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“IS TRUMP WORRIED??!!” Reporters CONFRONT Sarah Sanders on Trump, Russia, & Illegal Pardons

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  1. Dose of Dissonance says:

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  2. 808 BADD says:

    I would refer you to counsel , Refer >>>>>>>>

  3. micah jenkins says:

    "Look I would refer you back…" "Uhhh…" "As I said" All lying words!!!

  4. Frank Perino says:

    Oh I love how Huckleberry talks down to the reporters…I don’t think they like her…who does?

  5. rockhavenradio says:

    0:12 ahergah

  6. rampart rod says:

    what a lying skag..she has children..awful mother

  7. Michael Stead says:

    Two words: Spanky.

  8. Jones Jones says:

    trump put that poor girl in the line of fire! it still wont save his cowardice ass!

  9. wally mycek says:

    What a sorry bunch of DEMONCRAPS' thinking they did so well, and robbed the taxpayers blind….WTF

  10. Mike Rodriguez says:

    Cow, LYING! !!!!!

  11. Pearl Crossman says:

    Who gave birth to this cow?

  12. Barbara Harris says:

    What I hear she and that President don't talk about a damn thing. She can't answer shit.I refer you to or I wil ask him. Trump don't give a damn about anyone unless you are rich,White at his fucking golf clubs spending your money there. He cares about all kids "joke "I can't tell. Sarah words are not Trumps words. All her ass has to do is make it sounds like he is caring and going to work on a plan. He does not like Blacks,Hispanic, Muslims, no non-whites. Unless you doing manual labor. All the shit he is having I pray it compounds compresses his ass in the dirt.

  13. Zenar Mustafa says:

    I watch Sarah because I'm entertained by the bullshit that comes out of her mouth. If anyone wants to know what a pathological liar and professional bullshiter looks like, Sarah is prototype 2, 45 is prototype 1. She can barely hold her laugh in as she's speaking this bullshit to the public. She seems to be thinking to herself… "some dumbasses are reeeeally believing this shit… damn!"🤭

  14. Biddewaaq Ina Cawsgurow says:

    Edifice of lies she builds every day's making her uglier than she really is.

  15. lost_ranger says:

    Watching Sarah do battle everyday, is like watching a Bruce Lee movie.

  16. billy the dead says:

    You know she's lying her cake hole is flapping

  17. TheRenegadeStarr says:

    Gurl they keep asking you the same question everyday because they can't ask trump directly and because you give evasive answers EVERYDAY

  18. Jo mane says:

    No worries, we take questions everyday, very active, refer u back, authority, power, as I said, no discussion blabla blah… Whos not tired of that witch?

  19. LAGUNABOY says:


  20. Richard Weed says:

    Sarah look, the reason we keep asking the same questions everyday is because you don't ever answer the questions we ask.

  21. Mike Youngblood says:

    He already pardoned a felon…

  22. Mike Youngblood says:

    Translation: Trump is too busy golfing to do his job

  23. Mike Youngblood says:

    I wonder when she sold her soul to the devil

  24. Spencer Layne says:

    Shameless hag. Type of bitch that justifies her actions for her kids and a better life. Evil looking slag

  25. Daniel Tijerina says:


  26. Jamison Cheney says:

    It's going to wrap up with ARREST

  27. Gandalf says:

    To the tune of The Police – Roxanne
    You don't have to put on the red dress.
    You don't have to put on the red dress.
    Those days are almost over You don't have to sell your soul to the trump

    Sarah You don't have to wear that dress tonight
    Walk the halls of the WH for money when
    You don't care if it's wrong or if it's right

  28. michael garrido says:

    Ok so according to Sarah
    Major things have been happening other than that
    All other questions are outside of my scope of coherence

  29. John Dunn says:

    my God, what a twisted and perverse woman. watch her smirk as she lies or deflects. I think she enjoys this.

  30. CC CC says:

    Press should ask EVERY day .." Is the president AFRAID to have a real press conference? Why is he afraid of the press ? " etc. I think if they kept saying he was afraid to answer questions, it would drive him off the edge. And when Huckleberry keeps saying they have discussed things extensively the press should simply ask "when was that?".

  31. James Brown says:

    You can only compare this kind of folk to the DEVIL. The love lying about everything(history, alternative facts, fake news, etc.) their hatred, their uncaring and illogic nature, they way they use people their benefit.. All things THE DEVIL DOES. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR! Trump, his base and the Republican controlled congress ALL LIE AND DECEIVE JUST LIKE THE DEVIL. Pay attention because just like the devil, these folks have the same exact traits and DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU, smh..

  32. Ann Johnson says:

    Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!! "He wants to GROW the economy"  While heavily lining his and the pockets' of his friends.

  33. E-ARTS says:

    I'd love to know how many uses of profanity shes derived after nearly all of these briefings to describe the press once she returns to her office.

  34. Angie Smith says:


  35. RamShadow 777 says:

    If Trump pardons Manafort, Gates or Flynn, there will not be room enough on DC streets for the throng that will descend on the orange sack-o-shit.

  36. RamShadow 777 says:

    "people should follow the law and the law should be enforced [unless you are my boss]" -SHS

  37. XxBryanxX says:

    I'm so god damn tired of her not answering questions and just "refereeing" the reporters to people who's job isn't to answer their questions like her's.
    Sanders press conferences are a waste of time. I don't think we've ever learned anything from her that we didn't already know.
    If I hear the word refer one more time………..

  38. Queen Bee says:

    Mama piggy lies sooooooo much!!!!

  39. Montell Hayes says:

    (we can reduce crime if black people police ourselves…)

  40. Maggie Hernandez says:

    "ok, I am not going to answer your question… I will refer you to…."

  41. edwin semidey says:

    why is she even the press secretary she can't answer anything she knows nothing what an idiot she is. and the trumpets are just as much idiots for believing this bullshit from the white house

  42. Bernie R says:

    What does Sarah say to her husband at night when she changes into her nightie and gets ready for bed?


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