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It’s Official! Melania Just Made White House History With Shock Announcement She Made

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  1. lavonne younan says:

    What a beautiful First Lady !!

  2. kathleen lewis says:

    From day one i said she had beauty. Noing now how she goes to see to the children in hospitals she is regal god bless you mrs trump our first lady.

  3. Edgar Bikermas says:

    An ex-whore trying to wash her sins away.
    Nice try cunt.

  4. U.F.O. AUDIO ARCHIVE - UFO Sound Effects says:

    She made history by staying with Tramp after his lawyer admitted he did IN FACT pay a porn star over $100,000 in hush money. Spin THAT as fake news… Poor lady.
    Sleep with dogs, enjoy your fleas!

  5. Richard Joseph says:

    Why the robotic voice? Just saying also she might want to bring some of her faith into the white house. ..

  6. Dorothy Mosley says:

    That is wonderful, that makes me know that my thoughts off her was as good do my thoughts. God bless her and keep her safe. Amen


    Horse !!!

  8. Nick Nick says:

    She Melania is the envy of all the libertats  she is a Truly a Lady, and to boot she is Blessed by the Lord our God why, it is simple she now has the opportunity to be her self and what she always was a Lady, in her heart, mind, and sole, and the opportunity has presented it's self they she is like a sparkling diamond doing what she can do best like to be amongst  the must needy and bring happiness and hope to all the children who must need, and not the atrocities that we have become to know in the past few decades may God continue to Bless You in every steps of the WAY Madam Trump and THANK  YOU.!

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