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India, China hold disarmament dialogue including Delhi’s NSG membership

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  1. Darth Vader says:

    Sad news for Pakistan. 🤣🤣

  2. Nagalakshmi Saladi says:

    India must be cautious, china is invader of India, it is not country that abide law example SCS issue. SCS issue India needs convince china to abide law. It try to convince India but don't listen any one. It knows India do not break international agreements it wants bring India in no war agreements etc. India must keep this option open otherwise China threat all nations world wide and in SCS issue which is illegal. NPT is discriminatory India will not sign. NSG membership to india was not allowed by china saying technical hold now it will say NPT reason. SCS issue is prime importance for international peace than NSG.

  3. luke skywalker says:

    No NSG membership for Indiots. Not today, tomorrow or ever!

  4. Trump Guts says:

    India deserves nothing, they were thugish! I know why Indians hate China. For the coverup of their own faults! Bring it on you fools!

  5. Komitsu Ada says:

    Never trust cunning Hindu dogs who love to back stab neighbors. 2015's border blockade by India on Nepal is a good proof.

    India's population is going to overtake China's as world's most populous country in world.
    But India will still not be accepted as permanent member of UNSC ….he…he…..
    India's position in world is same as a small African country like Congo…..he…he….

  6. luo weiqiang says:

    to all no good dirty trick Indians , if you are so confident than sign the nuclear NPT before discussing NSG . It is not very difficult to do or have you got some dirty tricks to hide …..

  7. Driver Sam says:

    China never never trust on sneaky snake india. Sneaky snake india bites from behind.

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