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Is ‘Juuling’ creating a new generation of nicotine addicts?

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  1. Matthew Familia says:

    This is a commercial for juuling…and people have been vaping for a decade

  2. Matthew Familia says:

    You don’t burn anything…burning occurs at very high temperatures, you heat the liquid, get it right mr scientist

  3. Matthew Familia says:

    This is a classic case of forgetting how bad things can be…gotta fight the juul demon, then all of a sudden the kids start smoking meth and the same people will hand out juuls at the school entrances to get kids to stop using things that are worse, just punish kids if they get caught breaking school rules otherwise just remember it could be soooooo much worse then this

  4. Larry 306 says:

    Addiction is the most powerful sickness that can happen to a human.. Our world is plagued by it.. Alcohol, Drugs, Pills, Cigarettes and Marijuana are the most deadly.. Doctors and Drug Dealers knowingly sell drugs for money and they are personally responsible for the pain and suffering of ruined family's and the overdose deaths of thousands of young people?

  5. SKMC69 says:

    "A daring new way to deliver nicotine" WTH really? lol It's an E-cig stupids. Kids would be better served by keeping them away from processed foods.

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