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Israel: West Bank Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar faces demolition | DW English

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  1. TheYoucompaq says:

    Viva Palestina ("Long live Palestine")

  2. Lore Lange says:

    Comment n'importe qui peut continuer à apporter son soutient à ce gouvernement criminel et menteur.

  3. alflurin says:

    Israel, remember where you come from, how and why was your state created and perhaps share a bit of good faith towards all you inhabitants, not only the Jews but all of them.

    "love thy neighbor as thyself" Leviticus 19:18

  4. S.D.A.C says:

    #freepalestine stop murdering kids, Israel is a terrorist sate

  5. yaoming Tham says:

    Typical apartheid strategy. First, you create an oppressive law. Second, you use that law to oppressive the target people. Third, you justity your act by saying that everything is done according to the Law. This makes them look superior since they are a law abiding people.

  6. Hamid says:

    Zionist land theft criminals

  7. ijvo1951 says:

    Palestine is illegally occupied territory.

  8. Guido Oppezzo says:

    Israeli ultra-Zionist settlers are allowed to settle in an illegal way! And the West Bank is not "disputed territory" but Palestinian territory illegally occupied by Israel.

    Free Palestine!!!

  9. tino v says:

    Down with the apartheid state…

  10. Iqbal Mohamed says:


  11. AC M says:

    Macedonian solution of two states. Rename Jordan as Palestine. Send all palestinians to "new" palestine. Demolish arabic stuff and make west bank and gaza israel compeletely. Is this what I want? No, it isnt but this is how it will be, if I read politcs well. I've lost all my optimism on this subject.

  12. Stacy Hackney says:

    We keep refusing to compromise. I am sorry to see we are so inflexible.

  13. Sarah Denison says:

    In 1917 Mandated Palestine was a Jewish state that land, now consisting of Palestine, Isreal, and Gaza, was owned by Jews and Jewish organizations with only 5% owned by Arabs. In the 40's, Jordan and Egypt invaded and stole Jewish land and killed Jewish people. These Jordanian colonizers have no business appropriating Jewish land and have their own land to do so. Try accurate reporting.

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