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Ivanka Trump criticized for picture with her son

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  1. High Class Gentleman says:

    You people are beyond idiotic.
    Try reporting like this in one of our Slavic countries, your organization would be dismantled within days.
    It's a picture of her and her own kid, you fucking degenerates. Nothing more, nothing less.
    I cannot wait to witness your own demise.

  2. scott baker says:

    democrat women are generally ugly and just hate to have to look at beautiful republican women. punishing illegals who enter without inspection by jailing the adults and separating the children from their incarceration is mercy. in mexico children live in jails with their parents.

  3. jose ascencio says:

    I really don’t know why it’s a problem! How many people take pictures like these. Yes I understand it’s tough on immigrants family but why is this picture bad? I can’t stand the trumps but come on really

  4. will B says:

    i would shoot people tring to sneak into my country

  5. Taunic says:

    Trump isn't even the cause for detained illegal immigrants children being taken from them. There was a law passed in mid 2016

    So why is this Trump's fault? Because he doesn't think open borders with welfare states is a good idea?

  6. lydia dior says:

    CNN stands for, You are completely stupid, you morons. If you spell it oddly, and wrongly of course! CNN stands for, Absolutely idiotic. Same rules.

  7. lydia dior says:

    Read these comments! Even CNN supporters are saying it's total trash. Read them all

  8. The Passionly Passionate Nightman says:

    Wow, they're really scraping the bottom of the bucket

  9. CallmeAffiliated says:

    Im mexican american and nobody i know is saying shit about this lol and whoever is is grasping at straws its just a picture of her with her baby lol wtf

  10. 毛英九 says:

    Asshole CNN

  11. SLYSOFLY says:

    I feel like it’s ridiculous to judge ivanka… she’s trumps child, raised by him, she only knows what she’s been taught. He’s sympathetic to no one, why would she be?

  12. Shiroshika says:

    Leave that woman alone. There's absolutely nothing a person with the surname Trump can do right. If she'd be Ivanka Clinton they'd all cheer.

  13. Fiona a says:

    CNN is a joke .

  14. jon amacher says:

    Ivanka is as Dumb as the first water. Useless twat…..

  15. Jennifer Scales says:

    This is a reach

  16. Fetter Koch says:

    Donald Trump is racist, because, if you divide the number of Trumps' hairs by the number of Trumps' socks, you get the number 111111.

    The 11th letter in the alphabet is K,
    therefore 11 11 11
    stands for nothing less than "KKK"

  17. Nur says:

    Iv kids look piggy

  18. thePageShowNTell says:

    She posted a picture of her child!!!! What a b!tch ! What will she do next, take a picture with her dog? Oh the humanity. *Over Dramatically faints and falls to the floor*

  19. Constantine says:

    So now, you can't take pictures of your children without considering who you may offend!!!? For God's sake, grow a pair!
    And these parents coming to the border with children are no different than the palestinians taking their children to riots. You know what could happen and when it does, you want the world to notice how wronged you are.

  20. Ed Pooler says:

    Instead of complaining about a mother's love for her son, lets address THE ACTUAL ISSUE is:
    When someone tries to enter the USA illegally with children, why are the children removed from the adult? They ALL should all denied entry.
    When they catch someone with children illegally entering our country, they should immediately turn them away WITH their children and give them pamphlets to explain how to enter LEGALLY. NO holding cells, and NO children taken. THAT'S IT plain and simple.

  21. Shemi Rama says:

    Omg the comments – wat u ppl on?? She is tone deaf! If she wasn't SUPPOSEDLY a WH ADVISER advocating women n children's issues then NO1 wud give a fuk – but ppl r rightly upset bc she's fuking prancing in there then for wat reason?! She shud take her Damien husband n go back to NY of she wants to be clueless PERIOD

  22. Michael Urgero says:

    People need to understand that the laws of this country are not optional. People come here all the time and they have two choices – legally or illegally. If you choose to come here illegally you will be prosecuted and as a result, you will be separated from any children you have with you, period.

  23. Michael Urgero says:

    All you need to watch to understand the truth is this:

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