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Is the ‘Resistance’ running out of things to ‘resist’?

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  1. Emmett Mitcham says:

    Globalist are the ones that told Trump that he must strike

  2. Diane Merwin says:

    Chris Hahn dazed and confused and yells.

  3. Starless Golightly says:

    First of all I do like Donald Trump. Trump did a personal favor to me and I am grateful for that. However Tucker Carlson`s brand of arguments and delivery are so obviously biased its sickening' the head line could read "Donald Trump allegedly molests entire kindergarten class" and Tucker Carlson would spin it as "are we being too protective of our children"? There is something entirely despicable about Tucker Carlson. Tucker Carlson is the reason why republicans are ridiculed for being so anti-intellectual.

  4. Professor Liberal Avenger says:

    Cute how radical right wing cultist spew this stuff. They sure do lie on fauKKKs "news," the only "news" outlet to go to court to protect their RIGHT TO LIE. Hew, goobers, criminal activity shouldn't be excused just because one party is a lawer and the other is the worst president in modern history, even worse than reagan.

  5. Bob Beckel says:

    Democrats are pure garbage. They stink.

  6. D Me says:

    #45 – I wouldn't DARE call him president – and his klanish ass-kissers, are perpetuating the biggest fraudulent national scum administration ever played on the American people. America is the land of the idiots, of gullible morons who seemingly refuse to understand that the orange asshole sociopath is steering the country towards irreversible damage – like that of his pea-sized brain. Lee Oswald was clearly a man who's brutal murder of JFK in '63 would not have to go it alone in cutting out the cancer that is Trump.

  7. David Peterson says:

    I dont care, nor would be suprised by any crimes found in Cohens office. Be it parking tickets bribing officials for permits or even contributing too much money to hillarys campaign because its good for business. Trump has been very successful and he knows what it takes. He finally realized he could do for his country what hes been doing for himself. He said he could, and he is doing what he said he would. And thats what we elected him to do. Pay no attention theyve cried wolf way to many times. Thanks Pres!

  8. walt7500 says:

    Only debate equals.

  9. betabenja says:

    er; no. no, they are not.

  10. Ian Mcgrath says:

    Nunes and Hannity will look good in orange jump suits,after they findout what is in Cohens audios,LOL.

  11. Ian Mcgrath says:

    Carlson hope you go down as well with Pirro,also yhey did not break in,you fucking tool.

  12. Norma Smith says:


  13. Lou G says:

    They as well be holding up signs that say "LOSER" because that's what they are.

  14. dan wald says:

    What wore they resisting in the first place? America and freedom.

  15. zempath says:

    Fox News, your time will come to pay for all the vile propaganda that you dumped on this country.
    This is the same message I posted on the Putin's propaganda channels in Russia, for the exactly same reason.
    The ugliness of the rhetoric that Fox News has been spewing is very much comparable to that of Russian vile propaganda. And such behavior is completely anti-American and anti-democratic and unacceptable.
    I hope that Fox News goes bankrupt after all is over; its hosts are already morally bankrupt.

  16. Concetta Hawkins says:

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  17. Sonny Kelley says:

    How much stupidter can the demorats get?

  18. David Heller says:

    What is this about?

  19. dave johnson says:

    MORE B.S. FAKE NEWS &/ WACKY OPINION MASQUERADING AS "FACT" from the same old crazies: High School Drop Out Crowd of Right Wing Rednecks, Super Conservative GOPers/ Phony Patriots/Knee jerk flag waiving / NRA GUN NUTS/ NEO-NAZIS, White Supremacists etc. . I.e., TRUMP'S beloved core of  "Poorly Educated"  Pawns & Puppets,  Conspiracy nut cases, Low IQ Bible & Rust Belt &  Beer Belly Blue Collar, mostly middle aged uneducated White Guys &  Haters  – – all this geared to their fellow Right Wing White Trailer Trash followers who actually believe & eat up this crap as real news!!!

  20. Michael says:

    1 second ago
    Michael Cohen's previously unnamed third client is Sean Hannity. Starting to makes sense?

  21. DEploribus Unum says:

    The left's lawlessness in this witch hunt should scare the crap out of everyone no matter what side you're on. If this can go one with no crime toward the president then you could be next.

  22. paul mc says:

    Does muller, actually leak personally to the DNC/MEDIA, or does he just invite the DNC/MEDIA over to take what information they want?

  23. Thomas Yoest says:

    Says Trump doth protest too much. Who protested and persecuted Obama. Nada. These children need to go. Prosecute and FINALLY expose. The hour is getting late. Please, don't leave it to us.

  24. C Robinson says:

    Where do you start is the problem. Do you only protest Trump or do you protest his cabinet members as well? You have failing and crumbling schools that by most standards would be deemed a safety hazard in most countries, an EPA run by a man in bed with oil lobbyists deregulating everything resulting in potentially unsafe drinking water for future generations, no movement towards Medicare for all or cheaper prescription drugs for Americans, and no action for Americans looking for affordable housing. This is a White House and Congress only looking to make a profit off the tax dollars and powers of the United States Government.

  25. LittleLady00 says:

    why does Fox insist on having that brain dead zombie on.

  26. great outdoors says:

    The real issue here is the digusting thing some call their president. It's time for moral decent Americans to demand that piece of crap be locked up!!!

  27. Lewis Graham says:

    These people who see Hilary and Obama as their Messiah need their heads examining!

  28. Lewis Graham says:

    Herr Mueller is desperate to clear his pal Howdy Doody Comey!

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