funny how Americans believe trump, so this how you make america great again 🤥😂👍 well done.

  4. Mik madam says:

    Howd the trumps get the other 27 trademarks???? Get over your feelings msnbc. Grow up. Alot of people are pretty sick of the argueing and the asumtions made by a cpl of news anchors. Get real joe and mikey

  5. bait clicker says:

    It makes perfect sense. Still another 2.5 years of this if not 6.5!!!


    Trump is doing great 👍


    MSNBC is bias like F***


    Ivanka Trump business is different then the trump organization, guys do your own research.. don’t trust fake news make your own research

  9. Ronald Bastyr says:

    Why is the joint venture arrangement in China now being highlighted? Nobody noticed this as a red flag decades ago?

  10. judy lapointe says:

    what did you think Trump family wanted to be leader's of America??? Trump's wife wanted to profit off her position, this entire family is known to tell you what you want to hear then do the opposite- they are SALES people WHEN DO YOU TRUST A SALES MAN SELLING SNAKE OIL????

    Einstein said it best " you can't solve a problem using he same mind set that created the problem". If you can recognize the economic patterns, this economy reported to be doing GREAT is not as GREAT as it appears – it's the beginning of a massive global economic collapse bigger then anything we've seen in human history. When you profit off social problems you can't afford to pay for expect economic collapse.

  11. Jean Jackson says:

    Don't do as I do, Do as I say, thus saith Pres Trump !!! We have to stop them , America let's vote!

  12. Jean Jackson says:

    Whose Flag will fly over our White House? Iran s , China's m or Russia s ????? Come on this Nov, vote , it's our Country, Let's take Control……..

  13. PG 89 says:

    This doesn't matter. None of this matters anymore. Trump's approval ratings are increasing. His support in the GOP is increasing. There is no bottom with this president or his family. They publicly break ethics standards and laws, and there are no repercussions. In two days this major ethics breach will be forgotten and the story will be overtaken by the next crazy news cycle. The Trumps don't care. The GOP won't hold Trump to account for anything, esp. because it's an election year. And his base loves how he lies. They love how he shatters decorum. They love his know-nothing behavior. No one will hold Trump responsible for any of his actions. And whatever Mueller's investigation concludes will mean nothing. The Trump admin. has successfully bold-faced lied to the public (with massive help from the Fox News Propaganda machine) about the investigation and have muddied the waters to the point where the majority of Republican voters think it's corrupt. The GOP-controlled House will never move to impeach Trump, and he'll just pardon his family members and loyal lackeys when it's all said and done.


    Has there ever been exploitation of the presidency on this level before; by the end of Trump's time in office I think we'll have an irrefutable answer to that question!

  15. Gene Canoy says:

    Ivanka "airhead" Trump is a sleaze like her father! These scums are just greedy.

  16. McVeritas says:

    Corruption    made in USA!!

  17. J Russ says:

    DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!! New deals for just the trump family are absolutely fine. WAKE UP You' are being Conned Daily . What is wrong with his base? Why don't they get it, he'll screw them in a heartbeat to favor himself.

  18. Paul Simmons says:

    Trump's and family are making more money off the Presidency than the US Mint can print…
    If they're smart, the profits are all being deposited in Switzerland and in the Caribbean.

    If I were a member of the Trump family, I'd keep a passport and $50K close at hand. Trump may just finish his life outside the US, he's got plenty of hotels to choose from!

    Worst President ever!

  19. Buttram Goldfinger says:

    trump & his family didn't go to Washington to work for the american people, they came to d.c. to (steal).

  20. DharmaOfDog says:

    Yet another "Middle Finger" in our faces America.

  21. derek oliver says:

    But they wont do anything! Money Money Money!!!

  22. derek oliver says:

    America has no shame…

  23. Virginia B. Britton says:

    Trump criminal family.

  24. N S says:

    Lying, treasonous Trump and his daughter Ivanka should go to jail for their many business corruptions carried out while in the White House. Shame on Republicans! Congress needs to Amend the US Constitution to elect the President by direct popular vote. End the electoral college system that gave us Putin's puppet Trump for President. Fox propaganda is the fake news. MSNBC is the real news.

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